Monday, July 16, 2012

Contest Alert!!! Join and Watch Rexona Confidence 30-Day Challenge by Iya and Anya and Win 1K worth of Rexona Products

After weeks of searching Rexona Confidence has now found two promising young women who be most embody the REXONA Confidence.

The winners are Anya Ong (22y/o) and Iya Acuna (22y/o), both former cheerleaders way back in college and bestfriends up to this moment. Before becoming winners,Iya nd Anya were among the hundreds who joined the Rexona Confidence Project Video Contest.

And as winners, Iya and Anya has started their 30-day confidence Challenge when it started last July 2, 2012 and will end on August 1, 2012. Iya and Anya's exciting daily adventures will be uploaded everyday to Rexona's YouTube channel for you guys to watch.

 Grand Winners of Rexona Confidence Project
Iya and Anya

And to make things exciting for these 2 confident girls and their viewers, celebrities like Sisters Maxene and Saab Magalona and jasmine Curtis-Smith will participate in some of the girl's challenges.

This is no ordinary campaign,with which the REXONA CONFIDENCE PROJECT just wanna aim and inspire young women in all of walks of life to be more brave and confident as they embrace each day's challenging possibilities. Rexona also wants and encourages women to be not afraid of the challenges that may come there way.

The generosity of Rexona Confidence Project team does not end here! Wanna win 1K worth of Rexona Confidence products? Then here's how!!!

-Simply watch Rexona Confidence Project Webisodes on youtube in oprder to win Php 1,000 worth of Rexona gift pack.

-I will post the question below for 5 days from July 29- August 2,2012 (each question a day.)

"Watch Iya and Anya's Episode # and have a chance to win Php1,000 Rexona gift Pack.

Question: Now if you are Iya and Any, how will you do the challenge with more confidence"?
-Post your answers as comments on my blogpost of the webisodes that I will be posting.

-You guys need to watch my featured webisode of the day starting July 29 till August 2, 2012.

-I will choose (2) Confident and Challenging answer each webisode featured that will win 1K worth of Rexona Confidence products. So there will be 10 winners in the whole duration of the contest.

-Note: A winner can only win once to give more chances of winning to the other participants. Winners should be followers of my blog.

I will be posting the winners through a blogpost on August 5, 2012. So be sure to keep posted on my blog.

So what are you waiting for ...Share and Tweet this post so everyone can get a chance to join!!!

Good Luck and get that confident ideas flow in!!!

Prizes can be claimed at Unit 602 l Bldg, 120 Rada St. Cor. Legaspi St. Legaspi Village, makati City

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