Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Delfi Chocolates Flawlessly and Yummier!

Why are chocolates so succulently good? Because chocolates, to be very, very good, are supposed to be processed with perfection in mind and thus, there is no room for error. Everyone wants to eat chocolate so it has to be of excellent quality to be truly outstanding.

This is what Delfi, a top chocolate confectionery brand, always bears in mind in the manufacture of their world class-quality chocolates. Through meticulous research, including time-perfected recipes plus safe handling and processing of top-quality raw materials, Delfi is now able to make chocolates as perfect as possible to meet consumers’ discriminating demands.

To make everything perfect, Delfi, brought here in the Philippines by Delfi Foods, Inc., makes sure that the quality of each product that comes out of their factory is really top of the line. All necessary ingredients are infused on its products, like Goya and Knick Knacks, for example, and carefully handled to make them perfect in taste. “Aside from being an art, chocolate making is also a science. Precise timing and temperature of the cocoa is always carefully observed to make that signature Delfi taste in every Goya chocolate,” explains Nilo Chincuanco, General Manager of Delfi Foods, Inc.

The scientific side in making Goya involves putting up a dedicated team of product experts to oversee all chocolate-making activities and at the same time, rigorous safety and quality standards are met or even surpassed to make the perfect chocolate.

With the Delfi Quality Management System in place, plus globally recognized manufacturing standards like ISO 22000, HALAL certification, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as set by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), all products that roll out of its factory are of more-than-adequate quality and free from other food safety hazards in order to protect the consumer.

“The credibility of the brand is at stake here so we cannot let our guards down. We continually find ways, through painstaking research and development efforts, on how to make our chocolates perfectly delicious and yet absolutely safe,” says Chincuanco.

Surely, with the breadth of food quality certification standards they put in place, Delfi is still able to make their Goya products affordable for every Pinoy. “Though affordable, it is no excuse to sacrifice quality and food safety. These two are always on top of our minds and are always in place in the entire manufacturing process,” Chincuanco adds further.

There is no denying that the perfect chocolate is made out of thorough and careful research, the best ingredients available, and proper food manufacturing processes—and Delfi makes sure that their Goya and Knick Knacks products has them all to make perfectly delectable chocolates.

Wanting for that ideal and faultless chocolate? The next time you crave for superb-tasting and extraordinary chocolates, try Goya Chocolates that come in bars, bite sizes, panned, wafers and other products that are a perfect fit to the Filipino chocolate palate and of course, Knick Knacks. These premium-quality and affordable brands are what every chocolate-loving Filipino rightfully deserves—and should not miss.

So head off to the nearest major supermarkets, leading groceries and convenience stores nationwide—and even pharmacies, too, and heartily share those delightfully-tasting Goya and Knick Knacks chocolates with your family and friends. It’s the best way to spend any chocolate day.

Or be a Goyaholic. Join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GoyaChocoholics.

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As promised on my previous blog about the new Rexona Confidence Project Video Contest Winners, Iya and Anya, you could also gain as much confidence as they have if you watch their on-going month-long challenge, dubbed as the Rexona Confidence Project 30-Day Challenge.

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Then LIKE and SHARE  my blogpost on your wall and answer ( as comment on this blogpost )the question posted about the video challenge of Iya and Anya below:



Now if you are Iya and Any, how will you do the challenge with more confidence"?

I know you all are excited to share your confident and challenging answers so hope to see yours in the comment section below!

Remember please comment with your answers with these format : ANSWER/ Link of Shared Blogpost/Name/Email/ContactNumber

Happy Watching!!! 

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BananaLeaf: An Asian Tour in One Sitting

​The food of South East Asia is perhaps one of the tastiest in the world. It is sweet, tangy, and spicy all at the same time, it’s a beautiful burst of flavors. One could truly say that the richness of the Asian tradition can be found in it’s food because it’s a mixture of different influences from India, China and Europe adopted by each country to create that unique taste.
​South East Asian Food can never be bland because Asia is where the Europeans discovered spices. The common thread that binds South East Asian Food is the ingredients which are mainly coconut milk, lemon grass, sugar, basil, fish paste and chili. And if you’d like to have this wonderful experience in one sitting, only one restaurant fits the bill, Banana Leaf.
​A classic Banana Leaf dinner will start with Roti Canai from Malaysia dipped in either curry sauce or condensed milk. For the main dish you can have Hainanese Chicken from Singapore, Thai Green Curry Chicken and Vietnamese Fried Rice. They offer the best Asian food prepared true to it’s tradition. This is the exact Tom Yum Soup or Pad Thai that you fell in love with in Thailand. The Roti, Satay, Char Kuay Teow that you wanted to go back to in Malaysia. The Chili Crab and Laksa that you can’t have enough of in Singapore. The spring rolls of Vietnam that makes you crave for more. The Sambal and Goreng in Indonesia that you can’t forget.
​And when Banana Leaf says authentic it means business because the main ingredients are sourced from their country of origin and prepared by Asian chefs in all branches day in and day out. Other restaurant will just hire Asian chefs to standardize their menu but Banana Leaf makes a big investment with their expat chef who makes sure that every visit at any branch will give that unique South East Asian dining experience.
​No wonder it has become a restaurant of choice among Asian expats and Pinoy travelers who have fallen in love with Asian food. They have curved a niche in the market and is now the leading and perhaps still the only restaurant that offers traditional Asian food. Banana Leaf has also managed to stay in the list of Philippine Tatler’s Philippines Best Restaurant from 2004-2011.
​The dining experience at Banana Leaf is a treat not just for the food but also for its interiors. There are intricate wood designs that is uniquely Asian and of course literally eating on a Banana Leaf signals that this will be one great eating adventure.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Movies2Watch: The Bourne Legacy: Rachel Weiss Speaks

When moviegoers see a seemingly terrified Rachel Weisz in the action-filled movie “The Bourne Legacy” with lead star Jeremy Renner, they will realize it was not just acting. Rachel Weisz herself reveals that she will never forget the stunts that were mostly done by Renner and herself in Manila.

