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SM HYPERMARKET ADRIATICO is located near Harrison Plaza. Although not located in a prime area + a bad weather last July 26, 2011, it didn't stop hundreds of students to take part in SM Hypermarket Adriatico's Cooking Marathon together with its featured product for that day:  San Miguel -Magnolia.

It was amazing to see hundreds of people most especially students who took that Rainy Tuesday afternoon just to watch and learn about cooking that day. As I've said from my previous post I am actually a frustrated cook and foodie but still, the ever "curious and love for food" part of me said I had to catch this cooking demo with San Miguel as the featured products of the day.

For that day, 4 tummy-filling recipes were shared by Chef Jonathan Chua. Chef Jonathan was the Products applications Specialist for San Miguel Purefoods Culinary Center. He handles products such as Magnolia Dairy, Monterey Meats etc.

Chef Jonathan Chua

These are just among the many attendees that came for the cooking demo. If I'm not mistaken they are 200+ students because , the San Miguel team ran out of application forms for the San Miguel Great Food Club application forms they were giving away.

These were the featured items for the cooking demo. Just by looking on them makes me say "NomNom"!

There were 4 featured recipes for that day: Star Ranchero Rice, Cheesy Hotdog and Fries Sandwich Overload, Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice and Peaches and Cream Caramel Trifle for dessert.


I will share with you guys this recipe which can be an alternative for fried rice. While the other recipes here will be featured in my other food blog, just click the link here if you want a copy of the other recipes.

What you need?


1/2 kilo PUREFOODS STAR HOTDOG                      2 1/2 cup beef broth
1/4 cup olive oil                                                              1/2 cup pizza sauce sweet style
1cup chopped onion                                                       1/2 tsp chili powder
1/2 cup green bell pepper, seeded and chopped              1/2 tsp cumin
2 tbsp cilantro chopped                                                   1/2 tsp paprika
1 pc. labuyo                                                                    Salta and pepper to taste
1 cup long grain rice                                                        3 pcs. eggs


Place oil in a standard rice cooker, heat oil and saute onions, bell pepper and Tomatoes. Cook slightly. Add hotdog, rice, cilantro, siling labuyo, and beef broth, mix very well. Cover and allow to cook. When done, season with salt and pepper. Transfer rice into an oven proof baking dish. Crack eggs over rice then broil in oven or turbo broiler until eggs are cooked. Serve hot. Can serve 3-4 person.
Cheesy Hotdog and Fries Sandwich Overload

This recipe is is so easy to do. This is good to eat during merienda especially for those who always like to eat their sandwiches with fries.

Even my son liked it , he even urged me to have a souvenir photo with it first before having a feast!

Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice

This is a good suggestion if you are on the look out for new recipes or dishes to bring during potluck or small gatherings and parties.

Peaches and Cream Caramel Trifle
This is the recipe for the day. Of course nothing tops a good meal with out the much awaited dessert. But be sure to take small servings first to savor it's yumminess!

Chef Jonathan got his help assembling this desert from a Hotel and Restaurant student. More pictures below:

This is the sugar for the caramel filling.

 Layering the sponge cake.

The peaches!
The Cream, mmm...

It was sight seeing a lot of students who patiently stay from start to end of the cooking demo. Rewarding as it is  because San Miguel even raffled items for the attendees to try at home.

This group of students even took the chance to have a photo-op with Chef Jonathan
If the students were lucky enough, I think much of a luck too, since I had a picture with Chef Jonathan as well.

 Thank you Chef Jonathan Chua!

SM HyperMarket Adriatico was nice branch just near the La Salle Taft Branch making it an accessible supermarket for student dormers residing within the area. And they have nice and courteous security staffs.

Want to take part to any of the cooking marathons happening in your area, just click the link here. And also pls. like SM HYPERMARKET FB page here for more updates and promos.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Retail Business Afficionados: Get Ready For the 20th NRCE Ready to Take it To the Next level!!!

