Saturday, December 10, 2011

TOMS SHOES Gives back Through GIVE FAIR

This holiday season, TOMS is jazzing up its giving effort by holding a special fete to thank everyone who has supported the One for One movement over the years—the Give Fair.

With every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS will give a new pair to a child in need- this is what the One for One movement is all about. An initiative that started back in 2006, the One for One movement, helps communities by giving children shoes that they can use for daily activities including going to school. Over the years, the movement has helped put shoes on the feet of over 2 million underprivileged children across the globe—ensuring better protection against infections and diseases.

To thank consumers all over the country for their undying support of the One for One movement since 2006, TOMS has decided to hold the Give Fair—an all-day fete for the entire family.

“The ultimate reason for the Give Fair is to thank consumers for all their support of TOMS and the One for One movement,” shares Therese La O’ of the TOMS family. “But more than just that, we also hope to get more followers through this event. TOMS uses the purchasing power of people to help others who are in need. That is why getting the word out about the movement is very important; because it gives more people the chance to help others.”

An event that is heavily based upon the concept of giving in all aspects, the Give Fair allows everyone to celebrate the ideals of sharing and the holiday season by playing games, moving to the beat of easy-listening music, and of course enjoying treats courtesy of Krispy Kreme and Candy Corner. In addition to this, the event also serves as a good venue to let anyone’s inner artist surface by designing their TOMS shoes in the Style-Your-Sole section of the area.

More than just a celebration of the giving culture, the event also marks another milestone for the brand as it also serves as a kick-off for TOMS’ first pop-up store in the country. Making giving more accessible to everyone, the pop-up store will feature some of TOMS’ latest and most well-loved designs including its colorful Holiday Collection.

More photos are posted here.

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