Monday, December 20, 2010

Jelly Bandz Craze Now in the Phillipines!!!

Want to know the latest  craze in children's accessories for boys and girls and for the kids-at-heart too? Filipino kids (may it be a boy or a girl )can now sport the the latest in JellyBandz. Yes! You read it right, JellyBandz is now here in the Philippines ! Want to know more ? Now read on! 

                                             Wow! That's a whole lot of JellyBandz!

JellyBandz are themed-rubber bands that serve as educational toys and fashionable accessories at the same time. They come in different themessuch as pets, sea creatures, numbers, princess, etc. What is unique to them is even after they are stretched they will always returned to their fun and original shape !
Themed-rubber bands were introduced in the U.S. last year and have been in Amazon .com's Top10 bestselling toys and games list for the past few months. 

                     I used to collect rubber bands too the same age as they were !

Who Wears Bandz?

Moms like me , do you still remember when we were little ( I guess that was 20 years to be exact! Not bad for 29-yr.old mom) We used to collect rubber bands and exchange them with playmates.

Now JellyBandz is here to continue that. Bandz are targeted to children ages 3yrs.old and up. In the U.S., school-aged children are known to collect and swap them with their friends. But even people from older age-groups also buy Bandz to wear as a fashion accessory. Celebrities like Shakira, Mary Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa and Kris Allen were reported to have worn Bandz.

Why Buy Bandz?

As naturally playful, curious, and friendly Flipino children are, JellyBandz complements the inquisitive, sharing ,and giving-culture inherent to our Filipino environment. JellyBandz can be enjoyed in 3 ways, by Collecting, Trading and Swapping them.

                                  My 2 boys like these kids can also enjoy Jellybandz!

JellyBandz is the pioneer in business offering themed-rubberbands.

Currently JellyBandz are sold in the ff. stores:

- Tod's Novelty Store SM Megamall Basement level
- Tod's Novelty Store SM North Edsa Main Bildg. basement level
- Club Princess SM MOA (near Selecta Universe )
- Club Princess Bonifacio High Street (B2)
- Girl Shoppe Branches in trinoma, Alabang,EastWood, Greenhills,Galleria, Alimall, Gateway andTiendesitas
- Cash n' Carry in Makati
- and also in selected bazaars.

For more infos about JellyBandz, You can search them through Facebook (, Multiply account ( or in Twitter ( pages.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our short trip to Toy Town EastWood

                                               Toy Town EastWood across CCA Kitchen

Last Dec. 8, 2010, we had a short trip to Toy Town Eastwood.  we went there to buy gifts for my youngest son Zeus's Christmas Party slated the next day. Toy Town has a very well-selected array of toys to choose from.  From Infant needs to kid's toys and accessories.

                                             Our Gifts as we were readily accommodated

You only not get Quality toys at smart prices but also have your purchases gift-wrapped absolutely free-of-charge.Some stores still charge for the gift-wrapping so I'm thankful to Toy-Town for having my gifts gift-wrapped for free. This helps a lot most especially if you have a lot of gifts to give out. You spend less for the gift wrappers as well. So i suggests to Moms and Dads looking for gifts for their kids, nieces,nephews,and "inaanaks", do come to any of the branches of Toy Town most especially to it's branch at Toy Town EastWood where you could find lots of gift suggestions depending on the ages and have them gift-wrapped for free and be accomodated by their staffs with a smile on teir faces.

                    My kids enjoying the free shuttle-ride on our way back home

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mommy Bloggers and All Together in Dignity Foundation at Fun Ranch

                                                 kids at the foundation enjoying the games

On it's 4th year, Fun Ranch invited Mommy Bloggers and the kids from All Together in Dignity Foundation in a morning filled of love and Christmas spirit. The fast approaching celebration of Christmas reminds us that it is not just the celebration of the birth of Jesus do we see the tue meaning of Christmas. For me Christmasis also being able to give and share some of the blessings we had and most of all is by being able to share one's self to others.

