Saturday, April 23, 2011

Win Prizes by playing The Snickers Hungerling Attack game!

Well once in a while my kids just got bored of watching their favorite cartoons in Dvd. One good thing I was also introduced to this one superb yet engaging online game. It'll be perfect timing to introduce this game to my kiddos. But I have to share some of the pics I got from Bloggers's event by Snickers.

Me and my co-bloggers had the chance to play it, wahhh, I can sense everybody is so "competitive"!

And who wouldn't? Just by playing the Snickers Hungerling Attack online game at , You could win  cool items such as  HP Mini, PS3, G-Shock watches. Snickers Hungerling Attack is so easy to play . Just logged on to their website and register first and play all you want! Wahhh! isn't that easy and just by playing and being the top scorer, you'll be able to score the above-mentioned prizes. This contest will run till April 15 to May 15, 2011.

In this game you can either play using your keyboard or webcam. Once you are logged on to your account and your face turns into a monster all you have to do is eat all the Snickers chocolate that would fall on you but be sure to avoid other objects falling other than the Snickers chocolate because this would slow your time. The trick to this game is be the "Fastest" time to beat.

Isn't that easy? You win great prizes by just playing online and eating Snickers chocolate to energize and even make you want to play more! As a matter of fact ,after this post I'll be playing the Snickers Hungerling Attack game to gunned down those great prizes! But before I do that I should make my 2 kiddos give me their seat to our computer so I could play as well!

More pics!

 More Bites of these to ensure that you combat the "Hungerling"!

Meet the whole gang of Bloggers who accepted the challen, ged 
and  fought the HUNGERling attack!

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  1. Hi Janese! Thanks for the visit! I'll be coming out with more crafty tutorials soon, so watch out for that. :)

    Wait.. snickers huh. Oh wow. I grew up with Snickers. I don't share my Snickers. *snicker* LoL. Cool contest!