Monday, December 12, 2011

Beyond Yoga - Antigravity Preview

Got to see the Anti-Gravity Yoga when it was featured in a noon time show that made me curios to stop and watch a while.  Demonstrated by Christopher Harrison with the mission of  combining yoga, athletics and artistry into one, this gesture of some sort of acrobatic performance gained a following worldwide - 6,000 daily practitioner which is over 52 locations.

It is good to know that finally it is already here in the Philippines where Filipinos can get the Anti-Gravity Yoga program at Beyond Yoga located in Il Terrazo in Timog,Quezon City.

Heading off to the place, this new yoga fitness practice uses a hammock hung in the ceiling.  From there, one can perform different yoga poses while doing a trapeze around the silk cloth.  Seems easy because someone supports the whole body while doing some stretching.  Well, I hope so because I just watched then and happy doing those acrobat tricks.

Some of the featured yoga poses I saw were the cocoon wrapped up and tumbled down. Seemed like he was playing around doing this trick.  Do you think I can do this?

To try how it was done, he let a volunteer to take a demo each step of the way assisting her and up to the point of getting the same position. Benefits?  Back will be stretched-out and will alleviate some pressure.  Do not worry because it has this zero compression on the spine. Practicing this position will result the removal of the upper and lower back pain.  

 Overall, I saw the excitement with this kind of revolutionary fitness - healthy and graceful but most of all having fun!

Gym Location:
Beyond Yoga
3/F Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato Ave. corner Scout Madrinian Street, Quezon City
For more information, visit: 

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