                                                                 Kids from A.T.D.

 I was fortunate to be among the Mommy Bloggers invited because I was able to spend and share my time with some of the less-fortunate kids that A.T.D. ( All Together in Dignity ) is currently helping. As a mom of 2 boys (the eldest is 6yrs.old and the youngest is 4yrs..old), I always try to to teach my kids the gift of sharing, not just to themselvesbut also to our brothers and sisters who are less-fortunate. Whenever I see children begging in the streets or for those kids risking their lives begging in public utility vehicles, I feel sad because I don't think I'll be able to help them just by giving them money or food. They will always resort to begging if I always do that.

Last saturday's event ( Dec.11,2010), answered my prayers. To further explain this,I have to share with by back-tracking a few months ago, I have this one friend that maybe in one way or another I have hurt her. This friend told me that we became friends for a reason. She hoped that she has touched my life in a way that she was able to share her life not only in terms of giving material things but also the " the giving of one's self". With what she said, I came to realize that she was right. you can help others by sharing yourself and learning from your past mistakes. To that dear friend, Thank you! No words is tantamount to what you have taught me.

                                                                        Magic Show

In this event, I was able to share my time with A.T.D. kids after the Event. After the event we were informed by the very nice Marketing Manager of Fun Ranch, ms. Ana May del Rosario to Pick 3 kids from the foundation to look after while enjoying the rides outside . I chose 3 boys so they could easily bond with my 2 boys which i brought also to the event. My boys did have a great time with the 3 kids. They also became instant friends. I am forever thankful to the Fun Ranch team for these experience. I hope to participate more in these kind of activities. Kids from A.T.D. stayed only till 3p. Time sure flies when you're having fun especially if that place happens to be at Fun Ranch.

After that, It's time for me and my kids to bond together exclusively!!! We tried all the rides from the Bumper Car, Fun Ranch Express Train, Bumper Boat, Ferris Wheel, Plane Pirate Ship, Swing Rides, Carousel, Space Quest and the "bestseller" for me and my kids is the Go! Speed Racing ( a mini-go-kart track).

Fun Ranch is the only family Entertainment Complex with activities and establishments that cater especially to kids and their families. The theme is a Ranch in the center--wherein you will see the Big Red Barn --a kid-friendly Restaurant with free magic show on weekends. Isn't that great? Dining while enjoying a fantastic Magic Show.
                                         Mr. Vince Padilla-President of Fun Ranch

I also had the opportunity to have a talk with very warm and accommodating President of Fun Ranch, Mr. Vince Padilla. He told me their family decided to put up Fun Ranch 4 years ago , because they always encounter the same problems organizing parties--separate billing for table and chairs rental, food, venue and etc., So the idea is this, Why not put up their own party place! Fun Ranch boasts that if you  have your party here, all the party needs can come in one package. Their party packages are very light on the pocket. For example , you can have your party here and pay it in 0% interest-free for 3months thru your CitiBank or Metrobank Credit card.  Their party packages includes free use of the venue, Birthday Streamer( on loan),name tags , free use of the sound system, cake stand, Play area, Free entrance to Active Fun for the birthday celebrant, kiddie table set-up, CCTV Security Coverage and alot more!

Their party packages for Food like the kiddie-plated meal starts at P150 and their drinks at P40, but if you opt for bottom-less, you only have to pay P50. Whoa! that was an amazing deal ! And you can only experience that at Fun Ranch!

Aside fro  the rides, there is also the Leaps and Bounds, an inflatable playground with different kinds of inflatables while Family Fun Zone has the gutter-less Duckpin bowling and Mini-golf.

                                                  kids lining-up to get gifts from Santa

Fun Ranch has become a go-to place for families all over the metro. So come and join the fun at Fun Ranch, because KIDS DO RULE HERE!

