Saturday, November 16, 2013

Epic Halloween at Solaire Resorts and Casino

Last August 31, 2013, I had the most " First and Epic" Halloween party ever!!! Yes it was my first ever! And who would have thought that it would be at Solaire Resort Casino and Hotel.

I actually don't have the slightiest plan of attending one that night. while everyone was busy thinking what costume to wear, I was busy thinking if I should be busy like all the rst who are all fussing about their costumes.

But those last minute thingies changed as that afternoon, a friend told me that she was going to a Halloween party. I said why is everybody busy thinking of going to a Halloween Party. And since I missed this girl, I said why not?

I missed Phylicia, yeah her name is Phylicia and she  asked me if I can go with her at Solaire Resort Casino and Hotel for this year's Halloween Party, "The AFter Glow Halloween Party".

Solaire Resort's theme this year is the Neon Days of the 80's and 90's. And with that being said guest of this year's Halloween Party should be dressed in anything but neon.

I don't have any neon outfit but that didn't stopped me from going. All I know is that I have that "party" itch and I was so excited to celebrate Halloween with my sweetie friend Phylicia.

Lo and behold,I guess there was no need to drag myself because going to Solaire was so comfy.Comfy it is because I was so lucky there was a "free" shuttle going to Solaire located at Theater Mall Greenhills.Solaire member guests has the privilege to go to Solaire for free if they availed and registered as members of Solaire.

I came around a little after 9pm, and the party had just started,enough for me and Phylicia to find us cocktail table near the center of Eclipse Bar.

Even though we were the youngest in the crowd, we enjoyed every bit of since the band performing that night was playing cool 80's music plus we get to meet awesome peeps from Norway who has to say lots of good things about our country and our people.

And what it made doubly awesome we won "Fresh" Buffet passports good for 2 just by tweeting posting via instagram. And my pretty friend Phylicia won as best-dressed that night!

And to our surprise, seasoned Rn'B band "South Border" performed and boy did they sang my favorite song, TREASURE by Bruno Mars. This got us dance our night away.

Kudos to Solaire Casino and Hotel's events team for putting up a good show.