Sunday, June 12, 2011

Point Blank ready To Conquer the World.

Point Blank -an FPS Game ready to conquer the gaming the World.

As a mom, I don't limit myself to anything. I love learning and trying-out new things, most likely, if it will help me keep-up with our now fast-paced life. So when I was invited to a "gaming" event, I didn't have second thoughts. When I was in College I have played a lot of games that they say are "just" for boys. But out of fun and the adventurous side of me, I strive to learn , like for example billiards. It's tagged as a "boys" game. In my family I am the only lady,so all of them are boys ( my hubby and my 2 sons) are into playing online games. So I was brave enough to learn about this new online FPS (First Person Shooting) game . Here it is ....

Point Blank is developed by Korea-based game developer -ZEPETTO. Currently Point Blank is among the top online game titles worldwide . Point Blank has an array of features that will meet the ever growing demands of gamers. There are more challenging and unique game modes and maps, an extensive ranges of weapons and interactive environments.. If you are still currently playing Counter Strike until now, they are minimal similarities with Point Blank. But I'm sure you will be loving these games since Point Blank is more engaging and interactive. "Its interactive environment will provide gamers, casual or hardcore, the strategy that they crave from an FPS game", shares by IP E-Games VP for Marketing Miguel Bauza.

And also role-playing games elements---players can earn through the game's unique level progression. Future updates will include more complex game game play, bigger weapons and maps. Players may also be bale to control vehicles or destroy them with large,powerful weapons. Those who have signed-up for CBT phase will be given a special package containing in-game credits, weapons, and accessories.

Point Blank is so easy to play. Actually I was afraid if I could play it. But the instant I got the hang of the game , I can't remove my butt of my seat . To be able to play Point Blank, first you will have to make your own account at this site .

 After logging on ,register your new account just like the one above!

Then after that you can click the play button and play Point Black.No need to buy or something. Btw. you can play for free at any Netopia Branches. Please see their schedules for free play as well.
For more game modes, pls read details below:

  • Death Match
  • eliminate
  • Shotgun mode
  •  AI Mode
Meanwhile the available POINT BLANK characters /avatars for CBT period are:
  • Acid Pol
  • Keen Eyes
  • Red Bulls
  • Tarantula

  • "Point Blank will also have in-game contests, tournaments and thrilling new updates to keep gamers playing",Aquino said. "IP e-Games is confident that, similar in other markets, POINT BLANK will become the number 1 online FPS games in the country." 
For updates and for those who want to download the game , just click this link

    At this event we were given the chance to play it and actually I find myself so hooked-up that I forgot to take my dinner on time.

     This FPS game POINT BLANK will give Counter Strike fans a run for their time. Be the first among of those who have tried playing Point Blank!

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