Thank you Mommy Lace And Jeff Siy of Boy Kuripot and most of all to Fun Ranch team headed by the President, Mr.Vince Padilla and the Marketing Manager Ms. Ana May Del Rosario for the wonderful event!!!

So to all Moms and Dads out there who's looking for Quality bonding and fun experience that my kids and me had at Fun Ranch, You may go to Fun Ranch Frontera Verde( just across Tiendesitas)  Ortigas Ext. Pasig City!!! Or you may go to their website or for party inquiries call 7063029/7063031 or you may like their Fanpage too on Facebook, just type on the Facebook Search tab "Fun Ranch"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Down to The FINAL THREE !!! : The Amazing Race Season Season 4 Finale

  It’s the final showdown in the upcoming finale episode of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) Season 4! Coming head to head will be the youngest team in TARA history versus the first father-and-daughter team versus the super athletic best friends, Richard and Richard! Smelling victory at hand, the teams have upped the game and kept fans teetering on the edge of their seats, as they race neck to neck and check in at stops within minutes of one another! 

      With the last leg of the race taking place in Singapore, it is the unlikeliest of teams that have made it to the final three that will fight for the first place in TARA 4. 

      In the only Fast Forward of the race, the Richards sacrificed their lovely locks by shaving their heads, which gave them a significant head start. While their physical fitness placed them at a solid advantage as they led in the top three for seven legs, the Richards hit a spate of bad luck in the last two legs, where they got terribly lost and even broke a race rule that had them backtrack their route and cost them a near-elimination. 

      As for Michelle and Claire, the girls showed that their youthful age and pint-size builds were anything but a handicap. The best friends beat the other teams with a lot of grit and determination. No one can forget how the feisty duo swallowed 275 chicken balls, out-eating even the men from the other teams! Besides, they managed to trail close behind the Richards with top three rankings in five legs, even after being yielded by the Indian team Dimple and Sunaina!

      Despite having a familial bond that is the envy of many, Natasha and Hussein have been cracking under the pressure, which led to constant bickers that saw them end up at the bottom of the pack in several portions of the race. Natasha’s patience was duly tested by her father's antics during the race, especially during his attempt to cheer her on with his whistle blowing during the log sawing session. As the oldest participant this season, Hussein also had some physical limitations in completing some of the tasks, like the high-wire walk in Galle or the trapeze act in Sydney. Not all’s lost though, for in the penultimate leg, the father-daughter team rise to form to take the lead for the first time!

      Throughout the race, there have been some pretty extreme challenges presented to the teams, with some that resulted in unexpected outcomes. The underwater dive in Malaysia for example, saw not one or two but five teams failing to complete the task, which resulted in a four-hour penalty for each team. Transportation woes also saw teams arguing, haggling and at times, flirting with pilots to set off early, while others got lost on the roads so much, it almost became a routine. Add in complex dance numbers, eating of exotic food (think crunchy fat grubs with the consistency of jelly!) and death-defying acts and there is no question that this race has become the ride of a lifetime for all teams.

      With very little rest and an even tinier time gap among the three teams, will the Richards do Pinoys proud by finally changing TARA history of strong teams not fulfilling their potential (think Marc & Rovilson, Geoff & Tisha), or can underdogs Natasha and Hussein put aside their generational conflicts to emerge as the winner? Or can Michelle and Claire bank on their home advantage and continue to show that age and size matter not in this race around the world?

      All will be revealed in the gripping grand finale of The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 on AXN, 9 December at 8PM (JKT)/ 9PM (SG, MY, PH)/ 10PM (HK)!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Magnolia Mom-Bloggers Get-Together: Magnolia Christmas Limited Edition Ice Cream

Last Dec 3, 2010 I was invited to attend a Mom-Bloggers Get-Together by Magnolia Ice Cream.  It was held at the Executive Dining Room  ( which lately we were told that only VIP guests are allowed to dine in there.)  The Event proper started around 2pm for the registration and then we were immediately served with merienda. The merienda includes Pasta (either you choose your sauce in Carbonara or Bolognese), nachos and the bite-size burgers which the brand manager proudly says was made from Angus beef ( yummy!). 

