Tuesday, November 1, 2011

L.A.C Farms Produces Safe Lagundi the Organic Way

Last Oct. 27, 2011, Along with other Mommy Bloggers, we had this rare opportunity to visit LAC Farms (Leonie Agri Corp.) in Sta. Rosa , Laguna.

At the entrance you will notice the lush greens and the vast variations of Herbs used for cooking and natural healing.

LAC FARMS is certified as the first and “ largest “ organic farm in the country. The farm adapted the organic way of farming meaning all the vegetables here are organically grown. You can also find various herbs, spices and medicinal plants grown here.

 Among the many medicinal herbs that occupies a big area of the farm is the "lagundi".

 And most of the lagundi leaves that are harvested are processed here and eventually packaged into bottles !

Upon arriving, for almost 3 ½ hour drive from Manila, we were given a welcome drink composed of Tanglad juice paired with Passion fruit. It tastes a bit weir for me because the taste of Tanglad reminds me of mosquito repellants. It’s the same smell with all the repellants out in the market. Along with the juice is Boiled Corn. All of these are grown in these farm.

After that welcome treat we were given a short trip of the farm wherein we were shown their vast collection of spices and herbs. I was so surprised because I thought I already knew all the medicinal herbs. But I was wrong, there’s still more contrary to what I have known in the past.
One of the medicinal plants that this farm boasts of is their vast plantation of lagundi. Lagundi is known to treat cough ailments.

Here in LAC Farms, Lagundi is organically grown along with other medicinal plants. To give you a brief background, Leonie Agri Corp., is tagged as “ cursed or barren Land”, It was established last Decmber 13, 2002 and was headed by LAC President and PASCUAL LAB Chief innovation Officer Engr.Jun Saret and LAC General Manager Andy Parnucho. With their painstaking efforts, this land transformed in a “Promised land”.

As I observed the place, It was so God-centered because each area in these farm were named after the Bible verses. And as we toured the farm, we saw vast plantations of Lagundi. Moms or Parents who will be buying ASCOF Lagundi, is assured that the farming processes used to cultivate Lagundi is safe . It is safe because they don't use harmful chemicals or pesticides on all their plants. All the used Lagundi leaves are utilized as compost or fertilizers for their plants.

Lac Farms also helps their partners, the Farmers by paying what they have planted and harvested. So I guess they only not make money from lagundi but they are been helping farmers make money.

I commend LAC Farms for initiating such campaigns and advocating living green. Although I'm not yet Going green, I am now actually giving it a thought. Going and living green will not only benefit me but also my family. The thought gave my mind a fresh breeze (literally).

A visit to LAC FARMS has made me thinking of living in the sub-urban province, where air is fresh and away from the chaotic MANILA.

For more updates on how to live GREEN, just like them on Facebook by clicking the link here or follow them on Twitter by clicking the link here.

To see how green is it to be in LAC FARMS , Photos of our trip are here. How I wish I was able to bring my eldest, who has asthma so that we could have smelled the fresh air together!

Thank ASCOF for inviting me and make me how is it to be an ASCOF NATURAL MOM

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