Ever since I was a kid , the business-minded person in me has never left me. Until now that I am married and have kids of my own and has a husband as the major earner in the family,I still dream of having my own business. Up to now I am still in awe for those noted for their success in their respective businesses.

And now I'm glad that some of my questions regarding the retail business will be answered by the upcoming 20th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Conference Expo on August 11 to 12, 2011 at SMX Convention Center.And I will also have the chance to hear JOSEPH BALADI, as the main guest resource speaker for the expo. Mr. Joseph Baladi was tagged as the "Asia Brand Guru" as he tackles the paradox of the Asia Brand and author of " The Brutal Truth about Branding".

I am so excited to attend this event since it will be inspiring on the side how innovations and concept behind this businesses has gone up to success.  Well I am giving you an early update on what to expect on this 2-day event.

On Day 1
To kick-off this momentous event President for Ayala land Inc., Mr. Antonio Aquino will be the first keynote speaker. Mang Inasal genius will also be there to share Mang Inasal's success story. While Executive Director for My Shelter Foundation will be there to discuss "The Business of Social Responsibility: How Doing good boosts your Competitive Edge".

So if you are all interested please click here for details .

Friday, July 29, 2011

Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra to lead NBA FIT AIR 21 Run here in Manila !!!


  NBA Fever runs through Metro Manila as NBA FIT – the league’s comprehensive health and wellness program that encourages physical activity and healthy living for children and families – races to the climax of its two-week program in 2011.

 The NBA FIT Air 21Run, organized by Run Rio, takes place Sunday, August 7, 4 a.m. at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra will flag off the race and then take part in the run. Runners can choose to participate in four race categories : 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k.

 Starting point will be at 7th Avenue while end point will be at 9th AvenueInterested participants may register online with the deadline being August 2, 2011. Registration may also be made at the following outlets : RUNNR Store, BHS – Bldg. B3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City; Toby’s Arena, Shangri-la Mall – Shangri-La Plaza Mall,  Shaw Blvd., EDSA; Planet Sports, Glorietta – 2F Glorietta 3, Makati City; Planet Sports, Trinoma – 2nd level, Trinoma cor. North EDSA, Quezon City; The Athlete’s Foot, ATC – Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City and The Athlete’s Foot, Galleria – 3F Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Pasig City. The Run is open to the entire family.

 “NBA FIT is a terrific program and I’m glad to be back in the Philippines for the second straight year to promote the importance of healthy living to Filipino children and their families,” said Spoelstra, who is NBA FIT Ambassador to the Philippines. “Basketball is such a huge part of my life and I know how important the sport is too for Filipino families. Being fit and staying fit is a big part of being effective in basketball. Being able to combine basketball and my heritage gives me such great pride.”

So if you and your family wants a new way to bond , why not run on August 7, 2011 and be fit at the same time.

 For more information about NBA FIT visit or follow us at

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I am VISIBLE with Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center

Most women now are now becoming more vain and conscious on how they look . Even men too! Basically I am not that vain. What usually is inside my bag is baby powder ( for I don't really like Face powder on my face. I feel an added weight whenever I use it.) and lipstick and my comb. I usually don't wear much make-up unless the occasions I attend to calls for it. I am not vain merely because I believe and contented on the way I look. And the way I look on things,vanity is not what defines a person. As long you are properly dressed and practice proper conduct and most importantly , you must have a positive outlook on life. In my own opinion, that's what really counts. Fancy things are just "add-ons" we can either live or not at all. But to have that positive outlook in life and confidence in ourselves, I think taking care of ourselves is also a must. But after careful considerations, At my age and being an active mom to 2 wonderful kids,  I think I have to see how my skin age too! That's how I considered going to skin clinic. How do I choose where to go? Honestly, I have been long subscribed to a friend's blog (Joy Mendiola of, and she has been a regular on this particular skin clinic. But since I am a busy mom as well, it took me this long to finally visit CLARITY AESTHETIC MEDICAL and DENTAL CENTER.

