Monday, May 9, 2011

Are you also on the hunt for a new car?

These days prices on everything that a Filipino family has gone up. And yet it is the opposite with our salaries. What do we do? Me, as a mom, of course I would do everything so that my budget would suffice my family's needs. I have to cut down on expenses especially when it comes to going out. My family is a bit big . We are composed of Me, hubby , my two sons and my youngest brother and his wife. So that's six of us already. We do go out very often so imagine how big our transportation expenses (fyi, we only commute). We always ride a cab to and from our destination. So now fuel charges has gone up again, I couldn't imagine if I could still afford to ride a cab. So I told hubby if we could buy a car or maybe a "2nd-hand" car. But scouting for that " dream" car would be a bit hassle for us. So he told me that the task for getting a car will be on my hands. Sounds nice huh! Good thing a friend who's into online shopping introduced me to a site where they buy and sell cars in the Philippines and that's on Ayos Dito.Ph

So I started to visit AyosDito.Ph .And I was surprised to see that many people sell their stuff here by using free ads services here at AyosDito.Ph. So I say that's nice! I even started thinking of selling some of our stuff here at home that we don't use anymore like motherboards,monitors and etc. maybe I'll post ad here selling some of our old "techie" stuff.

By the way this is one of the few cars that caught my attention on AyosDito.Ph

Back to my car hunting, I was able to browse some of the cars that are currently being sold here at but I think I still have to show hubby some of the cars that I kind of like and that might fit to our budget. I am thankful that there are sites like these because this saves a lot of time since I cannot easily go out and see the car myself. And another thing that I found out is that one actually can easily know how to buy or sell a car because the site is so easy to use. As easy as 1-2-3 then click!

I just hope hubby likes the car I chose and hopefully agree on the budget we'd like to stash on that new car. I guess this decision on buying a new car will end our "cab" miseries (overcharging fees,etc.) Though we just have to endure the " Manila" traffic :)!


  1. I use ayosdito from time-to-time and I get great response from prosepective buyers. It definitely is a must try for those who not familiar with this site...

  2. Yup! I always find AyosDito as a good source of cheap buy and good offers!

  3. Great place to look for bargains. =)

  4. Good luck on you bargain car hunting :-)