Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ONE PACIFIC PLACE: My HOME away from home

I have been  busy these past few days because of lots of workload leaving me with no time for my kids. And it felt awful not having much time to bond with them. So what do I do? I decide that instead of going to the mall, watch a movie or eat-out, I checked out some places where we can be lazy and just bond. My idea is to have a "staycation" in a hotel. A hotel or a serviced condo where there is a pool, gym and restaurant that serves delicious and tummy-filling food.

A lot of hotels are already offering these services, but I thought I had to break-away from the known chain of hotels to experience "newer" ones and those who offer the luxury of being "home away from home".

I was browsing through Facebook one day, and this led me to checking ONE PACIFIC PLACE. When I checked their site. It was "spic and span: all tabs are in the right place and most importantly it is very easy to navigate.

So here are some things you should know when checking on One Pacific Place Serviced Residences.

 -Opened July of year 2013 with 144 new rooms.
 - Has a Restaurant-STRAND CAFE & RESTAURANT, Function Rooms, Swimming Pool and Gym.
 -It is Managed by Quantum Hotels and Resorts.

ONE PACIFIC PLACE SERVICED RESIDENCES is located at 161 H.V. Dela Costa Street Salcedo Makati City.

 The Hotel Lobby

Once you checked-in, you have to fill-up this guest form. After checking in, you will be ushered to Hotel Restaurant- The Strand Cafe wherein you will be offered with welcome drinks.

Zeus and Mommy

My two boys: Zeus and LJ
They were as excited as I was!

Yes, this place is quite far from our house but I wanted me and the kids to experience a different location and ambiance may it far from home.

Here's a pic of our "HOME" for the days to come!

 Our room was at 32nd Floor, Room 3218

 Decided to have my picture taken here in my bed in the next 2 days. 
Feels like home already.

This is our 2-bed Studio room.
Perfect for me and my two boys.

The Hotel's Front desk staff was very courteous and very attentive to our needs. I believe they are very vital to every hotel's operation and making sure that every guests that stays at One Pacific Place will have a very relaxing and stress-free stay.

Our "staycation" at One Pacific Place Serviced Residences did not only comprise of just staying in our room. We also got to check out the different amenities the hotel can offer to its valued guests.

After getting settled in our room, me and the boys decided to check out the pool and gym.

 The One Pacific Place's Pool
 It is 25 meter lap pool which is located at 6th Floor of the building w/a depth of 4-5ft. pool which is open from 7am-7pm.
Beside the 25m lap pool is the Kiddie pool.


A haven for those who want to tone their muscles and get rid of those unwanted flabs.

The thread Mill

Coach Jerry and Moi!

The Fitness Gym is also located at 6th Floor. It is equipped with world-class and brand new machines and apparatuses for the guests who would like to be burn and be fit during their stay at One Pacific Place. Gym opens at 6am-6pm everyday. Instructors are also there to assists the guests.

My instructor that day was Coach Jerry. He was very accommodating even though I have a lot of questions like how minutes do I have to stay in the gym and what are the exercises I can do so I can loss a few pounds.

The Strand Cafe

Strand Cafe is One Pacific Place Serviced Residences' restaurant. The restaurant serves ala-carte to lunch buffet ranging from Filipino and International dishes. Guests can also avail of the breakfast buffet once you are billeted here.

 The Strand Cafe Dining Hall
This is where we ate our breakfast the next day. Every accommodation is inclusive of 2 breakfast buffet. The restaurant also serves ala-carte to lunch buffet ranging from Filipino to International dishes.

Looking forward to The Strand Cafe's Breakfast Buffet? I'm sure the photos below will make you more curious about their offerings :

AN assortment of fruit jams+butter and cereals too!
Cheeses, Cold Cuts and Bread

Fruits Slices and Salad Bar

Strand Cafe Breakfast Buffet is a must-try.
All diners will simply be lost in choosing what to eat for breakfast.
That was Jayl Aquino, one of my best buddies!

Over all, the whole experience was superb.I even fell in love with One Pacific Place Serviced Residences because they made sure my stay was worthwhile. One Pacific Place Serviced Residences always make sure their guests are well-taken cared for. For a Studio Deluxe Room, My money was all worth it. I even got a hard time getting up on our last day since I love their pool and gym. 

One Pacific Place is my idea of a relaxing+bonding "staycation" in Makati. But hey if you are reserving a room I suggest that you make your reservations a bit earlier, like reserve a week so that they can reserve your room choice.

About One Pacific Place Serviced Residences:

One Pacific Place Serviced Residences is an "all-in" serviced-residences type of of Hotel which caters to Business Travelers, Fitness Buffs and families who might want to stay and experienced a different kind of ambiance.

One Pacific Place Serviced Residences is accessible via:

Address: 161 H.V. Dela Costa, Salcedo Village Makati City
Contact nos: (632) 304-7777 Fax: (632) 8177615
Email address: Info@OnePacificPlaceResidences.com
Facebook.com: www.Facebook.com/OnePacificPlace
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/OnePacificPlaceOfficial

My Overall Experience:

We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights at an EXECUTIVE DELUXE Room Accommodation which is 30 sqm in size. It can accommodate 1-2 guests.  It is furnished with 2 single beds. Each Executive Deluxe Room is equipped with a 32" LCD TV, DVD Player, an Ipod dock with alarm clock, tea and coffee making facility, refrigerator, and mini bar. Bath room comes with rainshower, water heater, and hair dryer.

Me and my kids enjoyed our "staycation" that we came to a point that we got sad that we're about to checked-out on our third day. My boys fell in live with the pool and their fitness gym was my haven. The pool is not crowded. It actually felt serene if you asked me. It also has a kiddie pool which is located just near the gym in the 6th floor. I comfortably had my gym sessions since I didn't got to worry much about my kids getting drowned or something. Their Fitness Gym is equally equipped with new and state-of-the-art facilities and it has that relaxing ambiance plus a very accommodating trainer like Sir Jerry.

Our room was enough for me and my two boys. The air-condition was even way cooler than any of the hotels we've stayed before. It was my first to hear my kids complained about the aircon being too cold. Although I've got wi-fi connection problems since our room is in the 32nd floor which made it very hard to access fast connection, but nonetheless I'm happy with our room accommodation since Housekeeping staff we're very conscious in checking out our room on a daily basis and even replenished basic bathroom stuff too. There was also complimentary newspaper everyday so no worries if you might want to check out the local broadsheets.

As for food, Our accommodation is inclusive of 2 complimentary buffet breakfast (see photos above of how many the breakfast selection was, I think you'll be overwhelmed with sumptious serving that you will be making during breakfast).

If you want to dine outside, food is a "no-brainer" since McDonald's is like a few meters away. And convenience stores that are 24/7 opened is also a stone's throw-away.

If you got bored inside your room, Greenbelt is just a few blocks away.  For a hotel like One Pacific Place Residences situated in a very busy Makati Business District , public transport is very accessible. You can either take a  cab, jeep and a bus if you plan to go somewhere.

Now for my over-all rating, here's the numbers if you want it more in figures:

Ambiance: 4/5
Facilities: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Room Accommodation: 4/5
Pricing: 4/5
Accessible: 4/5
 Over-All rating is 4/5

So will I actually recommend it? Yes definitely! As a matter of fact we're planning to have our next "staycation" again at One Pacific Place Serviced Residences but this with a bigger room to accommodate more friends who want to visit us.

For more photos about our recent "staycation", please click the link HERE.