“The stunts were the challenge. There are a lot in the film. In Manila, we have this huge chase scene on a motorcycle and Jeremy and I did most of it. We drove through that city and jumped over bridges and crashed into buses,” said Weisz in an e-mailed statement sent through United International Pictures.

When interviewed and asked about her own ‘legacy’, she replied, “Beyond my child, I cannot think of anything. I am sure there will be some movies on DVD that might be a ‘legacy.’ Hopefully my carbon footprint won’t be too big.” Weisz also remembered the park in San Andres, Manila that she sponsored for the children there to have fun in. She reminisced, “We filmed in a disadvantaged area of Manila and I funded a playground for the kids there. They had no resources there to do it themselves. I actually wanted to call it ‘The Bourne Legacy’, but we couldn’t for legal reasons. Is that a legacy?”

Rachel Weisz admits she was really terrified making the “Bourne Legacy” chase sequence in Manila. She said, “I just had to hold on [tight]. I don’t drive. It was terrifying.”

The 42-year-old actress revealed that she and Renner made 99 percent of the stunts. Weisz continued, “I would say about 99 percent of the time Jeremy and I were doing the stunts. Jeremy is a really good rider. He is just very physically adept at stunts. He is agile and fluid and beautiful to watch. I felt safe with him. We practiced for a couple of weeks in a big parking lot.”

During the shoot, the actress felt the very physical demands of the stunts. Rachel said, “ You need a lot of takes and your body starts to rebel. You do get some aches and pains. I did something to my elbow while we were running through the streets of Manila. I jammed it and it still sort of hurts. Sometimes you have to look completely desperate and after take thirty, you don’t have to act anymore because you are feeling that way.”

Weisz described the realistic events in the movie. Rachel commented, “Sometimes when you watch a film, you see action scenes and car crashes and you just know it is fake. Here we are on the streets of Manila, on this bike, going fast. Audiences can see that this was really happening.”

Weisz finally describes her character in the film, “My role was a realistic journey about someone who has never had to fight for her life. Marta has always been in a lab doing things with test tubes and she suddenly has to learn to fight. She is not a super hero. She is a real person who has to fight for her life.”

While filming “The Bourne Legacy” in Manila, Weisz’s hubby Daniel Craig, who played the famous Agent 007 James Bond in a couple of movies, visited her. Weisz said that she prudently divorces her career and her personal life to obtain balance in her life. She said further, “I see them (family and career) as two separate things. I cannot say that I am not a celebrity at this point. That would be silly. Of course it is difficult, but it is difficult for any working mother. All moms face the challenge. I am lucky that I work extensively and then I am off. Some moms work all day and they get home late and have to be a mom.”

“The Bourne Legacy” has stars Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weiss , Edward Norton and some local talents, to include Joel Torre and Lou Veloso. It is distributed by United International Pictures thru Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing at your favorite theaters on August 8, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Movies2Watch: The HEALING Gov.Vi's Newest Horrror Flick

Today the much awaited horror film of the year is finally open! The Healing which stars , the “Star for All Seasons” – Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto, Kim Chiu and Pokwang and directed by famed director, Chito Rono

After a decade, highly acclaimed-director Direk Chito and Ate Vi is back to offer another unforgettable horror experience.

The Healing is a screenplay written by renowned writer, Roy Iglesias.  As Governor Vi narrates,” The Healing is a totally a new brand of suspense-horror that will surely make a mark in the Philippine horror cinema. Stories about the Filipino tradition of going to faith healers for guidance and treatment of ailments have not yet been tackled in-depth in movies. And in our film, the viewers will not just be horrified, they’ll be somehow challenged to think as how faith healing has already been part of our culture."

This movie is very special as it also marks Gov. Vi’s 50th Anniversary in showbiz. During the bloggers conference, Gov. Vi shares that she specifically requested for this movie, and to attest to this, Direk Chito said that “The Healing” is tailor-made just for  “The Star-for-All-Seasons”.

“The Healing” not only boosts of its content but also the powerhouse casts that it has! Star Cinema also gathered Kim Chui, Janice de Belen, Mark Gil,Pokwang, Martin del Rosario, Allan Paule, Cris Villanueva, Daria Ramirez, Ces Quesada, Ynez Veneracion, Simon Ibarra, Abi Bautista and Joel Torre. The line-up of casting proves that the movie bridges the gap of generation  with the varied participation of the other actors in the movie. 

I am excited to see this movie also because this is my first time to see Kim Chiu in a Horror genre-film. I would like to see how flexible she is with a different genre this time.

The Healing has been the first movie given by the Cinema Evaluation Board with two kinds of rating. The first one is with R-13 and R-18 Director’s Cut. So don’t be confused if you get to see two ratings once you troop to the nearest cinema near you!

The Healing is now open in 100 cinemas nationwide. Be sure to watch it with a companion! 

