Friday, July 20, 2012

MAX'S MERIENDA MIXES Now Available for Php95 only!

We Filipinos are known to have that passion when it comes to Food. Our love for yummy food even extends to having an early merienda before and after lunch.

In Argentina it is called tea time,in the North American countries- "Second Breakfast", In Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, it is known as berenar o 'bereneta' in Catalan,'Bereneta' is mainly used in Menorca, Croatia it is called marenda, a meal eaten between breakfast and lunch, sually it is a light snack, like sandwiches or toast, eaten during work break and here in our very own country; we Filipinos call it Merienda (refers to light meals or brunch).

Merienda has been in our history since way back when the Spaniards conquered our country. So it'll be a big question if we don't indulge in a merienda in a day.

Who likes Max's Corner Bakery and Max's Merienda favorites? I can literally see all of you raising your hands up. Of course who wouldn't ?

Max’s Corner Bakery boasts of a rich and colorful history that dates back to the 1960’s when its founder Ruby Trota baked the first batch of soft bread rolls using wood-fired oven. It instantly captured the hearts of Filipino customers dining at Max’s, a flourishing restaurant at that time. Eventually, Max’s Corner Bakery diversified to other delectable baked goodies that became customer favorites - from breads, to pastries and cakes, to the Filipino’s favorite Caramel Bar, soft, chewy and irresistibly sweet.

For those who both love the food items from Max's Corner Bakery and Max's Merienda items and always having a hard time contemplating what to have during merienda, here's to Max's Restaurant as they have an answer to that.

Max's now launches MERIENDA MIXES. Merienda Mixes is a Php95 peso promo wherein you can choose items from Max's Merienda items (like Pancit Luglug (plain), Pancit Canton (small) or a petite bowl of triple-chocolate Champorado) and Max's Corner Bakery (like the freshly-baked Ensaimada, topped with creamy butter, sugar and grated cheese; the melt-in-your mouth Cheese Roll; or a luscious slice of Cake Roll with their choice of yummy icing filling - chocolate, mocha, ube, mango and jelly) plus you can choose from a Pepsi drink, cool glass of Sago't Gulaman or a freshly brewed coffee. 

Wow! just writing these words are making drool all over! Now you can troop to your nearest Max's Restaurant and bring your friends and family and enjoy a sumptuous merienda like no other and avail as well of the free-wifi and upload those memories online and share those memories coupled over a sweet-satisfying merienda at Max's. Anopther plus is enjoying an all-Filipino merienda treat in a restaurant-type ambiance that Max's is known for

Now I have an idea where i can bring my two boys after school and will treat them to a sumptuous merienda treat with out minding if I will be stashing my wallet too much.

For more merienda ideas and what to match for your merienda time , visit Max's Facebook page here at Visit and

  I know it's raining bigtime just as I post this but I have no worries if I suddenly crave for Max's Merienda Mixes because they're a call away (dial 7-9000 for Max's Hotline)  or for the techie-me , you can order via online at

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