Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Korean Dish This time with Bounty Fresh Chicken @ SM HYPERMARKET BALIUAG!

Last August 26, 2011, SM BALIUAG HYPERMARKET had its 2nd cooking demo with Bounty Fresh Chicken. The chef for that day is Chef JASON SANTOS, or more known as Chef Jase. Chef Jase is a graduate of GLOBAL CULINARY & HOSPITALITY ACADEMY, owned by and chiefly operated by Chef Robert Pengson and Hospitality industry-distinguished Chef Benjamin Ledesma.


Chef Jase focuses on NOUVELLE and FUSION Cuisine, combining Asian flavors and methodologies with other fine cuisines.

Chef Jase prepared 2 "bountiful" dishes that day. It's DAK BULGOGI (Korean Grilled Barbeque Chicken) and COOL SUMMER CHICKEN SALAD.

As per my experience, it was my first time to watch a cooking demo w/ a Korean delicacy so it made me really curious this time. I was glad that Chef Jase  was generous enough to share some infos about the the dish he is preparing for us that day day.

For some people who’s not that really familiar with Korean dishes, I learned that “DAK” is a Korean word w/c means “Chicken”. The main ingredient for these two dishes is BOUNTY FRESH CHICKEN. Bounty fresh Chicken is one of the trusted source for quality chicken in the market. Bounty Fresh Chicken is of good quality because it is vacuum-packed and we are assured of the freshness and juiciness once we include it in our cooking endeavours.

The two dishes that Chef Jase had prepared for us that day is “DAK BULGOGI” and COOL SUMMER CHICKEN SALAD”.

DaK Bulgogi is best eaten with Sesame seed leaves but the challenge there is you have to swallowed it whole.  Cool Summer Chicken Salad is way different from the other salad that I have tasted because it has Cantaloupe/Melon in it. The Cantaloupe made the salad taste more refreshing because it has more water content.
Of course no cooking demo is educational and fun with out the raffles and freebie giveaways by Bounty Fresh Chicken. See pictures below on how big and well-participated the event was.

Nonetheless I enjoyed this cooking demo because for a change , I got to taste a Korean dish and from the previous experiences , this was the biggest cooking demo I have ever watched in terms of attendance. The pictures will tell you it was a fact.

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