For more updates about the movie, “ The Healing” , just visit their website through www.StarCinema.com.ph or like the movie’s official page, www.facebook.com/The HealingFilm  , www.Facebook.com /StarCinema ad follow them on www.twitter.com/StarCinema

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movies2Watch: The Dictator

Verbally sparring during improvised scenes with Sacha Baron Cohen is a nerve wracking, unpredictable, exciting and, ultimately, a highly rewarding experience, says Anna Faris.

The talented actress admits that she didn’t quite know what to expect when she signed up to star alongside the man she regards as comedic ‘genius’ in The Dictator.

“I’d met Sacha a couple of times at parties, but it was so brief and I never really knew what to make of him... but then they asked me to come in and meet him for The Dictator,” she says. “The whole project was top secret and nobody really knew anything about it.

“I was terrified, really nervous, because he’s so good, he’s a genius, and you want to step up to the plate. And so we met and we ended up doing some of the scenes, all improvisation.

“The director gave us some loose scenarios and we started playing around. I think, about three months later, I actually got the role. And as you can imagine, I was very, very happy to be a part of it.”

On set too, Baron Cohen loves to improvise during scenes and he expects his fellow actors to do the same – riffing on the loose outlines for each scenario given in the script.

“We did a ton of improvisation,” she says. “There was a script and I would say that about 10 per cent of the time, we followed the script.

“And we had the writers behind the monitors, throwing out lines to us all of the time – different jokes, different ideas. And Sacha is a genius at improve, so the challenge as an actor when you are in those scenes is to stay on your toes.

“You have to step up to the plate and be able to play with them. It was really rewarding in that way.”

Award-winning writer/performer/filmmaker Sacha Baron Cohen has made a living out of culture clash. Whether as a British Jamaican-wannabe rapper slash chat show host, a somewhat naïve Kazakhstani television reporter or an out and relatively out there Austrian fashionista, Baron Cohen is in the business of finding humor and revelation in the often uncomfortable collision of vastly differing viewpoints and lifestyles. His stupendously and deservedly popular British television series made its wildfire way to the British movie screen. His subsequent and unstoppable transition to Hollywood was made in a film helmed by director Larry Charles, who again collaborated with Baron Cohen on his follow-up project (and now, once again, with The Dictator). Larry Charles comments, “When we did Brüno, we were shocked because we had thought that after Borat, we’d never get away with it again.“

Going in with the character of General Aladeen, however, was to be a different experience, and the ‘real’ world was to be replaced with a facsimile of a real, scripted world—however, just outside of the borders of this fictitious North African country, a real world waits…

Production of The Dictator began in Brooklyn, New York, in June of 2011. For the next three months the company visited four of New York’s five boroughs, setting down in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. The task of finding the various locations fell to production designer Victor Kempster and location manager Kip Myers.​

Says Myers, “This particular film had a lot of locations already written into the script: the United Nations, a zoo, Fifth Avenue. But the idea of creating Wadiya in New York presented more of a puzzle.”

And the tone of the film was very interesting, in that it was a funny political satire making use of all of his skills as a comedian,” continues production designer, Victor Kempster. “But it also had a nice story and a rather graceful way to handle the comedy of it. In a way, there is a little bit of an old-fashioned story, but so up-to-the-minute, a fish-out-of-water. You have this completely insane character, whose relationship with the real world makes no sense. He’s a complete narcissist and very bizarre. Then he’s brought to New York, and he winds up in a totally unfamiliar world.”

Paramount Pictures Presents A Four By Two Films / Berg Mandel Schaffer / Scott Rudin Production: Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley star in The Dictator. The music is by Erran Baron Cohen. The costume designer is Jeffrey Kurland.

“The Dictator” rated R by the MPAA is distributed locally by United International Pictures thru Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing at your favorite theaters on July 25.

Friday, July 20, 2012

MAX'S MERIENDA MIXES Now Available for Php95 only!

We Filipinos are known to have that passion when it comes to Food. Our love for yummy food even extends to having an early merienda before and after lunch.

In Argentina it is called tea time,in the North American countries- "Second Breakfast", In Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, it is known as berenar o 'bereneta' in Catalan,'Bereneta' is mainly used in Menorca, Croatia it is called marenda, a meal eaten between breakfast and lunch, sually it is a light snack, like sandwiches or toast, eaten during work break and here in our very own country; we Filipinos call it Merienda (refers to light meals or brunch).

Merienda has been in our history since way back when the Spaniards conquered our country. So it'll be a big question if we don't indulge in a merienda in a day.

Who likes Max's Corner Bakery and Max's Merienda favorites? I can literally see all of you raising your hands up. Of course who wouldn't ?

Max’s Corner Bakery boasts of a rich and colorful history that dates back to the 1960’s when its founder Ruby Trota baked the first batch of soft bread rolls using wood-fired oven. It instantly captured the hearts of Filipino customers dining at Max’s, a flourishing restaurant at that time. Eventually, Max’s Corner Bakery diversified to other delectable baked goodies that became customer favorites - from breads, to pastries and cakes, to the Filipino’s favorite Caramel Bar, soft, chewy and irresistibly sweet.

For those who both love the food items from Max's Corner Bakery and Max's Merienda items and always having a hard time contemplating what to have during merienda, here's to Max's Restaurant as they have an answer to that.

Max's now launches MERIENDA MIXES. Merienda Mixes is a Php95 peso promo wherein you can choose items from Max's Merienda items (like Pancit Luglug (plain), Pancit Canton (small) or a petite bowl of triple-chocolate Champorado) and Max's Corner Bakery (like the freshly-baked Ensaimada, topped with creamy butter, sugar and grated cheese; the melt-in-your mouth Cheese Roll; or a luscious slice of Cake Roll with their choice of yummy icing filling - chocolate, mocha, ube, mango and jelly) plus you can choose from a Pepsi drink, cool glass of Sago't Gulaman or a freshly brewed coffee. 

