Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Not Miss a Special Family Occasion Via Max's Online Delivery

With the fast changing and ever revolving world like ours, it may seem hard to cope up with how demanding our everyday lives can be. Just like me, I work part-time as a Marketing Associate for an up-coming events company and I also blog on the side. Aside from being a worker , I am also a full-time wife and mom to two adorable kids.

I am so blessed right now that everything is falling into place. I blog and I have job that keeps me sane from the same and usual routine of being a house-keeper. I'm not saying i'm bored with being a wife and a mom, but let me just say that when I finally had to work after being eight years of being a full-time mom-It made me work and aspire more. It made me strive more and after all these years that I'm craving for success, I finally say that I was in the "game".

Being in the "game" made me want to go to work everyday and prove to everybody that I'm worth every penny my boss pays me. It gives me natural high that I can also do two things that I both love, "being in an events company and still manage my own blog". My peg is like "work, blog and pray".

With all the challenges, failures and triumphs that I actually face every day, it's just an added spice. But do you agree that work can get in the way sometimes? Hey, I can relate with it so much. Having to work part-time 3x a week and blog in between day, that has left me an ample time with my family. It should be a win-win situation but that is where I fail this time.

Let me share a personal experience where I actually missed a very, very important celebration in our family. I know, till now I still feel guilty why I actually missed that very momentous celebration of our lives.

Just to give you an idea about it, let me start by sharing that I'm actually married to my husband for almost 4 years, but if I will include the years since we got together and gave birth to our first-born- we're almost together for 8 years and ...counting!

Maybe by now you have an idea what is that very special occasion that I missed- Yeah I missed our WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Yeah I know it is very unlikely or normal for a wife to forget or skip it but hey I'm not perfect.

On that particular day, I had a coverage and thought it would start on time. But just like most events, unavoidable circumstances are likely to happen. It started a bit late. If it would have started on time I might have surprised my husband with a surprise dinner. I still feel awful not having been carried my plan out for our anniversary. While I was on coverage, he texted and his message felt so disappointed with my missing our own anniversary. How could he not? It’s not normal for wives to forget or missed on it. He’s also busy but he actually found the time to go home early that night just so the whole family could celebrate. As you see, if you would be reading my previous posts, it’s a normal thing that I usually go out with my two boys but we’re pretty strict with family occasions. We see to it that we strictly go out and celebrate family occasions.
To continue the story, I arrived home late found no one at home. My husband still disappointed just went out for dinner with the kids-without me L.

I told him I was so sorry but I guess it wasn’t enough. He gave me the cold shoulder for months. He didn’t want to go out with us on weekends. It had me thinking what to do to make up for the “fail” wedding anniversary date.

After a few months, I said this can’t go on forever. I have to think of something to make him feel I am truly sorry about what happened. So I thought of taking them out on my birthday. I’m crossing my fingers that of course he won’t miss it.

So on my birthday, I skipped work and texted him that after his work he should meet us somewhere. Just an hour before dinner, I texted him to meet us at Max’s Restaurant in Scout Tuason. Max’s Restaurant is my family’s favourite. Even when I was a kid when my Mom and Dad would fight, my Dad would take us out to lunch and eat at Max’s Restaurant. My dad would order their Kare-Kare and house specialty which is the Max’s Fried Chicken and everything would be back to normal. It’s my dad’s way of making it up with my mom. And I did that also with my husband. I wanted him to feel that I appreciate all his efforts and hard work just to support our family most especially for really taking the time out just to go home early for our anniversary and celebrate.
Hoping against hope that it will work.

At Max’s we celebrated it with a birthday dinner. After eating a sumptuous dinner, little did he know that I when the cake was served, it was for him. Instead of me blowing it, I had served unto him, with matching dialogues, “I’m sorry I had to miss our anniversary”? And there I saw him smile shyly because the dining attendants were also surprised with what I did. His smile made me think that now everything’s settled. I realized it was never really too late to make up for what I did. Max’s Restaurant is “sureball” answer to my problem. I realized I was so right by following my instincts. I was thankful that those fond my memories that I had when I was a kid really paid off.

Looking back, maybe I should have something delivered at our house during anniversary, right?

