Saturday, January 28, 2012

SUMOSAM Greenhills Town Center Launched New Bento Boxes!!!

One thing I love in being a blogger is being invited to new places which therefore gives me chance to get first dibs on the latest things about fashion, trends, food and restos!

Last January 21, 2012, I was among the other food bloggers luckily invited to the grand launch of SUMOSAM Gilmore . Being a newbie when it comes to food blogging, this has been one of the great experiences I am proud to have been part of.

Before the launch, I even research a bit about Sumosam. For most of us who are always attuned to to the food and restaurant scene, we all know that Marvin Agustin is one of the owners of SUMOSAM. With this particular fact, I am so excited because it has been one of my "dreams' to meet him in person and ask him a few questions about his success as a restaurateur.

But before anything else, let me start by sharing with you that SUMOSAM GTC is the first "Franchise-own" branch of SUMOSAM. This is owned by Ms.Angel Pelayo-Ty.

When visiting a place or restaurant I always check if they have nice interiors. In SUMOSAM, there are comfortable couches where you can sit with friends or family. It has warm lighting that can also mean you can eat your bento at peace. No offense meant, but there are restos which have guests that are too noisy, feeling that they are the only ones inside the resto. The feel inside the resto, most especially with the very accommodating staff that they have is that you are a v.i.p guest.

Now let me talk about their food...

SUMOSAM offers a vast and creative menu selection plus their new offering. Something wasn't yet in their menu list.

Let's welcome the, SUMOSAM'S BENTO BOXES!

Samurai's Choice Bento Php488
It consists of Chicken Teriyaki,Beef Misono (US Beef Knuckle),Dory Teppan& Salmon&Sashimi ,KaniStick, BeanSprout Yasai Itame,Gohan Dilis
True to its name, it can fit every samurai's hungry stomach.
This bento box is what I had during my first visit at SUMOSAM.

Tempura Bento
Consists of Ebi Tempura, Kisu Tempura, Dory Tempura, Vegie Kakiage, Tuna Sashimi, Gohan Dilis, Bean Sprout

  Tonkatsu, Grilled Salmon, Tuna & Salmon Sashimi, Gohan Dilis and Bean Sprout
 Katsudon (Pork Tenderloin), Tuna Sashimi, Gohan, Bean Sprout, Dilis

With Sumosam Seafood lovers is assured they will never ran out seafood dishes to choose from Seafood Teppan platter, Grilled unagi, Seafood Yakisoba and Salmon Tartar. While the Vegetarians won't have to worry because there's Tofu Steak and vegetable Kakiage.

And by the way those who do have their day-jobs and leave their offices late... guest are always welcome to have their late dinner too,may it be the bento boxes and their Ramen collection. And for those who just want to cap their night away, SUMOSAM have instant store promotions on their wines, sake, scotch and imported beers.

Meanwhile let me share some of my favorite photos I took at SUMOSAM GTC LAUNCH 

 IVAN MAYRINA hosted the event.

 Marvin Agustin was also there and and had a mini "MAKI-MAKING" demo.
Marvin Agustin co -owns SUMOSAM along with Ricky Laudico.

 Food Blogger Friends Aylin, Jayson, Cristelle and Rey.

So what are you waiting for, SUMOSAM GTC is located at Granada St. Brgy. Valencia (along Gilmore). Visit SUMOSAM for more of your Japanese food fare cravings.

For more updates, please like SUMOSAM on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter . Catch all the photos I took here.

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