Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lactum Launches their latest "PANATAG MOM" Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

As a Mom have you ever experience having kids as " picky-Eaters"?if your answer is YES then how "Panatag" (read: assured ) are you that your son/daughter is getting the the right amount of nutrition? But if your answer to the question is NO, then LACTUM's line for staged milk is here to the rescue !

 It was one beautiful Thursday afternoon and guess who made her first "Red Carpet" entrance ? Of course , none other Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, Yes  you read it right! As of this moment from watching Lactum's tvc , she was the new addition to the League of " Panatag MOMS"  like Claudine Barreto, Carmina Villaroel and Jodi Sta.Maria.

here are some pictures from the said event:

Entrance Hall Events Place sct. Rallos Timog, Q.C.
You will be greeted by Juday's and Yohan's Standee

The "Giant" Food Pyramid

Guest Media people as they patiently waited for Juday to make her Red Carpet entrance

JUDY ANN SANTOS-AGONCILLO still beautifull after giving birth

Judy Ann as she was interviewed by the press people.

As the latest "PANATAG MOM" , Judy Ann candidly shares that as a Mom and chef herself ,she see to it that her daughter Yohan gets the right nutrition. According to her , Yohan's favotite is cheesedog, but when Yohan was introduced to Lactum 6+ plus milk , she immediately liked the taste. So she said that it's not bad to let Yohan eat her favorite food as long as she always drinksa glass of Lactum 6+, to make sure that Yohan gets all the needed nutrients her body needs.

 JUDY ANN with daughter Yohan during the actual shoot of the TVC

During the Q&A portion, the Media asked lactum if it possess the right amount of sugar content. And to answer this , Associate Marketing Manager for MeadJohnson said that right now there are currently 3 standards they are following , The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, INSTITUTE of MEDICINE and FNRI which recommends 39 grams ,100 grams, and 25 grams added sugar per day for children 6+-9 years old.  And actually Lactum6+ only has 9 grams of sugar per serving. So we can all be "PANATAG" (read: ASSURED) Moms because Lactum is complying to the 3 world standards.

 LAKWATSERA MOM with Ms. Eva Maureen BARRETT the Associate Marketing Manager for MeadJohnson

The event's glamorous host Ms. Rikka Infantado-Dylim and MeadJohnson's Gen.Manager Paul Richards

"Kids prefer milk that tastes good; mothers prefer milk that is good for their children's body,and thankfully Lactum 6+ comprises on nothing. Lactum contains the essential nutrients from the food groups found in the Food pyramid.

My kids LJ and Zeus really Loves lactum 6+

Lactum 3+ and 6+ is also available in Sulit Packs of 370grams w/ 20 grams free and available in Vanilla and chocolate flavors

And there's also good news to all PANATAG MOMS like me, LACTUM's price went 92 pesos down for every can. Surely with this huge savings , this will be a good help to every mom's daily budget. 

Thank You LACTUM for possessing the right combination of NUTRITION, TASTE, and AFFORDABILITY!

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