Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Healthway Medical Launches The HealthWallet Card

It's hard to get sick now a days..I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me. With the sudden change of temperature to being "too ho"t and now to being "too cold",I'm sure your shots of Vit. C won't be that enough to fight the upcoming sickness. And I believe in the saying, "Prevention is better than Cure".

A good investment that I am happy to have and to share with you guys is my ...

Having a card like these is like a soldier arm with your weapons ready to battle your aggressors!

Let me share with you the benefits of having The Healthway Medical HEALTH WALLET:

  • It is fully transferrable and can be shared to any family member. Their is no limit as to how many you guys are in a family.
  • Reloadable and valid in all HealthWay Clinics.
  • The bearer is entitled to one free consult with a primary care physician. ( Though a fixed fee of P200 is charged for consultations with Healthway’s primary care physicians for as long as the card is active and with a minimum initial load of P1, 000. )
  • Offers a 20-percent discount on laboratory, diagnostic, ancillary, rehab modalities, oral prophylaxis and dental restorative procedures.
  • The reloadable card when used is valid at all Healthway services, which includes executive checkups, laboratory tests, special consults, eye care, dental services, outpatient surgeries and diagnostic tests (endoscopy, X-ray and ultrasound mammography). 

And there's a special treat for those who have OFW relatives, who are coming home this holiday season because upon arrival here in the Philippines, which started last Oct till December 31,2011, in cooperation with Touchpoint Media and e.Xtend Inc., will offer the “HealthWallet for Immigration A/D Promo” in keeping with the holiday spirit and in support of the traditional yearend tourism campaign.

How this works?

The promo has Healthway Medical as part of the Immigration Arrival/Departure (AD) brochure, which will be distributed in all Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific international flights and given to all foreign visitors, OFWs and balikbayans before landing to be submitted to the Philippine Bureau of Immigration upon arrival.

In this brochure Healthway will promote HealthWallet Card, the latest in the wide range of Healthway Cards. The HealthWallet Card is another revolutionary product that applies a debit system that allows the holder to share good health with their loved ones.

The HealthWallet Card may be claimed until February 2012 and is valid for one year upon activation.

 “The HealthWallet is an innovation that recognizes the legendary industry of our OFWs who work for double time for their families,” says Carmie de Leon, Healthway vice president for sales and marketing. “As the first-ever family health card of Healthway that’s both reloadable and transferable to family members, the HealthWallet is also the first-of-its-kind health product that assures OFWs that their loved ones are taken care of in the Philippines. This is part of Healthway’s Mas Alaga, Mas Tiwala campaign. Providing easy access to health for our OFWs.”

This is the first time that I have know of a private entity to have taken priority of our OFW's who have been our silent heroes for helping boost our economy. 

HealthWay Medical Has been in the healthcare business for 14 years already. And Proof to their comittment to excellence is their newest Branch at Greenbelt 5. I am proud to have toured it along with fellow bloggers.

The photos I got from the clinic tour are posted all here.

Monday, December 26, 2011

My SM SUPERMALLS 2012 Calendar Give Away!

Now that year 2011 is almost  a few days near! To thank and share to everybody the blessings I have received this year 2011, I am giving away 50 SM SUPERMALLS 2011 Calendar to the first 50 followers of my blog who will follow my simple instructions! (You have to be a follower first of my blog to be eligible to join, so if you are not yet a follower, Click the follow button here.)

You can win by following any of the instructions written below:

  • Just follow SM SUPERMALLS and Lakwatsera Mom through twitter. And Tweet on your status: "@lakwatsera_Mom and @SM Supermalls is giving away 50 SM SUPERMALLS 2012 Calendars."
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Reminders :
  • Remember the first 50 to do it correctly and comment on my blog post will win these fab calendar from SM SUPERMALLS 
  • I will email you guys on how you will get your calendars.
  • This giveaway is open to all Nationwide as long as you can have a representative here in the metro who can receive the calendar!
  • Giveaway starts now till December 27 to Dec.30, 2011 12noon.
So easy to join right! But don't forget to post ur entry (name/ fb alias used / email/contact nos./fb status or twitter status link) as comment on my blog. Thanks and have a blessed year a head of you this year 2012!

