Sunday, June 26, 2011


Back in College Days, me and my college friends celebrate each term with a drink. We drink because it's a way for us also to bond and recount what has happened over the term. And now that I have a family of my own, I still have time time to catch with college friends and we reminisce old memories by catching up and drinking with alcohol. I'm not saying that it's good to drink at all times but its never bad to drink once in a while especially if you just want to bond. and that's what GSM BLUENIVERSITY is telling us through this yearly campaign.

GSM BLUENIVERSITY is a hands-on and fun-filled program and workshop that teaches anyone how to mix drinks and flair-tend like a pro in a leisurely environment. Before it was just a trend and now it has become a yearly program by GSM BLUE. It's goal is to educate HRM students, future bartenders and bartenders-at-heart on how to become confident , knowledgeable and capable in the realm of bartending.

To give us an idea as to how they do it every year GSM BLUE invited members from the blogging community and experience the basic in MiXing of drinks and Flair tending.

One of the Finalist of last year's GSM Blueniversity gives us some of his insights about social drinking.
               What is the most loved cocktail drink in the world? answer: MARTINI !

Me and some of my bloggers are listening intently on the discussion.

Some of the others sister products of GSM BLUE.

Last year's Finalist as he was making Martini.

The bloggers were given also the chance to mix their own cocktail and give it a name as well!

Rowena Iguis as she was enjoying the flashes of cameras attuned to her!

Well I do love these signature shakers from GSM BLUE!

Some of the GSM Mixxers which can be use to concoct your own drinks!

You can also mix GSM BLUE with these Magnolia Fruit drinks to make your own punches at home.

Since GSM BLUE is a hit because of it's sweet and smooth taste , I think all the bloggers enjoyed attending the GSM BLUENIVERSITY mixology event. It has enlightened us that there's no need to intoxicate ones self when drinking, one just have the right information when drink and most of all enjoy it!

Thank You GSM BLUE for inviting us to  be a part of GSM BLUENIVERSITY!!! We all had fun!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tomato Fashion to Hit Market! Market! Mall

CASUAL CHIC THAT’S DELICIOUSLY WITHIN REACH finally comes to shoppers in Market! Market! at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig when fashion brand Tomato opens its nineteenth outlet last Friday, June 10 at 5PM.

I have been a Tomato fan way back 2003 when I was still a senior at College. The First ever product I love at Tomato was there Tote Bags with quotes in it. But from then it has expanded from having  bags, wallets, hair accessories,stylish tops, dresses, shorts, pants as well as swim wear and shoes.
What I love most in Tomato is that I can wear fashionable clothes with out my wallet suffering too much. Their tops, dresses, pants and accessories are fashionably priced that you wouldn't noticed that you can purchase an entire look for as low as P2,000 only

Here's a proof. During the Store opening they had invited 3 guest from the Media pool to try shopping for a P2,000 budget only . They were given a couple of minutes to do their shopping and given General Luna Band members as models.

And the winning look was won by the gray dress worn by General Luna's Vocalist.

Tomato embodies reasonably-priced fashion,casualness that is very elegant, sexy and world-class. 
“We are an always-expanding company and we pride ourselves on making the best and hottest fashion available to all our customers,” Tomato’s Marketing Manager Karen Espiritu shares. 

Tomato has a lot to offer in terms of fashionable clothes and accessories for all types of occasions. You may check their latest displays here below:

I bought this striped top also to match with my leggings

This Polo-Blouse is match with any shorts.

This top can be a nice match with shorts or leggings as well.

This Blue dress was even worn by the Marketing Manager of Tomato Karen Espiritu during the store launch.

These are jeggings which I would like to buy on my next visit.

These are the shoes one could match with any of your outfits.
You must try their espadrilles with different colors to match your mood.

Tomato also boasts its varied collection of bags.

They also recently launched fragrances, the Oohlalicious and Vavalicious.

This is Ms. Lennie Dionisio the Managing Director for Tomato.

Fabio Ide one of the mainstays of the show "Comedy Bar" was even their to grace the launch.

And to the delight of the crowd their were live mannequins.
I was one lucky shopper with Tomato because I got value for my money and yet I am confident that can strut my Tomato outfits in a chic statement.

So if you live near Market! Market! or just out for the hunt for  reasonably priced fashion that is elegant, sexy and world class, just visit Tomato Market! Market! and you're sure to go home happy with your fashion loot.

You can also visit other delicious and scrumptious Tomato outlets at Glorietta Makati, SM San Lazaro, SM Manila, SM Mall of Asia, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Megamall, SM Fairview, SM North Edsa, Robinson's Metro east, Robinson's Place Ermita, Trinoma , StarMall, Marqueeza Mall, RCBC PLAZA, and La Fuerza.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Solenn Heusaff READY to SHINE !

