Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lakwatsera Mom pushes Kariton Klassrum

Do you know Kuya Ef? Well, who wouldn't ? He was CNN's Hero of the Year Awardee and goes by the name Efren Penaflorida Jr. Kuya Ef is one of the founders of Dynamic Teen Company.

The group Dynamic Teen Company was formed to create youth awareness projects, talent and self-development activities and community services.
Their mission is to teach unschooled, labor-exploited and neglected street children.

Last weekend, I was privileged to have met the group and their founder Kuya Ef. That day is one of those unusual Saturdays of my life. I have to wake up at 5am and be at the meeting place by 6am. And thank God! I was there a minute before we have to leave. Our destination is at Cavite. Though I only have 2 hours sleep, I think the excitement is much stronger than my urge to just sleep that day.

My Cavite trip provided me with a couple of "firsts" as an experience.

  • This was my first time to immerse and help assist the volunteers in teaching the street children.
  • It was my first to push a "Kariton" (push cart in English.) a few kilometers away.

Dynamic Teen Company has 4 "karitons" but during our visit , they had only 3 " karitons" operational.

Joining the trip made me see ( with eyes-wide open) the real situation our fellow " kababayans" are facing now . I have seen many faces of hunger and poverty but this one is different. I have seen these situation in a positive outlook. I mean I still believe that there are still solutions on the problems we Filipinos are currently facing if we can just practice "volunteerism" and advocate on  how we can truly help our poverty-stricken "kababayans".

On our way home, This made me believe that education is a big problem in our country but there's no problem in this world that can't be solve if only we stand up and help in advocacy like these. There's still hope.

I am so proud to be part of something that made it worth my time and effort and with that I am sharing with with you all the pictures taken at the activity.

It was me with the push cart. We have actually push these carts from the site to its home KARBIL (Kariton bldg.) w/c is a few kilometers away from the barangay we went to.

 These are some of the kids with the first "kariton".

Imagine these kids are not able to go to school but huge thanks to Dynamic Teen Company, now some of them won't be ignorant at all.

This volunteer teaches the kids some eye-object coordination and tries to see if the kids can do it as well.

Of course the kids can do it! Almost all of them are willing to participate in the activity.

Of course no activity won't start w/out actually asking first for God's grace.

What kids are holding here is a "chip". These chips are given to all students who actually have listened to the lesson, participated and behaved. These chips are actually exchange for food after the lesson.

Kids lining-up to get there food.

Some of the bloggers, volunteers and kids with Kuya Ef!

This was me and Kuya EF! Thank you Kuya Ef for getting-up for what you believe in and for advocating for education and the community.

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