Wow! just writing these words are making drool all over! Now you can troop to your nearest Max's Restaurant and bring your friends and family and enjoy a sumptuous merienda like no other and avail as well of the free-wifi and upload those memories online and share those memories coupled over a sweet-satisfying merienda at Max's. Anopther plus is enjoying an all-Filipino merienda treat in a restaurant-type ambiance that Max's is known for

Now I have an idea where i can bring my two boys after school and will treat them to a sumptuous merienda treat with out minding if I will be stashing my wallet too much.

For more merienda ideas and what to match for your merienda time , visit Max's Facebook page here at Visit www.facebook.com/maxsrestaurant and www.facebook.com/maxscornerbakery.

  I know it's raining bigtime just as I post this but I have no worries if I suddenly crave for Max's Merienda Mixes because they're a call away (dial 7-9000 for Max's Hotline)  or for the techie-me , you can order via online at www.maxschicken.com.

JOLLITOWN Season 5 is Now Back with Crytals of Values!!!

I’m a big fan of Jollibee ever since I was kid. After going to church every Sunday, we would troop to the nearest mall and eat our lunch at Jollibee.  Our Sunday lunch is never complete without tucking my mom’s skirt and beg her to buy me Jollibee toys.  Before it wasn’t called Happy Meal yet, Until in the late 90’s. Too bad my collection of Jollibee toys is now incomplete because around year 2002 we have to transfer to a new house and unconsciously never get to guard the toys when some family friends helped in the transfer.

 These are the remnants of what's left of my Jollibee collectible's when I was a kid (My bro has also his own collection)

Now that I am a mom myself, I would always share with my two boys that Jollibee was my best friend. They only knew about Jollibee when they watch the previous seasons of Jollibee in another TV network. Otherwise they only have encounters with Jollibee during birthday celebrations of a family friend’s daughter or son and etc.

And today JOLLITOWN Season 5 (July 14,2012) announced in through a special screening of its pilot episodes to its dear media and blogger friends  that its season 5 will be airing at ABS-CBN Channel2  starting July 22, 2012 (Sunday) at 9:00am.

Jollitown Season 5  will again open its magical neighbourhood through the show and will be promising new and exciting adventures with our beloved Jollitown characters like Jollibee, Yum, Popo, Hetty, and Twirlie.The rest of the gang will be in search of Crystal of Values. The show in its season 5 aims to teach young children (and even the not-so-old kiddos) the importance of Filipino values like Bravery, Love for environment and sweetness

It’s nice to know there are still shows like this because with the emergence of technology more children are now more hook on games through pc thus making them watch less. And if they watch TV, they seem to watch shows which are not really that kid-friendly so Jollibee made a good move of creating Jollitown’s Season 5.  Now more children will get hook on watching such character-building show like Jollitown. . It is more important for me that my kids watch tv shows that will teach them values because as they grow they will bring it with them. Unlike if I allow them to play too much on the computer, it is just the motor skills that develop. Watching TV shows like these, makes them miss on how they can learn by listening, and grasping what is the right thing to do on certain situations.

At the launch media guests and their kids were treated to a day of fun island-hopping and fun expeditions. The kids had fun joining the onstage games. Even the games, incorporated the Filipino values that Jollibee wants the kids to learn. Even my kids enjoyed the event, although my shy little boy decided to just eat and be on the sidelines because he was too shy to join the games. But it came as a surprise to me when the photo-ops with Jollibee and the rest of the gang came, he hurriedly join the rest of the kids; without me persuading him. It just goes out to show just how charismatic Jollibee can be to kids.
Before the fun games, they first had the special screening of the pilot episode and kids were watching intently.

The plot of the new season is like these:

The villainous Virus ELVIRA has gotten hold of the precious CRYSTALS of VALUES, putting the values of the universe in danger. Now Jollibee and friends will search and bring back them into safety before Elvira destroys them. The journey of Jollibee and friends will take us to the Philippines most beautiful provinces that embody the different values represented by the crystals.

The festive mood of the event was also complimented by the “Langhap-Sarap” favourites from Jollibee.
According to INNA Gimenez, Jollibee’s Senior Brand Manager, ” Jollitown has always been about imparting values to the kids and educating them in the most fun, exciting way. This season, we’re proud to showcase the best of the Philippines-our rich culture, colourful history, and the values that make us a cut above the rest,” 
So starting July 22, your kids can start the habit of watching JOLLITOWN SEASON 5 every 9:00am.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

GMA’ New Showbiz-Magazine Show H.O.T. TV Revealed

Beginning August 5, GMA Network will air its new showbiz-magazine program H.O.T. TV, which stands for “Hindi Ordinaryong Tsismis TV,” replacing the showbiz-oriented talk show Showbiz Central.

H.O.T. TV will be hosted by Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Protégé mentor and veteran comedian-host Roderick Paulate, and two of the current Showbiz Central hosts Raymond Gutierrez and Jennylyn Mercado.

The new show’s format is different from Showbiz Central’s in that it will feature not only showbiz-related news but also human interest stories and extraordinary feats of ordinary people.

“Matagal po akong hindi nakagagawa ng ganitong show at I’m very excited na magawa itong H.O.T. TV. Magugustuhan niyo po to. Hindi ito yung karaniwan na lagi niyo nalang napapanood na tsismisan nalang nang tsismisan, no, may laman po ito. Siyempre pag sumali po ako gusto ko ay may maibibigay kami sa inyo, may matututunan din kayo at may mga bago kayong malalaman,” said Roderick.