Actually I am so nervous as this was my first and actual visit to a skin clinic. I have a 6pm appointment with Dra. AMY CAGAYAN (Clarity's Dermatologist). Upon entering I was greeted very warmly by Clarity's Front Desk Staff, Sir Percy. And then he immediately ushered me to Dra. AMY CAGAYAN's office. After a brief skin consultation (and boy I was glad when the doctor told me that I had good skin), she recommended me to have the ULTRA FIRMING FACIAL. 
Note: Pls. excuse some of the pictures, especially the "mask". 
Here's how the treatment was done:
First I was turn-over to the facialist who will do the service with me. Upon entering the room, the room was so tidy and clean.You can see the picture below and you can tell me I was telling the truth.

And the facialist told me If i want to use an ipod so I can sleep and enjoy the treatment. But I decline because the room's music is so relaxing.

First the facialist had to clean my face first and massage it. I thought this will be a quick one. But I have been proven wrong. Instead of sleeping all through my treatment, I remained awake, maybe because of the excitement growing in me. Then after cleansing my face, my face was put under steaming for 20 minutes.

On this picture, They just finish cleansing my face and about to put it under steam.

Next is they put gauze on my face to apply the mask for Firming of the skin.

 On the right, that is how it looks when the Ultra-Lift Facial Mask is applied. It has to stay for another 20minutes for better results.

On top is the mask that hardened on my face.Originally I plan to take it home for "remembrance" purposes, eventually I forgot.

Well that's my photo after the treatment . I initially saw the results of the Ultra-Firming Facial Treatment. The mask they applied on my face helped tightened my pores lift a bit of the sagging part that comes as we age.
Sir Julius Barber, The Business Development Officer for Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center.

 Thank You Sir Julius and to your Staff!

The Ultra-Firming Facial  effectively hydrates and firms skin, making it fresh and younger-looking . The treatment also resists the effects of photo-damage and shield from free radicals. It also locks moisture for round the clock hydration resulting to lasting radiant complexion.

Actually I felt fulfilled and happy with the treatment, because I thought it was just the same facial I saw with other friends who took the same treatment from the other clinics. Ultra-Firming Facial is only P1,500. An not bad for a price since it's all worth it. I guess sometime we all do have to relax from this fast paced life and reward ourselves. So guys , I suggest you try their treatments. Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center has so many to offer given the client's need.

Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center is located at 5th Floor Wellness Zone, Shangri-La Plaza Mall . And it is open from Mon-Sun from 8:00-8:00pm. You may also call first for appointment at tel nos: 9104955-53. For more upcoming promos and updates you may also like their FB Page HERE .


I have always been a "rice" person. I hate to admit it but when ever at home or dining out ,I would never pass out on a meal with out rice in it. That's why as of now I have been consistently gaining weight. But who am I to complain. There are just some meals that cannot be served with out rice in it. As Filipinos it is already in our nature to have rice on our dishes. So when ANGEL'S PIZZA PASTA COMBO added Breaded Chicken Bowls in their menu I got excited. Since Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo is very well known with their pizzas, I must admit I got curious. So for the foodies out there just like me , prepare to feast your eyes on these Breaded Bowls .

Chicken with Creamy Sauce with ice tea at P95 only!

This Breaded Chicken with Creamy Sauce is good for those who want their food sidings like the corn and carrots. The Breaded Rice Bowl itself is yummy because of thick layer of creamy sauce. And the corn and carrots added more flavor in it with out the "umay" factor!

Chicken Parmigiana at P95

Chicken Parmigiana is my top choice among the 3 because it's like eating pasta or pizza with out the dough bjut rice instead. It's more like eating Chicken with pasta . That's how I can describe Chicken Parmigiana. You guys better try this one out.

Chicken Teriyaki with ice tea at P95 only 

For the Teriyaki lovers out there , this is it. The chicken is so tender that it's so easy to munch in between bites.
All three Breaded Chicken Bowls is must try. And during these rainy days, as we are so lazy to even cook why not order these thru Angel's Pizza pasta Combo Free Delivery , Just call 922-2222 or thru mobile no.:0922-8781487. 
For more infos or area/branches inquiries you may like ANGEL'S PIZZA PASTA COMBO on FACEBOOK here. 

