Friday, August 9, 2013

Knowing What Makes You Happy: My SCAR-ring Story

Scars, Scars, and more scars. Not just scars but also bruises.Almost all people do have a scar. And do you believe that beyond that SCAR is a STORY, and beyond it is a LESSON to be LEARNED.

 If I were to count how many scars and bruise I have and how did I got them, we will be counting till the next

day. Yeah that's a lot

These scars and bruises has been part of my life in one way or another. I believe it has a story that helped me mold on who I am now as a person.

I have a scar in the left cheek. I got it when I was 7 y/o. Playmate threw her mom's "bakya" (wooden slipper) right at my face. It landed on my left cheek leaving me with a thin line of scar.

It hurt a lot. That playmate was my first childhood bestfriend. We always do the same things together during that time.

Though I remember the reason why she did that is because she feels I'm ugly and I said it's not true. My young heart that time was hurt. It felt bad to hear that the only friend that you trust thinks of you as someone who is ugly.That she sees me as someone who is physically imperfect.

I really felt even up to now that being beautiful is only skin deep. Good thing that I didnt dwell on what my playmate has said to me.I focused on what being beautiful means to me and that is first YOU have to believe in  yourself.If you believe in yourself and stop minding the negative thoughts that other people say of you-then that's the time that you move on and do the things that actually makes you happy.

That experience has actually taught me that there are things beyond perfect.It made me realized that one must experience tough things in order for one to know how she/he can overcome it and eventually prevail.It somehow will test you as person and how you will able to resolve it.I can relate my experience to that of a scar.It's there but you can actually do something about it.

I may have that scar forever but that won't stop me from being happy and do the things I love the most- and  that is to do as my heart says.  

I also learned one valuable from it- you must think of the people who cares for and LOVE you beyond your imperfection. The people who truly care for you are the ones who will truly be there for you no matter what. Learn to love them as they are the one who truly sees how beautiful you are INSIDE and OUT.

But given the options, if only there was Contractubex that time, my scar would have fade as time goes. 

Contractubex is the leading treatment of scars. It also has allantoin that helps moisturize as Contractubex helps your scars heal.

So for those people still hiding beyond those scars , I advice you that there's still more time to realize what you are really worth of. Know your worth, respect and love yourself so that others may follow suit.

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