Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SUMOSAM GATEWAY MALL opens it's 11th Branch !!!

I've been living in the Cubao area for almost 8 years. It may not be the most elite city there is here in the Philippines, but I really love residing here because.

  • It is practically located in the center of Metro Manila. It is almost near to everything. Most especially when LRT2 and MRT stations were built.
  • It's almost near to every establishment I want to go, like if I want to go to Gateway Mall, in as quick as ten minutes, I'M THERE!!!
And one of the many reasons also is that one of my favorite Japanese restaurant chain, SUMOSAM is now officially open!

A couple of months ago, they also opened their 10th branch at Gilmore Town Center and I never thought that it can be possibly be any much nearer to my area when they opened their 11th branch at Gateway Mall.

Now if I suddenly crave for their California Maki and healthy Milk Teas, me and my kids can quickly grab a bite and sip milk teas at SUMOSAM GATEWAY MALL.

There are now more ways for me and the kids to enjoy our ordinary Gateway Mall visits. Here are some of highlights of the SUMOSAM GATEWAY launch.

 The SUMOSAM Marketing family and the handsome restaurateur MARVIN AGUSTIN

These are the yummy Japanese food that I got to eat during the celebratory launch at SUMOSAM Gateway.


They say the food's yummier if the people you're eating with is the nicest bunch!

I even appreciated eating at SUMOSAM because this is the first time I didn't have to worry if my kids will like the food here. My eldest even loved the Maki! So I'm sure there will be more family bonding shared at the Japanese food fare that SUMOSAM is known for.

I known you would all like to see what happen at the launch, I compiled all the photos her at my page "LAKWATSERA MOM".

Don't fret as SUMOSAM might open branches near your place! So keep on posted on their Facebook page.

See you again on my next post, Guys!

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