And after CHICKEN BREADILIOUS TREAT , it's a must to end your meal with these, One my favorites:
BROWNIE SQUARES at P85 only! and it also comes with a chocolate sauce
It's so sinfully good that though I arrived so late at home my son didn't mind being awoken up with these yummy treat!
My son was soo excited with the BROWNIE SQUARES that he made an effort to pose for a couple of pictures with it...  

 So I plan to bring home a lot of Brownie Squares from ANGEL'S PIZZA PASTA COMBO again because my two son's smile all worth it!

 So if guys will grab any of the 3 Breaded Chicken Bowls Please don't forget to place your comments here on my blog...and tell me which do you guys like! Happy eating Foodies!

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Figaro Not only for the Coffee Lovers But also for the Tea LOvers as well!

Philippines is a tropical country so with "ber" months comes the rainy season as well. And often times during this season we encounter cough and colds. And sometimes taking medicines does not actually soothe our maladies. So it's great news that my favorite Coffee company FIGARO now has their own line of Herbal Teas. And because FIGARO COFFEE COMPANY is proud to be "Filipino" owned decided to patronize our very own locally planted herbs.  And along with these great news is that this Herbal teas is organically grown as well. So here it is, let me introduce to you FIGARO HERBAL BLENDS together with its benefits. Hope you may this bit information beneficial.

Herbal Blend in Banaba
This tea is infused with Tarragon, anise and grapes.

Dried leaves of BANABA is known to help lower blood and sugar levels and people with Diabetes. In early times Banaba is used also for treating kidney stones and wounds for those who have undergone surgery. This is perfect as well because of the grapes aromatic smell that can help soothe one's senses.

Herbal blends in Sambong
Mixed with Basil and lemon

Sambong Leaves and roots when dried and made into tea is believed to treat colds, sinuses and migraines.It also has a diuretic agent effective in dissolving kidney stones. 

Herbal Blends LAGUNDI 
mixed with mint and orange

This tea is infused with mint and orange which is said to help combat cough, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis band pharyngitis. Mint and orange is added to this tea to help soothe someone be refreshed and and relaxed.

Herbal Blends PITO-PITO
mixed with dill and mango

The Pito-pito was invented by the late Ernie Baron. Pito-Pito is a combination od 7 herbs and plants : Alagaw, Banaba, Bayabas, Pandan, and Mangga and half teaspoon of Anise and Cilantro. This also helps in aiding a bad stomach and promote good metabolism. 

And all these teas can one way or another soothe or help you ease a bad mood due to bad weather or an ailment. So try these for only P450 per box.

And for you to enjoy your FIGARO HERBAL BLENDS teas here's how:

If you want to serve it hot:
  1. Pour hot water on cup.
  2. Place tea bag and steep for 3 to 4 minutes to extract full flavor
  3. And lastly smell it first before enjoying the drink.
But if you want it cold:
Simply add ice to hot infusion and add sugar or honey as desired.

But still pout no more for those who love FIGARO for their signature coffees because they also have a new line. Presenting FiGARO COFFEE BEANS.

Cafe' Vigoroso, Cafe' Barako Gold, Cafe' Maharlika, Cafe' Monte Alto
This new line of costs only P280 per box 
After having tasted all 4 of these signature coffees, I personally liked the Cafe' Monte Alto for it's not that strong and after couple of sips I felt a bit relaxed. That's what I like or look for a coffee , a coffee that can help me relax soothe me at the same time. all of these 4 variants are readily available at all Figaro Coffee Company Branches.

For more information or you may have any suggestions , you may also like FIGARO COFFEE COMPANY FB PAGE HERE.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Cooking Marathon Experience at SM HyperMarket at the SM Mall of Asia

I really love cooking but I think the chef in me does not have the courage yet to make her own .. Why? Because I am able to discover that you can cook like a chef just by following the recipe in it. Sometimes when the ingredients in the recipe were not in my cupboards, I try to substitute it with an ingredient on hand.  So when I found out that there will be a cooking marathon at SM Mall of Asia HyperMarket ,I didn’t have to think twice! With only an hour and a half to dress up and travel from Cubao to Pasay, I know I have to be there!

