Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PureFoods FunStuff Nuggets To Perk Your Kid's Appetite

I won't be ashamed to admit but I also have one choosy kid when it comes to eating. He just eats what is "appealing" to him. He doesn't like pasta most especially if it's in red sauce. He only likes "sitaw" every time I cook sinigang. He only likes "potatoes" whenever I cook "nilaga". He seldom eats meat. That's my problem- I don't think it is a "balanced" diet.


It's a good thing he likes chicken nuggets most especially the Purefoods FunStuff Nuggets. For my son who lacks protein in his meal, Purefoods FunStuff Nuggets is one of the perfect alternative.

During the Purefoods FunStuff Nuggets Press Launch, I Learned that:

  •   PUREFOODS FunStuff™ Nuggets is loaded with POWER PROTEIN to help keep kids going.
  •  PUREFOODS FunStuff™ Nuggets is loaded with POWER PROTEIN to help keep kids going.
  •   It has 5 Variants:Crazy Cut, Letters & Numbers, Bacon & Cheese, Pepperoni & Cheese and Cheese Overload.
 Now "busy" moms like me won't have a hard time to feed "pick-eaters" like my youngest son because Purefoods FunStuff Chicken Nuggets is easy to cook and comes in different shapes. Most of the time it helps that food looks appealing to every kid's eyes. It's very easy for kid's to recall Purefoods FunStuff Nuggets because it comes in shapes that every kid wants to see.

I even want Purefoods FunStuff Nuggets just for snacking. For me it's already an alternative to rice if I want to skip those "carbo-loading" food.

Now I know why PureFoods FunStuff Nuggets got Jodi Sta. Maria as an endorser because she is the perfect example of women who are empowered not just an artist but also as working and business-minded moms.

 I wanted to be as strong mom like Jodi Sta. Maria

Being busy with her showbiz career, Jodi Sta. Maria also balances her duty as a mom to his son, Thirdy by bringing him also to her commitments and venturing also in different businesses.

If you haven't watched Jodi Sta. Maria' s Purefoods FunStuff Nuggets tvc, then watch below.

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