Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robin as the New "Idol" sa Pag Asenso

Robin Padilla and Lakwatsera Mom

Last March 29, 2011 Robin Padilla was launched as Natasha endorser and member. Yes, the director/writer/ and producer of  Tum: My Pledge of Love is the newest member of Natasha- a direct-selling company.

Natasha is one of the leading direct selling companies in the Philippines. As a direct selling company, it offers a wide selection of shoes, apparel, accessories and personal care products.. it works through a network of  dealers,also known as members, who sell the products to person using catalogue. The company deffinitely gone a long way  since its birth in 1993. 

Robin Padilla is the newest Natasha member. Robin believes that the comapny will provide profitable income that his LIWANAG ng KAPAYAPAAN  foundation will be the beneficiaries of what he will earn as a NATASHA member. LKF will be the the main beneficiaries of  Robin's partnership with Natasha because he is donating his earnings from it to the foundation .

Indeed Robin has associated himself with the masses that's why He is the perfect Idol sa Pag Asenso partner of Natasha. Under Robin's membership at Natasha , this will open new opportunities for all beneficiaries of LKF , since they will also be members and will have the chance to earn  more.

I believe that we Filipinos are good entrepreneurs, only if we persevere. I am encouraging fellow moms to try this opportunity to earn more. You can be full-time or part-time here in Natasha.. And how ? Well follow this simple steps:

1.) You can approach a Natasha member and ask him/her to recruit you.
2.) Or you can go to the nearest Natasha Branch near you and approach the Networking counter and tell the staff that you would like to register.
3.) Or you can visit their website

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