Happy Holidays!,,,
Lakwatsera Mom

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Datu Puti Gives 15% off Savings to help in Our Holiday Feasts !

Do you love to cook? Well I do and a lot ! Although I'm no master when it comes to cooking  I can fairly cook some dishes that I knew by heart, most especially Adobo! And it is also my hubby and kids' favorite. That's why I fairly keep in stock a lot of Datu Puti Vinegar and Datu Puti Soy Sauce!

Most especially now that New Year's Dya is almost near. Datu Puti will come in handy most especially if we can stock a lot of it! There are so many ways and dishes to cook with Datu Puti Vinegar. Here's one recipe that I saw online and will try myself for New Year's Eve:

                  BBQ Spareribs Recipe 


Mister Donut Merrygalos :A Holiday Treat For Every Filipino Family This Christmas!

Christmas is a season of giving and sharing. So it is just in good timing that we share with them something yummy and special!

Ho-ho-holiday treats from Mister Donut

In life, there is nothing more heartwarming than seeing the smile on your loved one’s face as he or she opens your gift. The look of childlike wonder, the sweaty hands and giddy anticipation, the gleeful grin, the squeal of delight--they all

This Christmas, get an extra serving of sweetest smiles effortlessly with Mister Donut’s Merrygalos, cool and festive holiday offers from one of the makers of great-tasting donuts in the country.

Experience sumptuous Belgian Bites like never before in limited edition Christmas tin cans. Finally, you and you loved ones can enjoy these delicious donuts in delightful packages. Choose the Christmas Tree tin can with nine assorted Belgian Bites for only P170 or get the Candy Cane tin can with 7 pieces of Belgian Bites for only P150. These shiny fanciful tins are great for storing items and awesome reminders of a Christmas well spent.

Belgian Bites are also available in affordable packs of three for P36 and six for only P72. They come in colorful gift boxes that are just as fun and festive.

For Bavarian Frost lovers out there, Mister Donut unveils Merry Bavarian Frost, an enchanting medley of junior Bavarian donuts with a Christmas touch. Be dazzled by sugary snowflakes, Christmas trees and Yuletide ornaments on your favorite donut. Sink your teeth into the chocolate, strawberry, caramel and coffee frosting and savor Mister Donut’s signature Bavarian filling. For a vibrant box of 9 assorted donuts at only P99, it’s no wonder every bite turns into a smile.

Expect a Ngiting Mister Donut to come your way with any of these Merrygalos. Whether you’re caught in the holiday rush or just looking for yummy Christmas treats, drop by any of Mister Donut’s 1,000 stores nationwide and get the yummiest gift that’s worth giving. Because with Mister Donut’s Merrygalos, may smile sa bawat kagat, may regalo para sa lahat!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Enteng Ng Ina Mo! : Fantasy and Real-Life Merger Movie!

As we all know during the past Metro Manila Film Festival particularly last year, Ms. Ai Ai delas Alas won the Best Actress award and during her acceptance speech, She was quoted as saying that she wanted to do a movie with Bossing Vic (Vic Sotto) next year. Upon knowing this, Vic Sotto entertain the thought and sat down with Star Cinema (ABS-CBN'S Film outfit) and discuss it.

And now a year after, and tomorrow Dec.25, 2011, ENTENG NG INA will be shown in 100 theaters nationwide. During The ENTENG ng Ina Mo Presscon at Cravings, Katipunan, Bossing himself was so eager to spill everything about her upcoming blockbuster movie with Ai Ai.

I arrived early so to that I'll be seating with just opposite Bossing Vic. But I guess there were more people more excited me because all possible seats are taken but that didn't kept me from being excited to finally meet Bossing.This time with all bloggers present, I guess aside from me, they are also too eager to ask questions about the movie.

