Friday, July 1, 2011

Dream Date

On July 15, 2011 Avid T.V. fans will be in awe as Hello Media and Studio 23 joined their forces as they propell "romance" on Philippine T.V. with a new digital dating show " DREAM DATE".

DREAM DATE is the first ever tri-media, dating game-lifestyle show in the Philippines created by Filipinos! This is not a franchise from foreign shows…” says David Abrenilla, the executive producer and creator of the show.

 David Abrenilla- Executive Producer and creator of the show.

DREAM DATE aims to incorporate today's in-demand main media outlets , the Online, mobile and Television to meet the growing digital users.

The show will be hosted by Umagang Kay Ganda host Drei Felix and MYX VJ Bianca Roque. Actually these hosts have already worked together as hosts at MYX , where they started to be good friends.

Her in these show Bianca Roque will be the "love guru" who will be giving advices and Drei Felix will the "Love Cupid"; a perfect match to find your Dream Date.

Howe do you join ? One should first register at CHUZI.COM  if you want to be a contestant on Dream Date! On CHUZI.COM you can have the website the website find someone who can be a good match for you. On this site you can also access tips and advices on what to wear on dates, what and "what-nots" on dates. In short in this site ,you can not only find a match for you but can also give tips on fashion and dating as well. How cool is that!

Aside from the launch of the website, I also have the privilege to watch it taped its first pilot episode. Here are some pics....

Set of Dream Date

Contestants for episodes 1 and 2 (Models and some are beauty title holder.)

Host Bianca Roque and Executive Producer David Abrenilla and Drei Felix as they were interviewed by the members of the press.

Here are the guys as they take their  places and vote for their dream date!

This contest shows off his talent on how to work that fab muscles!

The winning pair for the pilot episode
Odessa and Mark.

How does the show works?

There 6 contestants, 3 girls and 3 boys, they will take on questionings and other challenges in a progressive fashion to find out their compatibility. At the end of every round the contestants will be given the chance to vote for their dream date based on looks, personality, and special talent.

Dream Date takes on the challenge of the digital era. it is neither for the tech-savvy nor the social butterflies, it is for everyone who wants an upgrade when it comes to their relational and communication skills!

Here's Dream Date host Drei Felix as he invites t.v. fans!

So watch out for DREAM DATE on its premier on JULY 15, 2011 Friday 11:30pm at Studio 23!!!

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