Monday, January 31, 2011

The " Love Your Body " Workshop Series by The Body Shop

Last January 20, 2011, I was among the lucky members who attended the " Love Your Body " workshop series by  " The Body shop" in Robinson's Place Ermita. 

                          Jona Alforque also a friend joined in the workshop

                 This is the Seaweed line they gave me after knowing my skin type.

                      A quick check on the mirror after using The Seaweed Toner

             My face here looks nice after using the Seaweed  Cleaning Toner.

            The Lovely Ms. Joyce as she explains to us the Magic of Foundation.

              Some of the members as they try the different shades onto their faces.

                          Another lovely lady from The Body Shop, Ms. Moira

         The happy and lovely group of workshoppers from The Body Shop Ermita

                  Sir JM, the Store Supervisor for The Body Shop Ermita as the                                 enormous discount that all the work-shoppers can enjoy on that same day.

 So Ladies what are you all waiting for ? Be a" Love Your Body " member at The Body Shop. So How do you become one? Simple just follow these steps...

1.) Visit the nearest The Body Shop store. 
2.) Fill up the Love Your Body membership form. 
3.) Pay P300 fee that is good for 2 years! Once a member, you will be entitled to all of these: 
a.) Welcome Gift 
b.) Beauty Book with up to P9Kworth of discounts 
c.) One time 20% b-day discount 
d.)... LYB exclusive offers 
e.) Invites to workshops  like those on top.
f.) Newsletters on latest trends & beauty tips

Or you may visit The Body Shop website


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