Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Pizzas are one of our family’s favorite comfort food most especially my eldest son Lj, who can gobble one medium pizza by himself. 
So when I was invited by Domino’sPizza At the opening of its 5th branch at A.Venue  Mall Makati Ave., I knew I just have to be there. 
One thing good about Domino’s is that they have new and wide varieties of pizzas to offer every pizza lover.

Here's some of their Pizza favorites:
  • Cheese ( Creamy Mozarella Cheese) Regular/Xlarge (215/345)
  • White Pizza (Sicillian’s very own White sauce) Reg./XLarge (215/345)
  • Margherita ( A unique Blend of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese & basil) 
  • Potato Pizza ( a deliciously new way to enjoy potatoes. Your choice of crust with pizza sauce and mozarella cheese, then topped with bacon, potato wedges, onions mushroom, sweet corn and mayonnaise
  • Dominos' Deluxe ( combination of Italian sausage and Pepperoni, loaded with mushroom, green pepper, black olives and onions on top of Pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.
  Even my little boy was very fuss-free that night , wanted to have his photo holding his pizza. Just like him I'm excited too!!!

Now the areas near A.Venue Mall won't be having a hard time to satisfy their Domino's Pizza craving. And if you are going to treat your family for a pizza, take note that they also have the 2X TUE promo. Just buy any size of your favorite pizza and get one equal or less value for Free every Tuesdays only.

And for those who love their pizza with PASTA. Here's their list Pasta Varieties.

  • Creamy Alfredo Spaghetti (Php 99)
  • Buffalo Wings (6pcs) -Php225
  • Cheessy Bread Php 60
 Aside from their pizza offerings , why not visit Domino's Pizza A.Venue mall branch grab their items on their menu.

By the way they have other branches Marvin Plaza in Makati, Silver City in Ugong Pasig City, Molito in Muntinlupa and SM Center Las Pinas.

And their 30 minute guarantee applies here also .

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