Monday, September 3, 2012

THe Rexona Confidence Project Winners !!!

My sincerest apologies if I haven't posted in a while. I just have to deal with a lot of personal stuff and I got sick last week due to stress. I'm so prone to stress that if there's one thing I have to thank it about is that I was able to shed off some pounds away, but hey it isn't the right way to lose weight when one is sick.

Enough of the personal stuff, I wanna slowly go back to blogging by announcing my Rexona Confidence Project Video Giveaway! Again, my apologies, if I will be announcing these very late.!

So guys and friends, please check if you your name is among the 10 Lucky Winners who won 1k of worth of Rexona Confidence Products!

  1. Josephine Soliman
  2. Filomena Villanueva
  3. Mary Joy Caasi
  4. Mei Santiago
  5. Maria Mylynne Ramos
  6. Lovely Joy Merced
  7. Cha Sy
  8. Divine Grace Bongolan
  9. Michelle Marquez
  10. Kristine Bondoc
So there! Congratulations guys! To the winners please text me your Name/email add and cellphone numbers as receipt of confirmation at this cp# 09229916007. Till my next giveaway! I have another one coming up so keep posted!


  1. thanks a lot! i already texted u my email add :)

  2. I'm Josephine Soliman nga po pala :)

  3. txted u po.. thank you kristine bondoc here :)

  4. Ms Jane any updates po kung pano i claim ung prize? nag tweet & pm ako sa page nyo pero walang reply.

  5. updates nmn po.. i txted you did you received po ba? pls reply.. thank you