Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to my Mommy blog!!!!

Welcome to my blog " Earthly Mommy" !!! soon I'll be publishing alot about me , what I do everyday, what me and my kids bond about or just about anything that's happening in my life as a mom.  Hope you find lessons or just have something to laugh about after reading my blog. 
      I'll be blogging because  I want alot of people to know who really am I as a person , as a mom , and as  a wife. Please do follow my blog as i write about  the daily pursuits in life.  Thanx and have a  nice time reading... I'm Janese your friendly and Earthly Mommy !!!


  1. halooothere!you're learning the ropes of blogging. goodluck to your new endeavor!

    please do share links and follow my blog


  2. way to go, Janese! you've finally started your own blog

    keep it coming!