Though I'm a mom already, I still take time to ensure that I look nice (though may not be my best !) and decent in any occasion or event that I go to. May it be a school meeting, launches or just a casual trip to the mall, I make sure to that my hair is nice and manageable. I like my hair just the usual; No curlers for me coz' I want it just straight and flowing at my back. But there are days that we don't have control over our tresses. I always make sure to stay it tamed. I hate using starightening irons since I know it will only weaken my hair. May be sometimes my hair's a bit dry because of the weather or I'm not that vain with my hair. I don't usually go to the salon to have it pampered because as always. My top priority is my kids' needs. But if I have more money than the usual, I give my hair the pampering that it needs. But as I've said I'm always wary of my budget most of the time especially that school has officially started, I'm telling my hair to wait a while. But I don't think that will be for long because just like Solenn Heusaff, Yes! the Survivor and Penshoppe model/endorser shares her secret with us why her hair is still stunningly beautiful even with her commitments full on her hands.

Solenn Heusaff for Vitress!

Yes, folks! Solenn Heusaff, one of the sought-after print and commercial ad model is know the Brand Ambassador for VITRESS Leave-On Cuticle Coat! Last June 15, 2011Solenn Heusaff signed her contract with Splash, the makers behind the Brand VITRESS. According to Joanna King, Vitress Brand Manager, "Solenn Heusaff is the perfect spokesperson for Vitress because her lifestyle shows the importance of caring for one's hair".

Actually Solenn was handpicked because she's beautiful and as an actress, she usually has different hairstyles making her the perfect ambassador for the product. During the presscon she readily shares that she has been using the product even before she was offered to be the product ambassador. She also said that what she likes best in Vitress Cuticle Coat is that it gives her instant shine anywhere, anytime, may it be in a fashion show or taping.

 The 3 variants of Vitress Cuticle Coat
Hair Repair, Instant Relax, and Heat Protect

For the dry and damaged hair, you can try the VITRESS HAIR REPAIR CUTICLE COAT since it protects the hair from the bad effects of chemicals used in dyeing, perming, and other hair treatments.

For those people who have curly and wavy hair The VITRESS INSTANT RELAX is recommended since it tames unruly hair and gives it naturally straighter look.

But for those who tries a lot of hairstyles , THE VITRESS HEAT PROTECT CUTICLE COAT is for you. It protects our hair from the harmful effects of frequent curling and styling.

The Vitress Hair Polish Line 

The also introduced 3 more variant for their Hair Polish Line, The HAIR POLISH STRENGTHENING, HAIR POLISH LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE and HAIR POLISH SUN PROTECT. The HAIR POLISH gives also the instant glossy and sleek look in our hair.

Now I know my hair will no longer wait for that chunk of my budget just to enjoy the pamper it needs. I'm so excite to use VITRESS INTANT RELAX CUTICLE COAT.

Thank You Solenn Heusaff for the photo-op I had with you. 
Got so nervous that my bangs curlled LOLs! 


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Point Blank ready To Conquer the World.

Point Blank -an FPS Game ready to conquer the gaming the World.

As a mom, I don't limit myself to anything. I love learning and trying-out new things, most likely, if it will help me keep-up with our now fast-paced life. So when I was invited to a "gaming" event, I didn't have second thoughts. When I was in College I have played a lot of games that they say are "just" for boys. But out of fun and the adventurous side of me, I strive to learn , like for example billiards. It's tagged as a "boys" game. In my family I am the only lady,so all of them are boys ( my hubby and my 2 sons) are into playing online games. So I was brave enough to learn about this new online FPS (First Person Shooting) game . Here it is ....

Point Blank is developed by Korea-based game developer -ZEPETTO. Currently Point Blank is among the top online game titles worldwide . Point Blank has an array of features that will meet the ever growing demands of gamers. There are more challenging and unique game modes and maps, an extensive ranges of weapons and interactive environments.. If you are still currently playing Counter Strike until now, they are minimal similarities with Point Blank. But I'm sure you will be loving these games since Point Blank is more engaging and interactive. "Its interactive environment will provide gamers, casual or hardcore, the strategy that they crave from an FPS game", shares by IP E-Games VP for Marketing Miguel Bauza.

And also role-playing games elements---players can earn through the game's unique level progression. Future updates will include more complex game game play, bigger weapons and maps. Players may also be bale to control vehicles or destroy them with large,powerful weapons. Those who have signed-up for CBT phase will be given a special package containing in-game credits, weapons, and accessories.

