Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet the New Upcoming Band " She's Only Sixteen".

During my college days, I enjoyed joining my "guy" friends during their band rehearsals. Believe it or not, I even aspired to be a vocalist or a drummer that time, but in the end I chose to be in the sidelines believing that the "career" was not for me.

Beyond my musical aspirations is my love and support for OPM (Original Pilipino Music) so up to now the Filipino musicality reigns for me.

Yesterday (Oct 18,2012) I had the chance and listened to "She's Only Sixteen". They are not your ordinary girl band as the name connotes! Their the complete opposite- their hour "fresh" from high school band.

The boys are all still in high school and that was good enough to know that their serious both about school stuff and the new career they are soon to embark on.

The band is consist of Roberto Sena ( if his surname rings a bell - yes the famed theater actor is his dad "Robert Sena), he plays the lead vocals and guitar; Anjo Silvoza (bass), Andrew Panopio (Guitar) and King Puentedpina.(drums) .

The lead vocals, Roberto Sena adds," we base our roots and influences from musicians like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, MGMT, Radiohead and among others."

Their self-titled debut EP under Universal Records-Orion Entertainment contains 4 tracks and an acoustic version of their first single "Dying To Meet You".

You guys have to check and buy their album at your favorite record stores for only Php150.

For more updates about this new and upcoming Alternative Rock band, follow them on:

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