Raymond Gutierrez, on the other hand, said that this is a new thing for him as a long-time host of a showbiz program since the new program covers a wider range of topics/subjects to be featured, not just entertainment.

“Kakaiba ‘to dahil hindi lang puro showbiz ang pag-uusapan namin, of course meron pa rin kaming entertainment news, aside from that lahat rin ng uso pag-uusapan dito,” he said.

H.O.T. TV premieres August 5 after Together Forever on GMA-7.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Las Piñas Celebrates 7th Water Lily

Now on its 7th year, the Las Piñas Water Lily Festival has never been more popular. Thanks to the attention gained by the livelihood enterprises including the Water Hyacinth Basket Weaving Enterprise of the Villar Foundation led by its Managing Director, Cynthia Villar, Former Representative of Las Piñas.

​According to Villar, the Water Lily Festival was really conceptualized in order to highlight the products made out of water lilies, which were treated as aquatic pests before as they used to clog the Las Piñas River, but are now useful raw materials.

​“Through this festival, we are able to help the water lily weavers to market their products by showcasing them throughout the day-long festival, from the beautiful gowns of the contestants in the Miss Water Lily and the costumes of the street dancers to the decorations of the boats in the fluvial parade,” said Villar, whose name has become synonymous with water lilies and green social enterprises.

The Water Lily festival aims to promote the water hyacinth-based livelihood enterprise. To clear the Las Piñas River of water lilies, residents harvest them and dry the stalks, which become the raw material for producing baskets, trays, slippers, and other functional and ornamental items.

The festival not only promotes Las Piñas as a city and draws the attention of the people to our environmental and livelihood programs. “We are proud of the barangay-based livelihood projects that we have created, the raw materials of which all come from wastes. We have employed more than 500 families in our livelihood centers,” cited Mrs. Villar.

​The highlight of the annual festival is the search for the year’s Miss Las Piñas Water Lily, a pre-pageant was held on Tuesday (July 17) and the winner will be crowned on the festival day itself. Each of the 20 barangays of Las Piñas fielded its own candidate and the gowns were created by known designers such Noli Hans as well as the barangay residents themselves.

​Las Piñas Representative Mark Villar said during the pre-pageat event: “The contestants at the Miss Las Piñas Water Lily pageant prove that Las Piñeras are truly beautiful. The reigning Miss World 2012, Queenierich Rehman is from Las Piñas. On top of that, we also show that we are environmentally responsible citizens. For one, we have made something beautiful out of water lilies, otherwise treated as wastes.”

​The winners of Miss Las Piñas Water Lily become ambassadresses of the city and will represent the beauty of the city as well as its environmental and livelihood programs such as the United Nations (UN) award-winning river rehabilitation or Sagip Ilog program—a brainchild of Mrs. Villar.

​Other highlights of the 7th Water Lily Festival are fluvial parade, street dancing, musical performances from Manunugtog Kawayan and other local bands, water lily weaving demonstrations and of course, a display exhibit of various handicrafts made out of water lilies. ###

Monday, July 16, 2012

LUMINOUS PATCH: The New and "Luminous" Way to Fight Anti-Aging

Want to have “LUMINOUS” and whiter skin? Being Luminous and whiter is not enough. There’s a new revolutionary anti-aging and whitening system that will change your skin care regimen.

Contest Alert!!! Join and Watch Rexona Confidence 30-Day Challenge by Iya and Anya and Win 1K worth of Rexona Products

After weeks of searching Rexona Confidence has now found two promising young women who be most embody the REXONA Confidence.

The winners are Anya Ong (22y/o) and Iya Acuna (22y/o), both former cheerleaders way back in college and bestfriends up to this moment. Before becoming winners,Iya nd Anya were among the hundreds who joined the Rexona Confidence Project Video Contest.

And as winners, Iya and Anya has started their 30-day confidence Challenge when it started last July 2, 2012 and will end on August 1, 2012. Iya and Anya's exciting daily adventures will be uploaded everyday to Rexona's YouTube channel for you guys to watch.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Watch For PROTEGE':The Battle for the Big Artista Break

Last Sunday, July 8, the five mentors of GMA's upcoming artista search, "Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break" held their final selection of proteges from among those shortlisted during a series of nationwide auditions held in 15 cities all over the country and online via GMANetwork.com/protege.

After several weeks of scouring Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao for potential stars, the five mentors in the search – Roderick Paulate, Gina Alajar, Jolina Magdangal, Ricky Davao and Phillip Salvador – finally trimmed down their lists of potential proteges to just four: two male and two female proteges.

Bloggers also had a chance to interview Gina Alajar who said that she was a little bit nervous considering that she will be competing with fellow high-caliber actor/mentors.
Director Bert de Leon, comedian Joey de Leon, seasoned actress Cherie Gil and GMA top honcho Anna Teresa Gozon-Abrogar are the judges who will scrutinize the performance of each protege (and mentor) during the live galas.

Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break officially begins on July 23 with a daily update dubbed "Inside Protege" hosted by Jennylyn Mercado, with webisodes hosted by Maxene Magalona.

The first weekly gala night of the search will air on August 5 (Sunday), hosted by Dingdong Dantes and Carla Abellana.

Planet Earth Airs on GMA News TV

With a production budget of 25 million US dollars, shot over 2,000 days in the field, using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations, BBC’s groundbreaking Planet Earth series celebrates our world as never before.