Point Blank is so easy to play. Actually I was afraid if I could play it. But the instant I got the hang of the game , I can't remove my butt of my seat . To be able to play Point Blank, first you will have to make your own account at this site .

 After logging on ,register your new account just like the one above!

Then after that you can click the play button and play Point Black.No need to buy or something. Btw. you can play for free at any Netopia Branches. Please see their schedules for free play as well.
For more game modes, pls read details below:

  • Death Match
  • eliminate
  • Shotgun mode
  •  AI Mode
Meanwhile the available POINT BLANK characters /avatars for CBT period are:
  • Acid Pol
  • Keen Eyes
  • Red Bulls
  • Tarantula

  • "Point Blank will also have in-game contests, tournaments and thrilling new updates to keep gamers playing",Aquino said. "IP e-Games is confident that, similar in other markets, POINT BLANK will become the number 1 online FPS games in the country." 
For updates and for those who want to download the game , just click this link

    At this event we were given the chance to play it and actually I find myself so hooked-up that I forgot to take my dinner on time.

     This FPS game POINT BLANK will give Counter Strike fans a run for their time. Be the first among of those who have tried playing Point Blank!

    Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant ready to set your tummys on FIRE!


    Are you a discriminating and adventurous diners? Is your family have varied tastes when it comes to dining out and have a hard time deciding where to dine-out? Just like these group volunteer firemen, 10 out of 70 members and all of Chinese decent, would always hang-out after drills to talk and eat in different restaurants. as always they have a hard time to choose where to eat as each of them had their own preferences for the day. Given their varied tastes, but all leaning to towards fresh and familiar Oriental Cuisine, they decided to open an establishment that serves various Asian specialties along with their after-drill comfort food. as heaven has sent him, Chef Joseph a friend of these firemen buddies, had just came home from his stint as a chef from Japan and in Korea. Chef Joesph was the one who put up the menu and scoured Manila's market just to make sure the restaurant serves fresh ingredients to their customers. After many months of food tasting with their families,finally ASIAN TWIST FUSION RESTAURANT was opened to the public.e

    Last June 2, 2011, Asian Twist Celebrated their 2nd year Anniversary. And I was glad I was part of the bloggers invited to celebrate this momentous 2nd year anniversary with the owners themselves.

    6 of the owners of ASIAN TWIST FUSION RESTAURANT
    From L-R ( William de Guia, Charlie Serdano, MJ Serdano, Paul Gruba, Irving Sih, and Cody Ramirez)

    Thank you to all the owners for a warm welcome, most especially to Ms. MJ Serdano, who charmed her way through their flavorful and unique dishes. And for being so approachable and pretty in your own way!

    Me and Ma'am Mary Jane Serdano, one of the owners.

    Irving Sih

    William de Guia

     Paul Gruba

     Charlie Serdano

     Cody Ramirez

    I had fun that day because aside from being volunteer firemen by day, these owners had so much charisma just like the food they offered to us during the anniversary. All the dishes below are certified bestsellers in their own fusion cooking.

    Sesame Rice Tataki (2pcs.) P95

    Sukiyaki Bibimbop P220

    Caine's Bagnet Chahan (Family) P275

    Spicy Beef Noodle Soup P285

    Tofu Meatball Soup (Family) P225

    Crispy Pork Knuckle P550

    Grilled Chicken Crepe P185

    Calvin's Twist Guisado P275

    Korean Beef Side dish P75

    Steam Fish Fillet w/ Garlic Veggies P220

    Hongkong Chicken (Half) P255

    Mj's Delight-- a new addition to their dessert line, a mix of cream with banana and mango topped with layers of Cheese. 

    The interiors of this restaurant might be deceiving but I can say that their food menu is truly worth the travel. I must confess that the area  of this restaurant is a bit far from where I live but when I tasted their food, I'm quite impressed because most of their servings are good for two. And I won't have a problem if my family has different cravings on our visit here since they offer Korean, Japanese, Chinese and oriental cooking. And we can choose a wide variety of dishes in their menu given the varied taste that we will have once we visit the place. I'm planning to comeback again here to celebrate Father's Day and I know that me and my family will share stories about the different dishes that we will be trying out here on Father's Day. So AsianTwist Fusion Restaurant , be ready as we raid your place on Father's Day!!!

    If you want a new place to dine or just tired of the ordinary and the same dishes offered , you may visit ASIAN TWIST FUSION Restaurant at this address : # 101 N.S Amoranto cor. Speaker Perez Street Quezon City. For Food deliveries, please call tel nos. 7112248/5591477. 

    You may like them on Facebook here --->