Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Be a Bounty Fresh Chic Mom

Chic Moms Club

I have been a Chic Moms Club member since January and I find this site so useful. It provides recipes for moms like me who are not not natural and in-born cooks but still has the passion for good "eats". So Last May 17, 2011 an invite from the club came and i didn't hesitate to be up so early in the morning to attend The Chic Moms CLUB event Salon de Ning at The Peninsula Manila.

Chic Moms Club, is a one-stop website/online club for busy moms, tech savvy, and chic moms like me. The website offers recipes and "baon"/snack ideas to mom's who's on the look out for more ideas on how they prepare sumptuous dishes for their families. The site also has a lot contest for the active Bounty Fresh Chic Moms Club Members like the recently concluded "the most number of referrals" wins a chic bag from the website. At the event they awarded the Top 5 members with the most number of referrals and one of my blogger colleague's wife won . See pictures below...

Michelle Lim with Ms. Kathleen Gomez, the Assistant Brand Manager of Bounty Fresh.

 Oh ! Been wishing I had mine!
These are the bags up for grabs for the lucky Chic Club Moms members .

The 4 Top chefs who collaborate w/ each other to bring fab chicken dishes.

Of course I wouldn't let this "chic" moment to have a photo-op with these chefs.
 From L-R (Chef David Pardo de Tavera,myself, Chef Bruce Lim of Chef's Table,
Chef Sau del Rosario and Chef Jessie Sincioco)

These chefs have partnered with  Bounty Fresh because they are very much impressed with how Bounty Fresh is packed . The chicken is vacuum-sealed to preserve the tastes and juiciness of the chicken.

Vacuum-packed to seal its quality.

International Star Ms. Lea Salonga with Lakwatsera Mom.

Chic Moms Club fulfilled its promise in giving their members cool promos, prizes and stuff that are truly worth their bounty time with no less than Ms. Lea Salonga, Bounty Fresh ambassador and a chic mom herself, gracing the event.

Bounty Fresh is largely considered as Asia’s best chicken, is currently on a roll as it won prestigious awards left and right such as the "Asian Livestock Industry Award 2009", besting all other poultry and livestock producers across Asia, and the Ernst & Young 2010 ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year Award’ for its president, Tennyson Chen. It is the only chicken brand that pioneered vacuum-packaging and triple-washing, proof of its strict adherence to high-quality and excellence. So with these internationally acclaimed awards been cited to Bounty Fresh , it is just right that they chose Ms. Lea Salonga to be their ambassador.

For more exciting events like these and promos you may want to check BOUNTY FRESH CHIC MOMS CLUB website here or for more infos about their other Chicken products you may also logged on their official Bounty Fresh website --->

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