GMA News TV brings the award-winning series – the biggest the BBC’s Natural History Unit has ever produced -- to Philippine audiences this July.

Planet Earth was the first natural history series to be filmed entirely in high definition, providing an unparalleled view of awe-inspiring landscapes from across the globe and incredible footage of the rarely spotted, almost mythical creatures that live in these habitats. The world’s premier wildlife cameramen travelled all over the planet, even to the most far-flung reaches, to put the series together.
Planet Earth explores the world’s greatest rivers and vast deserts, the hottest jungles, the hidden world of caves and caverns and the mightiest mountains – providing a definitive, awe-inspiring look at the diversity of our planet.

Narrated in Filipino by GMA News TV anchor Raffy Tima, the Planet Earth series premieres on GMA News TV Channel 11 this July 7, Saturday at 9:55 PM with the episode entitled "From Pole to Pole". It is part of the news channel's continuing advocacy to deliver educational programming to Philippine audiences.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lakwatsera Mom's Blogversary Giveaway: Win Norton 360 All-In-One Security Antivirus!!!

July is the blogversary month of my blog and now that is July itself, I wanna giveaway these 3 Norton All-in-One Security Anti-Virus to 3 lucky friends/readers of my blog.

An ANTI-VIRUS is very important to any computer or laptop user since it is the one responsible in protecting your computer or laptop. It serves as shield from possible virus that we may encounter the World Wide Web.

I won't prolong this anymore. Let's do this sweet and "EASY". Here's how you could win.

1.) Like first the FB Fanpage of  LAKWATSERA MOM and My Blissful Journey.
2.) Post on your wall this status message " Join and Win Norton 360 All-in-One Security Ver.5.0by Liking @(tag ) Lakwatsera Mom and @ (tag) My Blissful Journey  then tag 3 of your friends.

example: "Join and Win Norton 360 All-in-One Security Ver.5.0 by liking @Lakwatsera Mom and My Blissful Journey @Latrell Joseph Halabaso, @Zeus Halabaso, @Emmanuel Halabaso.

3.) Post as comment the link of your status message.

4.)Bonus : You get to earn another entry if you answer this question.


Why is Norton 360 All-in-One Security Ver.5.0 the best anti-virus that can protect your pc?

 Answer by commenting your NAME/EMAIL/Contact no. through the comment section of this blogpost.

-This Giveaway is open to Philippine residents (as long as you can meet me so I can give you the prize, or you have a representative that can meet me ). For example if the winner is from the province , you should have a representative here in the Metro Manila who can receive the prize through meet-up. Meet- up is in Q.C

Please spread the word I'll be giving more prizes after this giveaway just to show much I'm thankful to my friends and readers!

Giveaway Starts now July14- July 22, 2012  6pm. Entries after July 22,2012 of 6pm will not be accepted. Winners will be announce here on my blog Tuesday July 24, 2012 So STAY TUNED!

I am updating this post to announced the winner with the BEST Comment/Answer. Don't be sad as I will be raffling two winners of this anti-virus in the next days , so keep posted!

And the winner for the best comment is ........................... MATTHEW PUA ! To the winner , please email me your details at Janesehalabaso@gmail.com .

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Have you ever been to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia or Vietnam? Well if not, you're not alone! But here's a chance for us to even savor the yummy dishes that those 4 Asian countries has to serve.

Last July2, 2012, I was among a group food bloggers who were invited to taste their month-long celebration of Oriental Flavors that's uniquely Marriot.

I was able to meet 4 amazing Chefs namely: Renaissance Kuala Lumpur's RUHIZAD MURI, JW Marriot Jakarta's DADANG WAHYUDI, Renaissance Riverside Saigon's PHAN TIEN HOA and JW Marriot Bangkok's THANTORN KROBSUAY.

At first look, you wouldn't think that they are chefs from our neighboring countries. They all look like Filipinos too. I wouldn't keep the surprise anymore. Here's the 4 masterpiece dishes that the chefs had prepared that night.

Cha'Gio (Fried Spring Roll)
Chef Phan Tien Hoa

Green Papaya Salad 

Aneka Sate
Assorted Satayy

Surprisingly for me, I didn't had that hesitation to taste and eat these 4 amazing Asian Flavors. Whenever I eat at fine at dining restaurants, the first thing that I will ask if they are edible? I mean sometimes a dish created is too pretty to eat. But this time, albeit the long travel just to get to Marriot Manila , Those second thoughts just banished as soon as a saw these yummy dishes prepared by Marriot Manila' guest chefs.

Dining at a 5-Star rated Hotel like Marriot Manila is never complete with guests bloggers like these awesome people:

It was nice seeing again Ana Gonzales of www.ANAGON.com 

and her other Fashion Blogger friends

Top Photo fr. L-R: Aisa Aipac, Ana Gonzales , (Me) and Lush Angel

Time for DESSERTS! 
We ate at Marriot Cafe! And Boy do they serve very delectable desserts. I was in "AWE" all the time.
But the winner for me is their "GELATO", which I topped with Mocha Beans! Yum!Yum!

Dining at Marriot Cafe spells "ELEGANCE" too! Did I mention that eating at their very own Marriot Cafe also compliments their Dining interiors. Very minimalist but with an impact!