Oh how could I missed it? I should have ordered our favourite Max’s Restaurant dishes via Max’s Delivery Online at . It might have prevented my hubby and kids from leaving the house and dined somewhere without me.

Or maybe I should have called Max’s Restaurant via their delivery hotline 7-9000

Max’s Online Delivery is now even made efficient most especially for busy moms like me, party planners, and individuals working on a graveyard shift. It is one of the best options to satisfy cravings and even the biggest appetites during get-togethers.

Just follow this easy and quick to follow steps on how to order max’s real food and goodness regardless of the time location that you are and just make your guests taste “real food” at the comfort of your homes or where ever you guys maybe.

Dial Max’s delivery hotline 7-9000

Order online by logging on to
Choose an option either : DINE –IN, TAKE-OUT DELIVERY Now and DELIVERY LATER
And voila your max’s favorite dishes will be right just in time to satisfy your cravings.
Life is simple and definitely “sarap-to-the-bones”.
Share and take part in those important celebrations despite being away from home.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Philippine Opthamilogy Acadeny Organized "Eyebags" in Support to Underprivileged Students

The Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology (PAO) has recently organized “EyeBags,” a campaign that seeks to support the education of students from underprivileged families through the donation of various school materials. Incorporating ‘green’ into the advocacy, eye doctors from all over the Philippines have committed to donate hundreds of unused bags from medical conferences that they attend every year.

​“These convention bags are highly functional. Instead of throwing these away, we thought of engaging all the eye doctors who are members of the PAO to donate the bags and reach out to Filipino school children in need of support. The project has grown tremendously that we have expanded to donating other school materials to help promote and enhance students’ learning experience in their schools,” shared Dr. Johann Michael Reyes, PAO Committee Chair for Public Relations.

​This year, volunteers from the PAO and graduates from Xavier High School, Class of ’82 trooped to Paraway Mangyan Elementary School in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro to distribute bags, school supplies, clothing items and teaching materials that will benefit both students and teachers. “We believe that education is one of the best ways to change society. With this project, we endeavour to help instil hope in the hearts of Filipino children, one Eye Bag at a time,” Dr. Reyes said.

The PAO accepts donations through its secretariat. Individuals and organizations may contact PAO at 813-5318 or send their donations to Unit 815 Medical Plaza Makati Condominium, Amorsolo corner Dela Rosa Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati.

The PAO is an internationally-recognized specialty society of ophthalmologists in the Philippines. It aims to ensure access to quality eye care for Filipinos. The PAO commits to continuously develop its members professionally through clinical education, research and practice management, in a collegial and harmonious environment, contributing to ethical, professional and compassionate practice. For more information about the PAO, please visit:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

CONQUER 2013 Philippines: The Urban Adventure -An Obstacle Race On a Notch Higher

Runners and fitness buffs alike will take delight into this upcoming race. Ooopss! Hold your reins there guys, this is not your ordinary race. This one will take you to another level of fitness and competition. This upcoming race is dubbed as the “CONQUER PHILIPPINES 2013 : The Urban Adventure.

CONQUER PHILIPPINES 2013, is an obstacle-race where your endurance will be put to a test. The obstacle-race will be brought to us by FSPI  distributor Optimum Nutrition and ProActive.
OPTINUM NUTRITION a sports nutrition company, with the race carrying the Optimum Nutrition brand popular to athletes and bodybuilders while ProActive has been bringing us "themed" races which proved to be exciting and challenging and all out fun. So be sure to be fit enough before the race day comes because for sure, this obstacle-race may be “race” that will test you “limit-less”.

By the way for those people who has little knowledge about Optimum Nutrition (which I know are just a few-thanks to the countless testimonials of athletes and fitness buffs who use Optimum Nutrition products), Optimum Nutrition Inc. (ON) is the only sports nutrition company based in the U.S. to manufacture items in every product category. Whether it's nutritional bars, protein powders, ready-to-drink sports beverages, or vitamins, essential minerals, and herbs, Optimum Nutrition is able to control the integrity of all products through in-house manufacturing
I’m sure with countless runs and races out there in the coming months, a lot of my fitness buddies would not miss out on their Optimum Nutrition supplements to help them join all these races. 