I successfully arrived 10 minutes before its starting time (the cooking marathon is scheduled to start 3:00pm till 5:00pm.) with constantly looking on my watch for I don’t want to miss the entire cooking marathon!

Luckily I was able to take a picture of the chef for the day before it was supposed to start. I even heard an attendee said ,“Buti ka pa nkapagpa-picture ka na sa chef agad!” (Good for you! You were able to take a picture of the chef!”). I laughed ! Why? Because these attendees were so excited about the dishes to be cooked but also excited for another reason because the Chef was cute.

SM HYPERMARKET together with Clara Ole held its first cooking marathon for its 3-month long run. For its first run, Chef DeeJay D. Santos III. Chef DeeJay is a graduate of Center for Culinary Arts Manila and has worked locally and abroad. He also did some time teaching in a local culinary school and does cooking demos for several years in different companies. 

When I arrived there's few seats left and still alot of people are signing up.
It on;y means that a lot of people are into cooking.

Chef DeeJay as he readily posed at his turf!
Atop also is Clara Ole' line of pasta sauces : Chessy Pesto, Chunky Tomato in Three Cheese, Chunky Tomato with Basil, and Kung Pao Sauce.

Before the cooking marathon started, an intermission number was rendered by one of the talented cashiers of SM HyperMarket Mall of Asia Branch. 

It's good to hear that not only these cashiers are trustworthy but are very talented when it comes to singing.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dream Date

On July 15, 2011 Avid T.V. fans will be in awe as Hello Media and Studio 23 joined their forces as they propell "romance" on Philippine T.V. with a new digital dating show " DREAM DATE".

DREAM DATE is the first ever tri-media, dating game-lifestyle show in the Philippines created by Filipinos! This is not a franchise from foreign shows…” says David Abrenilla, the executive producer and creator of the show.

 David Abrenilla- Executive Producer and creator of the show.

DREAM DATE aims to incorporate today's in-demand main media outlets , the Online, mobile and Television to meet the growing digital users.

The show will be hosted by Umagang Kay Ganda host Drei Felix and MYX VJ Bianca Roque. Actually these hosts have already worked together as hosts at MYX , where they started to be good friends.

Her in these show Bianca Roque will be the "love guru" who will be giving advices and Drei Felix will the "Love Cupid"; a perfect match to find your Dream Date.

Howe do you join ? One should first register at CHUZI.COM  if you want to be a contestant on Dream Date! On CHUZI.COM you can have the website the website find someone who can be a good match for you. On this site you can also access tips and advices on what to wear on dates, what and "what-nots" on dates. In short in this site ,you can not only find a match for you but can also give tips on fashion and dating as well. How cool is that!

Aside from the launch of the website, I also have the privilege to watch it taped its first pilot episode. Here are some pics....

Set of Dream Date

Contestants for episodes 1 and 2 (Models and some are beauty title holder.)

Host Bianca Roque and Executive Producer David Abrenilla and Drei Felix as they were interviewed by the members of the press.

Here are the guys as they take their  places and vote for their dream date!

This contest shows off his talent on how to work that fab muscles!

The winning pair for the pilot episode
Odessa and Mark.

How does the show works?

There 6 contestants, 3 girls and 3 boys, they will take on questionings and other challenges in a progressive fashion to find out their compatibility. At the end of every round the contestants will be given the chance to vote for their dream date based on looks, personality, and special talent.

Dream Date takes on the challenge of the digital era. it is neither for the tech-savvy nor the social butterflies, it is for everyone who wants an upgrade when it comes to their relational and communication skills!

Here's Dream Date host Drei Felix as he invites t.v. fans!

So watch out for DREAM DATE on its premier on JULY 15, 2011 Friday 11:30pm at Studio 23!!!