So if you and your friends plans to have a taste of 'something" Truly "Asian", make a reservation at Marriot Cafe and for only Php2,300 net from Sunday-Thursday, avail of their "Flavors of Asia".                                                                                                                                    

Hotel: Marriot Manila
Restaurant :  Marriot Cafe', 
Feast Available: Flavors of Asia
Net Amount/person: Sunday-Thursday: Php2,300
                                             Friday and Saturday: Php2,500

Friday, July 6, 2012

Black Canyon Coffee Philipinnes: Available On Earth

Thailand is one of the Asian countries that I want to visit, if I am given the chance to go on  an Asian tour.


Not just because Bangkok is its capital city, where pretty and beautifully exported fabrics and textile can be found and with almost 76 provinces that one can visit and a rich cultural heritage, what else is there to look forward when you visit Thailand?

Of course, as we all know Thai Cuisine is known for its 5 Blended Fundamental flavors/taste: SWEET, SPICY, BITTER, SOUR and SALTY=Thai Cuisine! And aside from incorporating those 5 taste, Thai cuisine is also known for using ingredients like Lime Juice , Garlic, Chilis, Lemon Grass, and Fish sauce.

Thai cuisine is not a  dish if you don't consider having rice in between bites of your Thai food fare.

And great thing is , there's a new and upcoming cafe/restaurant that is making waves and also being talked about by Foodies. And how does it connect with Thailand? My new coffee + Thai food discovery = BLACK CANYON COFFEE is a successful Thailand franchise with over 220 branches in Thailand alone and with various branches locations in Asia.

As Black Canyon Coffee takes pride in their very strict and quality of food, Black Canyon Coffee has open its first Philippine franchise at Black canyon SM Southmall.

Oh how I envy peeps who are living down south because they can now enjoy the yummy coffee and Dishes that That Black Canyon is known for.

As I observed, their interiors are of "woodish" presentation. Just perfect for people who want to have a cup of coffee or chill after a day's work. It is very spacious enough that there's added seating capacity right at the back of the store.

I'm not a fan of Thai Food, but Black Canyon's Green Curry changed my mind. It has the right spiciness with a bit of sour taste that is right to my palate. Black Canyon Coffee boasts of their yummy Thai dishes with the Their "award-winning" PHAD THAI.

From L-R: Top: Phad Thai -Thai Style Fried Noodles with Prawns (Php168), Fried Sesame Pork Strips (Php 146), Bottom L-R: Fried Prawns with Tamarind Sauce (Php188), and the
 famous Tom Yum Goong (Php192)
 These are just one of the so varied line of menu for Black Canyon. And don't forget to spot any staff that has Thai distinction, If you do, don't be in shock because they really are from Thailand. They are here to guide and train fellow Filipinos.

Well guess who enjoyed our BLACK CANYON COFFEE visit at SM SOUTHMALL? Yes that was my youngest son, Zeus, he accompanied mommy and this is the first time he didn't had any tantrums, and that's because he's all-smiles with his Mocha Glacier Frappe! And what surprised me is that he actually liked the Fried Sesame Pork Strips.

 What do I like between the two? Green Curry or Tom Yum? The GREEN CURRY won my heart. So the next time I'll be eating it , I'll order a cup of rice! At first, the Green Curry looks unappealing, but you got try it and say that I'm telling you the truth. Foodies and Coffee fanatics will agree with me that  Black Canyon is one of the Best Coffee/Resto owner/

I'll come back real soon and bring my whole family. Though its kind of far from where I live , I'm pretty sure that BLACK CANYON COFFEE will compensate the travel time.

Follow Black Canyon Coffee Philippines at www.twitter.com/BCCph

 Thin Roof and Mocha Overload
Don't be surprise if they charge and give you more excuses to comeback

Thin Roof

And aside from their yummy Thai Dishes, something to look forward to are their desserts too! Their dessert prices ranges from Php50-100 only. Imagine with a very comfy ambiance and interiors and yet their prices are within reach.

 The sofa in soft touch of green  or lime color gave the Black Canyon Coffee a relaxing mode and feel.

With over 40 specialty beverages and Thai dishes and not to mention the DESSERTS are just right for someone who loves to eat try different cuisines!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Catch 4 Kapuso Stars in MEGA MAGAZINE JULY ISSUE!

Not one but four GMA Network rising stars grace the cover of the July 2012 issue of MEGA Magazine, which is now available in stores nationwide.
Dramatic actresses Kris Bernal, Sarah Lahbati and Bela Padilla, and new primetime leading man Alden Richards join the ranks of select celebrities who were given the chance to appear on the glossy magazine’s cover.

In the said issue, Kris, Sarah, Bela and Alden tell their discovery stories: how they made their way into show business and how they have kept a constant and huge following.

Kris Bernal
Like many Kapuso stars, Kris Bernal was a product of the talent search StarStruck.  She joined the search in 2006 and since then, she has come a long way in her showbiz career.  Among her previous roles, the one she portrayed in the “danceserye” Time of My Life was her most memorable.  In her interview with MEGA magazine, she reasoned, “Doon ko nararamdaman na sobra akong na-challenge sa role.  Kailangan kong sumayaw at umarte.”

Kris has always been known as a young drama actress, but the bubbly side of her wants her to try romantic comedy or “romcom.”  Whatever genre she wants to try her hands into, Kris Bernal will surely be able to carry it out.

Sarah Lahbati
Sarah Lahbati has the looks of an angel: soft, lovely and naturally blooming.  This and her natural acting talent caught the attention of the public when the teenager joined StarStruck in 2009.  After StarStruck, various projects started to come her way beginning with supporting roles.  After playing the lead role in the afternoon series Kokak, Sarah successfully invaded the strictly exclusive domain of primetime TV working alongside equally talented actors Richard Gutierrez and Carla Abellana in the series Makapiling Kang Muli.

