Saturday, April 14, 2012

SM CITY SAN LAZARO 3-DAY SALE: Shop and win an iPHONE 4S!!!

This summer your activities may not only be limited to going out on a road trip or going to the beaches .  But for those who dread the outdoor activities and doesn’t like to do much strenuous activities this summer, my advice is check out the malls for activity.

I know everyone here will agree that it is “super-dupah” hot these days, and there are instances tha I would rather go to the mall to cool-up. You and your family can also do lots of things in the mall. You can hang-out and check the mall’s event and activities. Just like at SM CITY SAN LAZARO.

SM CITY SAN LAZARO started their hot “3-DAY SALE” last April 13,14 and 15, 2012. I went there on its 2nd day and yet it is only there that I discovered that SM Foodcourt offers a wide of meal selection. I usually shop first before checking the sale items at their SM DEPT. STORE. But this time, I wanted to do it the other way.

I love shopping when I’m with somebody, may it be with friends or family. Shopping is much better if done with people who share the same passion as yours. Just like we did at SM CITY SAN LAZARO . Me and my foodie buddies that day literally had succumbed into “FOOD COMA”. FOOD COMA happens when their so much food that you literally say that it’s like eating for the last time. I know I shouldn’t be complaining. With the sumptuous food right on our tables, you might wish you were also there with us.

 Thank you Lydia's Lechon, Oriental Bowl's, Inihaw Republic for the food. And of course I super love their 

After surviving “FOOD COMA”, I think it’s time for us to burn those calories. So me and my group decided to finally check out SM San Lazaro Dept. Store 3-Day Sale. It was my first to visit SM San Lazaro SM DEPT.STORE and I must say the shopping ambiance here is different. The shoppers here are a bit relaxed. When I say it was relaxed, everyone was not rushing to grab and get hold of everything. Everything is in its smooth phase. Maybe it helped that SM San Lazaro is known to be a community mall for those living near the area. The SM Dept. STORE may be full but you can feel there’s no need to rush things. Shopping here is definitely for those who wanted their shopping experience to be some sort of “retail Therapy”. I mean you can shop at your pace and just be relaxed.

SM San Lazaro really did make me smile. I’m a fan of bags so when I saw these cute and fancy bubble bags , I know I just have to find out how I can have those bags. It’s very easy just like any other SM MALLS, they wanted it to be easy for their customers.

You just have to:
-Buy at least Php3,000 worth of items at the SM DEPT.STORE.
-Only 1 single Php3,000 single receipt entitles you to have 1 Bubble bag. (Accumulated receipts are not accepted)
And for those who have an iPhone 4s, here’s your big chance to own one.
-Just purchased 1,000 pesos worth of items at SM DEPT. STORE .
-Go to the designated booths and present your Php1,000 worth receipt and fill up the stub and drop it at the  drop-box.

So for updates and the latest events at SM SAN LAZARO please like their page here.

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