I also saw fellow mommy-bloggers like Pehpot Pineda of http//, my ever-bubbly friend Joy Mendiola of, Earth Rullan of http://www.earthlingorgeous.com, Leira Pagaspas  ( many thanks to you for the pictures ) of, Renz Alcantara of, Peachy Adarne of http://the (btw,are we seeing each other often, don't you agree Peachy?)and Josephine Bonsol of After the Merienda and a little of catching-up with other bloggers, the event started started with Introductions by Mr. Jonel Uy of NomNom Club and shortly introduced to us the Brand Manager for Magnolia Ice Cream , Mr. Mayo Alcon.

                                                                      Mr. Mayo Alcon
                                                       Brand Manager for Magnolia Ice Cream

He started his talk with a brief background of how the Magnolia Ice cream started its roots way back 1925. Until it opened it's new Magnolia Ice Cream plant in Sta. Rosa ,Laguna. He was jolly person that their wasn't a dull moment with him. 

Now for the main part of this program of which what it is all about : Unleashing The Magnolia Christmas Limited Edition Ice Cream.

                                                 oozing with cheese blocks..!

                                         contains cashew praline w/streaks of caramel ripple

                                     with bits of apple cinnamon choco pretzels w/ a combi-
                                       nation of red and green apple streaks

So what's next after the presentation of these 3 yummy flavors? Of course a blogger event is nothing with out a game. We were blinfolded and each one of us were given a cup to taste and keep in mind the answers.

Luckily all of us are winners ! As what Mr.NomNom club said "Moms knows best "! And I guest he is right !
And to cap this happy event , we were told that each one of us gets to bring home all 3 flavors !!! Yum! Yum ! I could hear my stomach growl taking note of that .

Each container is " Tub-Wrapped ". It's so christmassy , You could keep the containers for future use.These 3 Christmas Limited Edition  flavors are already out in the market till February 2011. so what are you guys waiting for? Go to your favorite groceries and supermarkets and avail of these 3 yummy flavors : Vanilla Praline, Caramel Cheese cake and Apple Strudel ! Each tub comes in 1.5L Family sizes. Enjoy it with your family and friends ! Enjoy while its here !!!

Ooops!  Before I plunge into all 3 flavors ( I tend to forget things when I hear the word "Magnolia Ice Cream") ) here's one great news! Magnolia Ice Cream is having " Magnolia Ice Cream Blog Writing Contest ". The concept is to blog about an experience you and your family had with any or all of the Magnolia Ice Cream Christmas Limited Edition Flavors with the theme " Enjoy While Its's Here" .

Blog Mechanics:

The entry should at least contain 200 words  and a maximum of 500 words. The words" Magnolia Ice Cream , Limited Edition " and at least one of the 3 variants (Vanilla Praline/ Apple Strudel/Caramel Cheese Cake should be mentioned at least once anywhere in the whole article or Blog. At least once , the word " Magnolia Ice Cream " should be a link to


The blog should contain at least one photo containg any of the three products relevant to the article.


Encourage other readers to join the blog writing contest as well and link to your blogpost URL on the abovementioned link including your email address where you will be notified in case you will emerge as the winner.


The contest is opened from December 3- 25, 2010. Announcement of winners is on December 31, 2010.

Criteria for judging is based on the ff:

Creativity and Writing style- 50%
Originality, Grammar & Adheranceto the theme- 20%
Photo Quality and Relevance-20 %
Over-all Impact-10%

What's up for grabs? The winners GC's will be courier to any valid address in the Philippines.

First Prize -P2000 worth of Magnolia Ice Cream G.Cs
Second prize-  P1500 worth of Magnolia Ice Cream G.C.s
Third prize- P1000 worth of Magnolia Ice Cream G.Cs