Though Runners and athletes alike would agree with me that one has to be always be physically fit and be on-training at all times to keep their bodies and mind attuned. But that’s not all, with all the things that this fast-paced life has to offer, we tend to accept all the challenges that life has to offer so taking added supplements like Optimum Nutrition will help us and our bodies ready and say “Bring It On”.
Here’s some of the obstacle-race you might want to check before heading on to your favourite registration centers:

CONQUER PHILIPPINES 2013 will be on March 10, 2013 @ 5 AM at the Bonifacio Global City. The race will have its 3k,6k,12k individual and 12k Couple races with its organizer: Without Limits Philippines
Registration Fees:
3K – Php 500
6K – Php 700
12K Individual – Php 900
12K Couple – Php 1600

Only the TANDEM / COUPLE race category will have the specific singlet color RED.  However Registration for TANDEM / COUPLE race category is only available at Fitness and Athletics, BGC and Chris Sports SM North Annex.

All other categories individual categories running 3K/6K/12K can choose from Gray/Green/Blue singlet colors.

Now where to get those CONQUER PHILIPPINES 2013 Obstacle race kits?
1. Chris Sports
-SM Manila
-SM North Annex
-Glorietta 3
-SM Megamall
2. Fitness and Athletics – Bonifacio Global City

Gun Start time
12Km 5:30am
6km   5:35am
3km  5:40am

Details are all out for CONQUER 2013: THE URBAN ADVENTURE  but just reminding you that the last day of Registration will be on MARCH 07 2013 (THURSDAY) and Pull out/inventory is on MARCH 07, 2013- STORE CLOSING to March 08, 2013 so be sure to REGISTER NOW.

Don’t forget to keep all the details in mind so that you’ll be perfectly fit on the race. But just to help you a bit and just so you guys know what you’re gonna be up to on the race day, below are some of obstacles that will put your physique on a check!

See you guys on the race day. Let's and Conquer it Optimum Nutrition supplements.

Dell Phillippines Supports ChildHope Asia Philippines with a $45,000 Grant

Seeing “poverty” just every corner of the metro saddens me. So many kids up there in the streets reaching out to us to ask for food or coins that we might have is so disappointing.
While a lot of people are more privileged (just like me) who wasn’t deprived of education, there’s a lot of kids out there who needs to be educated. I know there’s so much our government can do with it, but I know there’s a lot of institutions out there ready to extend a hand on one of society’s biggest problem to date-EDUCATION.

Good thing there’s still a space for that from the people from DELL PHILIPPINES. Dell Philippines is one of the leading provider of technology solutions, services and support, now partnered with CHILDHOPE ASIA PHILIPPINES.

Last February 12, 2013 I am one of the few bloggers invited to be part of the unveiling of Dell Philippines’ “Powering the Possible” grant that provide 620 children with access to technology across Metro Manila.

To facilitate its outreach and protection/education program, the charity is aided by mobile education vans with street educators that are deployed to 18 locations daily where street children are commonly found-in parks or on sidewalks of urban centers –to teach children there.

The core of this partnerships is to provide the undeserved youth and educators with access to technology and serve as catalyst for lifelong learning and career readiness.

At the unveiling I was also able to see the computer lab set-up with Dell Desktops to provide digital learning and basic computer literacy classes to 120 selected street children brought to the charity’s premises and to the areas in Metro Manila where CHAP operates.

Here’s what Ms.Teresita L. Silva President and Executive Director of CHAP has to say about this very promising opportunity,”We’re grateful for Dell’s support in our efforts to defend the rights of street children by providing them with learning opportunities and knowledge that can help protect them from the vulnerabilities of life on the street. The education and skills they acquire will also go a long way in preparing them for a productive members of the community”.

At the unveiling, Dell Philippines President Richard Teo was also present during the event and said “our initiatives to empower youth by closing the technology gap and providing training in information and communications technology skills are focused on improving, enhancing, and jump-starting learning for life. By putting technology to work for undeserved communities, we aim to help young people discover new possibilities, change their lives and unleash their true potential”
I hope that private with Dell Philippines’ initiative, more private companies will also do the same thing with our underprivileged brothers and sister who are in need of help.

