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Last Oct 13, 2011, I went to the Launch of RESTAURANT FESTIVAL 2011 of Appetite Magazine in partnership with Shangrila Malls. And as newbie foodie, I was so excited . This different from all the taste test I've ever been to because it was like traveling all over the the world, it has restaurants that has menus that originated from all over the globe. 

Luckily it was also Appetite Magazine's seventh year in the business. Appetite has been here all these years to inspire us through their love for food. I want to commend all the staff of these magazine, organizers and its partner restaurants for putting up a big event like these. There are 13 participating restaurants in these festival. 

The participating Restaurants:
  • C2
  • Cafe' Provencal
  • Claw Daddy
  • Cravings
  • Crustasia
  • Cyma 
  • Green Tomato
  • Lemon Grass Asian Bistro
  • Pages Deli
  • Pepper Lunch
  • Secret Recipe
  • Pho' Hoa'
  • Sing Hainanese
Among the 13 restaurants, CLAWDADDY emerged as my favorite, not only it is near where I am standing their BABY BACK RIBS is also a KILLER! I will definitely visit CLAWDADDY again, this time I will wear the headband the crews are wearing , lols!

The over all experience is overwhelming 'coz alot of people were present and excited to partake in this event ,Oh how wish that they would make this a yearly event and feature more restaurants so that more newbie foodies like me will have the chance to learn more and taste superb cuisines as well!

Here are some of the photos that my camera has caught before it went battery-drained!

From L-R: Blogger friends Mommy Lariza, Kenneth and Mhel Ignacio of Certified Foodies and these nice girl that I forgot to ask her name.

 From extreme right, the Editor-in-chief Ms. Nina Daza and beside her Shangrila's General Manager whom I also forgot the name. Blame it on the yummy food that all the restaurants has offered, for a while I thought I forgot my name too! while eating Baby back ribs from ClawDaddy!

The crowd is so big that there's no people on the third level.
But before I end this APPETizing post, let me share another good news to foodies, alongside with this celebration  from October 14 to November 30, 2011, participating restaurants at Shangri-La Plaza will offer specially-created Appetite Menus with an appetizer, entrées and dessert all for under P1000! Check out all the appetizing and mouth-watering meals carefully put together by Café Provencal, Claw Daddy, Cravings, Crustasia, Cyma, C2, Green Tomato, Lemongrass, Pages Deli, Pepper Lunch, Pho Hoa, Secret Recipe and Sing Hainanese Chicken! Enjoy your staple favorites and discover even more delightful dishes with flavors from all over the world. Satisfy your craving for Western cuisine or Eastern delights from the exciting range of restaurants in the Appetite Restaurant Festival. 
My evening that day ended with bearable snore from me! More food festivals to come!
For more infos you visit their site or Like them on Facebook/Appetitemag

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