Monday, September 24, 2012

The MarketPlace Eastwood Parking: My New Alternative To Casual Dining

Hey! I'm Back! After all the stress and probs that I have to face these past weeks, I'm finally having a good night's sleep!

And now that I'm back on track, I'm craving for something to eat. What do you think should we go to the mall ? Hmmm..I don't think it will be a nice idea since malls nowadays are too crowded. Out-of-town? Well, not a good idea too since I'm still on 'recovering" stage.

If I don't want to go out of town, maybe I'll just go back to "malling" idea. Maybe check out one of my favorite mall, EastWood Mall in EastWood,Libis.Yes! It's a mall again but for me it's a bit different compared to other malls, why?

First, there  are days that it isn't that crowded. Second, they have relatively small fountain-cum-park that you could just sit and watch a fountain show, and even your kids can run around and enjoy the show. But after that what to so next? I guess we're thinking the same thing---E-A-T! Yes, there should be an "Eat-Fest" or else me and my kids will be grumpy the whole day.

After doing a little "mind-check", during my last visit there, there are a couple of new places to check for new chows but what I'm planning on our next visit is to eat somewhere casual. A place where the kids can eat with out minding if they mess out. I wanted to go out with my kids this time and make sure they enjoy without being too mindful of their actions.

And there's one place that hit that "idea" BIGTIME! Where? If you are a fan of Il Mercanti in Ortigas then this next place that I will be featuring will be a "no-newcomer" to you.

I plan to bring my family to eat at The MarketPlace Eastwood Parking! The MarketPlace is new food hub for those people who love to eat Comfy food yet just right for your budget.

I visited the MarketPlace just a few weeks ago (before I got sick) and here are some of the food that I hope to visit with my family!

They all look yummy right! I will update this post tomorrow for the list of tenants! But for the mean time feast your eyes here.

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