 Mr. Richard Teo President, Dell Philippines

And the lucky receiver of this grant is ChildHope Asia Philippines which works with the underprivileged street children and out-of-school-youth in the Metro Manila to give them equal opportunities for learning through several programs, including basic literacy and numeracy, alternative learning system basic education, computer literacy, as well as life skills, values and primary health education.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jensen Gomez Launched Album "Umpisa" via a Street Concert

With almost 500 people in attendance, young singer-songwriter Jensen Gomez’s album launch for Umpisa transformed Guijo Street in Makati into a concert venue last February 1. Jensen, along with his band, performed all the 10 songs included in the album.

To his fans, Jensen’s strength as a singer-songwriter is his uncanny ability to turn heartbreaks into beautiful songs. This is evident in the 10-track-album, which talks about heartbreaks, moving on, regrets, and wanting to start all over again.

“Playing music is my vehicle to express my personal mishaps, experiences, stupidity,” says the young singer-songwriter. “I hope my music will make you feel that you are the only one who is experiencing stuff- heartbreaks, and heartaches. There is, after all, safety in numbers.”

True enough, the number of people who attended the launch proved that people appreciate Jensen’s music. Hosting the event were singer-actress-TV host Karylle and Robin Nievera, a good friend of Jensen. TV, movie and theater star Tippy Dos Santos performed Umpisa with Jensen (the album includes their duet), while former Rivermaya vocalist Jason Fernandez jammed with the song Sisikat Ang Araw.

After Jensen’s 10-song-set, musician friends of the young singer-songwriter performed for the after-party held at Saguijo – Mayonnaise, Carlos Castano and She’s Only Sixteen.

Jensen then performed an acoustic, intimate set for the fans and friends, which further highlighted how musically-gifted he is. Sponge Cola frontman Yael Yuzon showed support by attending the acoustic set.

“The whole process of mounting the album launch was one exciting roller coaster ride,” admits Jensen. “So many changes had to be made, but better things came our way with other people’s help. “

From being one of the most promising names in the independent music scene, Jensen was discovered by Universal Records and management group Orion Entertainment because of the album’s title track and single Umpisa.

“Like any musician my age, I have experienced many difficulties. Luckily, amidst all the struggles, people have been supportive of me and my music. This made me pursue my passion,” expresses Jensen. “The release of this album summarizes everything I’ve been through in the past five years as a person, lover and musician.”
Jensen Gomez is being managed by Orion Entertainment. For inquiries, please email

 Follow Jensen Gomez:

Twitter and Instagram: @IAmJensenGomez


UMPISA Tracklist:

1.     Not Even Close
2.     Alone
3.     Umpisa
4.     Could Have Been
5.     Just Vowels
6.     Runaway
7.     Subdued
8.     Tulad Ng Dati
9.     All I Want
10.  Sisikat Ang Araw

Bonus Track
11. Umpisa (duet with Tippy Dos Santos)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vigen Scalp Clinic: A New Haven for our Precious Manes

When I was small, my mom sees to it that I I have my regular haircut. So all the time that I was a kid till high school, I have short and shoulder length hair. 

Now that l'm all grown up, things has change for my hair. I decided to grow my hair long. I suddenly like to play with different hairstyles-from braids to curling it. I can say that I have been bold and fierce with my precious mane also since I wanted to know if it will make a difference on my face and look. Well it did make me look different, from the dull and drab looking housewife (I honestly felt drab-looking and out-dated wife in her early thirties) that I was to an "up-to-date, fun-loving and modern " mom that I felt I wanted to be.
I felt that it was really high time that I keep up with the trends and never keep myself be left behind. I just realized that it will never be too late to try and be brave in trying all the things that life has to offer.

I have been maintaining my long, "light" brown hair for almost 4 years and I can say that I have been happy with it. Having my hair long means I can have it ironed straight, curled it and dyed it in any color that I want.

Now that I have mention the things that I have done with my hair, of course it's not all "pretty and fun". The hair do suffers too when you overdo and made tons of visit to the salon to try different treatments.

Good thing I have made a new discovery that is an answer to all hair problems like drying, split ends, scalp inflammatory and hair loss.

Today I made a visit to Vigen Scalp Clinic. It is a clinic dedicated to all your "scalp" related woes. It is located at G/F Richbelt Terraces #19 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan.