Bela Padilla
She may be one of the most hated characters in her TV soaps, but deep inside, Bela Padilla has a heart of gold.  Her convincing portrayals of kontrabida roles usually mask her real personality: quiet, conservative and kind-hearted.  In her interview with MEGA magazine, Bela said that she wants to always keep “an air of mystery” around her and that while young, she wants to try a lot of things because she’s not going to get this time of her life again.

Bela Padilla currently stars as Kris Bernal’s antagonist in the afternoon series Hiram na Puso.

Alden Richards
When Alden Richards first tried to enter show business in 2009 via StarStruck, he failed.  A year later, he landed a prominent role in the afternoon series “Alakdana” in 2010, a lead role in the Yam Laranas horror film “The Road” in 2011 and this year another lead role in the primetime TV series “One True Love.”  Now, Alden joins the ranks of only a handful of male stars who ever graced MEGA magazine’s cover, the first one being Richard Gomez.

Alden says that despite his successes and his current celebrity stature, nothing has changed in the way he lives his life.  He is still the same home buddy, simple boy-next-door and lovable dimpled-one.

Find out more about Kris, Bela, Sarah and Alden by grabbing a copy of MEGA Magazine’s July issue available in stores near you.

SM City North Edsa is Back With The GREAT NORTHERN SALE on JULY 13-14-15, 2012

Shopping alert, guys!

Be on your guard once the calendar says that its the 13th of July because it signals that start of one of the biggest sale of SM SUPERMALLS, -SM City North Edsa!

Yes! Sm City North Edsa is having another big sale coming up slated on the above-mentioned dates. So keep tab of the dates and make sure to bring your SM advantage cards ('coz they might have special discount for SMAC Holders on the first day of the sale event) and cash money so you can be sure to buy the items that will surely catch your eye!

Do I have a wish-list for the Great Northern Sale? OF COURSE I DO!!!
  • Buy those cutie doll shoes from SM DEPT Store (I hope they have my favorite colors in stock -Blue, Green and Black)
  • More sale items at Toy Kingdom so that my two boys can happily shop for toys that they might like to buy!
  • 50% off on BAGS.
  • Maybe a 50% OFF off on participating Milk Tea outlets (if there is any) so that me and the kids can laze around after shopping. (Me and my two boys are great fans of Milk Teas).
  • Check Celine Shoes as they have "decent" shoe sale as well!
  • More Sale items at kid's section (Boys), the last time I went there , was able to buy my kids Marvel shirts at a hundred pesos each!
  • Hopefully more counters/cashiers so that no more waiting or long lines too!
More Safety Reminders ...
-Be sure to be on guard of your things too as pick-pockets are also on the look out for their victims.
-If you're bringing yours kids with you, be sure to have handy bottle full of water as children tend to get thirsty during sale-hunting!

So much for my Do's and Don't!

Don't Miss Out The Opportunity to be among the first and early shoppers at The Great Nothern Sale at SM City North Edsa and get hold of the items FIRST!

L'Oreal Philippinnes Partners with UNESCO in Their "FWIS"!!!

L'oreal Philippines , the worldwide leader in cosmetics and UNESCO, a specialized agency of the United Nations, renew their joint commitment in promoting scientific careers and recognizing outstanding women scientist s through FOR WOMEN in SCIENCE (FWIS).

Last July 3, 2012, Loreal Philippines and UNESCO through FOR WOMEN in SCIENCE presented their two awardees for the year 2012. FWIS is already is in its 2nd year, and for these year they awarded two remarkable women in the field of Marine Science.

The two awardees are Ma. Cecilia G. Conaco and Dr. Aletta T. Yniguez

Ma. Cecilia G. Conaco received her fellowship at FWIS through her research proposal entitled “ Dynamic Gene Regulation in Marine Sponges”. The project aims to identify novel sponges and the mechanisms that allow the organism to monitor and adapt to its environment which will help us better understand the impact of ecological change on marine life. It will also provide insights into the development of technologies for the synthesis or isolation of bio-active compounds.

Dr. Aletta T. Yniguez received her fellowship grant for her research entitled ,” ENHANCING ROBUSTNESS of PLANKTON MODELS and MONITORING SYSTEMS by UNDERSTANDING FINE-SCALE BIOPHYSICAL PROCESSESS”.  This project intends to contribute to the improvement of primary production and harmful algal bloom models that are currently being developed in other endeavors, as well as to help validate and increase the reliability of real-time monitoring platforms and remotely-sensed data that will be part of a bloom forecasting system in target sites in the country.

Science continues to help to seek new discoveries through foundation like FWIS that aims to empower more women who excel in the field of Science. I am glad and hopefully more foundations or grants will have this kind of endeavour to further help young and dynamic women.


FWIS NATIONAL FELLOWSHIPS is accepting research proposals related to the Life and Material Sciences from applicants who hold or are currently pursuing master's or PH.D. degrees in any field of Life and Material Science and are not more than 45 years old. Two fellowship grants worth Php400,000 each, will be given to two deserving women based on the judging criteria of an esteemed jury composed of representatives from L'Oreal Philippines, UNESCO, and the DOST. For the awardees for the Year 2012 ,the deadline for the awardees is March 2013.

Hope fully next year, there will be more women will join most especially what's exciting about this joint project by L'Oreal Philippines and FWIS is that, it encourages more women to join and fulfill their scientific projects that will help answer future problems related to Life Sciences.