Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bonamine Launches " Basta Pinas" Campaign with The Dept.of Tourism

Last March 22, 2011 " BASTA 'PINAS BIYAHE TAYO "a travel advocacy by Bonamine partnering with the Department of Tourism was launch at Oceana , San Miguel by the Bay. This launch was hosted by two very relevant travel junkies in the Philippines , Ivan Henares of IVAN ABOUT TOWN and Ivan Dy of Old Manila Walks.Com.

The  two IVAN's served the the events host Ivan Henares and Ivan Dy.

The event is all about the Bonamine's travel advocacy entitled BASTA PINAS and Department of Tourism's TARA NA! campaign.

I was amazed by these 2 hosts because they are the only ones I knew that knows a lot about our culture and historical sights. I agree with these two when they said that there's a lot of places here in the Philippines that we haven't discovered yet.

We are Filipinos and we live here in the Philippines but why is it that the foreigners are the ones more knowledgeable about the wonderful sights  we have here in our own homeland? And if you would ask around asking people where would they to go if they want to spend their vacations? Most probably one would answer, " Hongkong ", Singapore , Italy or even U.S.?  I also ask this myself and I could here my inner self saying "HongKong" too, lolz! But after listening to these two guys , they may have a point. why opt to visit other countries, when you , yourself is not nearly 50% familiar in your own country's famous and historical sights. We have a very rich culture and i believe that if we as citizens would support these kinds of advocacy, we will be boosting our tourism economy and be more aware how beautiful and rich our culture is.

Now Bonamine together with DOT is inviting us Filipinos to go and see the Philippines in a "fresh perspective"
 The event was also graced by the prescence of DOT Secretary Alberto Lim..

DOT Secretary Alberto Lim

Jerome GO, Johnson & Johnson's Senior Brand Manager

Mr. Jerome Go even added that " As a brand that provides relief from motion sickness for you to enjoy the ride , Bonamines's support of domestic tourism is just natural ." 

Facilitating this "Fresh perspective" is the "Basta Pinas" website, soon to launch, which does not only contain destination ideas and how-to-get there information but also other people's stories to inspire personalizing your own journeys , this site also assists in seeing the familiar setting in fresh ways with suggestions such as : visiting old school grounds , taking a photo every hundred steps , etc.

 The official turn-over between partners Dept.of Tourism and Johnson & Johnson
Ms. Christine Baluyot ,DoT sec. Alberto Lim, Tina Sabarre and Mr. Jerome Go

Along with this event , they also The Bonamine WRITE YOUR OWN TICKET contest, in which you have a chance to win an " all-expense" paid trip to a Philippine destination of your choice for two, By just sharing your favorite published "Philippines through a fresh perspective " feature with us.There will be 3 categories 1.) Print 2.) Online 3.) Broadcast Media. Submission of entries is on March 23, 2011 to May 31, 2011 , 5pm. For other Contest rulesand mechanics you may log on to

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