Vigen Scalp Clinic offers a variety of treatments that safely cleanses the scalp to make it healthy and stimulate air growth.

Vigen Scalp Clinic caters to the different hair and scalp problems that our manes experiences.

What are the different programs or treatments do they have Vigen Scalp Clinic?

They have the Basic Scalp Healing program. It is 15 -step process that starts witha relaxing foot massage, Intensive Scalp scaling and hair and scalp blow-dry.

It is the scalp treatment that they recommended that I try after my scalp consultation. The treatment itself is very meticulous after knowing that is a 14 step process. It is also a big surprise to me that the treatment does not only concentrate on the scalp. It also made sure that the treatment is a very relaxing and stress-free (for the moment) for me since one of the steps had my foot and back be massage at the same time.

Before the recommending a treatment, they led me first to a consultation room. There they had my scalp check first and explain the present state of my scalp. The staff told me that I have flaky, inflammed scalp and damaged strands.

I'm a bit surprised because I honestly know that I have dandruff and whenever I wash my hair I make sure that I have a comb with me because I used it while rinsing my hair. Good thing is that they informed me that it made things worse since it just made my scalp look inflammed and swollen.

They have different kinds of treatments for different types of scalp problems.

These are some their hi-tech stuff that they use to check our scalp during scalp analysis
 These are the herbal-based agent they use with there treatments and ones they suggest you use with your home care.

SCALP BALANCING CARE PROGRAM (Regular price is Php3,000 but now Php1,500)
-Recommended for those who have " dandruff", oily, and dry scalp. These are people who always dyes their hair and rebonds it too much. It is a preventive and corrective care at the same time early treatment for those who are experiencing early signs of "hair loss".

 Alwin Aguirre during his scalp analysis.

They got one strand of hair from scalp and there  goes my damaged strand.

This is how my hair follicles actually look liked. According to their staff I just need heal my inflammed scalp and treat the dandruff problem. Too ealry to worry about hair-loss.

SCALP HEALING CARE PROGRAM (Regular Price is 6,000 but now Php3,000)
-An intensive treatment for those who have sensitive and inflammed scalp. They use natural herbal agent and herbal healing solution. This the treatment they recommended since after examining my scalp they found it inflammed and the strands are damaged.

HAIR GROWTH PROGRAM (Regular Price is Php7,000 now Php3,500)
-it is a customized scalp scaling with MTS infusion of high concentration of hair growth  ampule with diode laser therapy. It is an "advanced" treatment for hair "re-growth".

Thank God, I'm now "scalp" educated. Now I know that all that we saw from the outside goes also with the inside.From the outside our hair look shiny and full of life but what we don't know is that they're  (scalp) actually "hurting".

Pay them a visit and you might be surprise that our scalp also suffering from those treatments that we actually could help it make look healthier and full of life.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Julie Ann San Jose Jams with bloggers + 4 Lucky Twitter Followers

It was a fun-filled afternoon of songs and casual-chit with young, talented actress-singer Julie San Jose. I was so thankful to be one of her blogger guests to experience a fun afternoon via video-ke sesh with her yesterday February 5, 2012 at CenterStage Tomas Morato. 

Before the invitation, I didn't know that it will be MyJaps (as most popularly known to her fans) who I am spending an afternoon with. I only got confirmation a day before the actual videoke session that it was relied to me,that it was indeed Julie Ann SanJose. 

 The welcome banner for the #JamwithJaps

I have met MyJaps a couple of time already during the many presscons that I've attended with GMA 7 and the most recent is during on location shoot of the movie she did with Elmo Magalona, Just One Last Summer. We also had the chance to interview her but this recent experience is much way different from my other encounters with her.

If the experience is exciting for me then what more for the 4 lucky fans of MyJaps who joined us at CenterStage Tomas Morato.

Yes, not only the bloggers had the chance to meet Julie Ann San Jose "more" up close and personal. MyJaps had a twitter online promo for all her fans/followers. The 4 lucky winners are @Quimmey.. 

I arrived just on time for the videoke sesh. Good thing we left the Dunkin' Donut presscon for Derek Ramsay a bit earlier. So glad also that some bloggers who were at the Dunkin' Donut presscons were the one's who's also going to CenterStage.

Julie Ann San Jose All smiles as she is greeted with tons of camera clicks!

Anyways enough for those "not-so-meaty" part of the bloggercon for MyJaps. I know you're raring to know how the videoke party went on.

For the first part of the event, the host ask Julie started with her carreer. But I don't wanna bore you my "Kwento". I'm letting you on the meatyand juciest part of the event. I know you guys and most especially her fans want to know who is MyJaps In and out. So what I did is I compiled the most interesting things you would want to know about MyJaps.

Getting To Know Julie Ann San Jose (also known as MyJaps)
  • She started to sing at the age of 2 1/2 years old and "Habang May Buhay" by Donna Cruz was the first song she sang.
  • Her first voice training was at Center for Pop. Since she was the youngest to enter a formal voice training, she was kept denied at the center but in the end she finally went on her training at the center when they saw her that she has the talent.
  • For a while she has to stop her training because of her studies. At first it was her dad who doesn't want her to pursue her career because her Dad wanted her to concentrate on her studies and her Dad assumed that future intrigues will affect her. But later on since Julie really wanted and loved her passion for singing. She made an agreement with her Dad that will continue her studies alongside with her dreams of being singer.
  • She joined POPSTAR kidsGMA 7' s kids when she was 11 y/o but unfortunately didn’t won the title but also it also paved her way to her previous teen singing-group “SUGAR POP”. Sugar Pop is a group of 5 young kids who performed via S.O.P, the then now Party Pilipinas on GMA 7.
  • With his singing career, his dad originally did not like here entering showbiz because of all risks of encountering intrigues and all but because MyJaps really love her passion in music she promised her dad that she’ll see to it that she won’t give up on her studies. Actually she graduated high school with flying colors and awards.
  •  When asked how was she able to balance her career as an artist and her studies, she said that she sees to it that she always talks to her teachers on how can she make up for her absences and also shedules make-up classes. Fortunately, she’s currently on her third year in Mirriam College
  • Her Album now is certified “Platinum” on record bars so she’s very grateful to her fans and followers for the support and will be forever grateful to them.
  • She’s a book-lover and actually reads “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. Aside from reading books, her current sport is Firing.
  • The first piece she learned on piano is the song “Beauty and Madness” which her Dad actually taught her.
  • In her craft as an actress, she actually under the tutelage of well-known local actress-director Gina Alajar, Ana Feleo and Direk Mario J. delos Reyes.
  • Off-cam, MyJaps is typically a homebody.
  • when asked how she wanted to be known aside from being Julie Ann San Jose, “ Simple and I can be your friend”.
  • The closest person to her in showbiz is Francheska Farr, Elmo Magalona and Alden Richards.
Sorry my video's kinda dark-#Jamwithjaps rendition of the song 
"Sun and Moon"

Julie sings "Super Bass" during the event.
Credits goes  out to fellow blogger MJ de Leon of

Well there you have it! Almost all the things that you want to know about your dear Julie Ann San Jose is out here on my blog.

 The bloggers present at Julie Ann San Jose Bloggercon-Videoke sesh
Me, Kristoff and MJ

Blogger Kristoff had the chance to have a duet with MyJaps

Lucky Twitter Follower @Quimmey had her chance to #JamwithJaps

This is indeed a lucky day for the 5 twitter followers of Myjaps since they had also the chance to have their magazines signed by Julie Ann San Jose

The lucky 4 twitter followers of #MyJaps
(From L-R: Jaymielyn Demdam, MyJaps, Kimberly Dumaguit, MJ Rom and Anna Mariela Cayari)

I have met her a couple of times and I must say MyJaps is truly a one of the nicest persons you could ever meet in the Showbiz circle. Up close, she can be just anybody whom you can treat as a friend-very warm, approachable and always kept her feet on the ground. Maybe that’s why all her fans and followers love her and support her. 

MyJaps, I just hope that you continue to be the sweet, warm, outgoing and talented person that you are. Just enjoy what you have right now and keep aiming high.

Btw if you are craving for more photos of the exciting #JamwithJaps events and wanted to see how fun it was , check the photos here.