From the tons of questions we have and thank God Bossing Vic patiently answered it all. I guess the movie is all worth it to watch. With Bossing Vic's character as Enteng, a father and Ai Ai as Ina Montecillo who also happens to have a family, The movie is all about what the Family is all about. From the movie we can learn a lot of things like what does a father or mother can do fro his/her family to protect it ? Is your Family all worth the sacrifices? And watching the movie, we will all just realize that our families are ALL what we have.

 Movie trailer of "Enteng ng Ina Mo!"

 Bossing Vic also shared some things about his family like how excited he is for Oyo's upcoming baby, how proud he is with Vico (his son with Coney Reyes), who's planning to take up Law , and also with Danica (her eldest daughter with Dina Bonnevie) , who is successfully married to a basketball player. I guess he almost perfectly played the role of Enteneg because he, himself was successful in having like them.

The beauty of both "Enteng" and "Tanging Ina" series is the fact that both movies centralizes about the importance of family. So all moviegoers can easily relate to the story of the movies.

Oh and let me tell you, this is the first time that I will be watching a movie from the METRO MANILA FILM FEST  . I lardy told my two boys that we will be watching it on the first day, to avoid hearing comments from the movie goers who will watch on its first day.

By the way "Enteng ng Ina Mo" is produce by M-ZET FILMS , OCTO ARTS FILMS, APT ENTERTAINMENT and STAR CINEMA.

Troop to your favorite  movie house and be sure you are first from the lines because I am sure, it will all long lines because families will be seen watching this! Cinemas are already open as a early as 9am!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Segunda Mano: Your Horror Movie Treat this MMFF' 2011

The Box Office Queen of Horror is back on the Big Screen with another frightening offering set to bring a different kind of chill this Christmas season. Kris Aquino top-bills the movie Segunda Mano, an entry to this year's Metro Manila Film Fest.

I am not actually a fan of Horror films. I usually watch them just so because my kids personally love to watch Horror films and in the end they only get themselves frightened (that's how kids are? I think so.)

But this time I am supporting some of the movies which got in the MMFF because this time I realize that our film makers are producing quality films even it means going their way out of commercialism and their pockets too!

Another reason I am watching Segunda Mano is because Bb. Joyce Bernal is directing this horror flick of 2011. I do love all the movies that Direk Joyce had done most especially the comedy film she directed, "Kimmydora",which still makes me laugh to tears.

This time Bb. Joyce will prove her versatility as director in the movie Segunda Mano.

If the story is not yet enough to excite the local industry, here's more!\

  • Horror queen Ms. Kris Aquino will top bill along with Dingdong Dantes

  • Multi-awarded actress Ms. Helen Gamboa will make her big screen comeback via this movie. She will be playing Adela, Mabel's mom. Adela is mourning for the tragic death of her younger daughter.
  • Both movie casts Angelica Panganiban and Ms. Kris Aquino will prove their horrifying prowess bolt in together.

The movie is produced by Star Cinema and MJM Productions and by the Direction of renowned director, Bb. Joyce Bernal. Screenplay was written by Joel Mercado.

Catch this movie at nearly 100 theaters near you.!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seriland Fantasy World: Every Kids Fantasy!

SERI FANTASY WORLD - a 1,200-square meter theme park located at the 2nd Level, South Wing of the Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila. It offers never before seen attractions in the country. Its three (3) main attractions, namely TRICK ART MUSEUM, MIRROR MAZE and 3D CINEMA PLUS, are equipped with different angles of 3Dimensional technology for  visitors of all ages.

I have been many times at Manila Ocean Park but since Seriland Fantasy World is not part of the Manila Ocean Park tour. I would just take picture outside the premises.

But now that Christmas is just days away and with the kids already on vacation, I plan to bring them and have them enjoy a different treat.

The Seriland Fantasy Land has 3 main attractions: TRICK ART MUSEUM, 3D CINEMA PLUS, and Mirror Maze. 

TRICK ART MUSEUM is a gallery of 3Dimensional art freehand painted by famous Korean artists, highlights interactive paintings that visualize 3D optical illusions when a picture is taken with it. 

MIRROR MAZE is a gallery of 3Dimensional art freehand painted by famous Korean artists, highlights interactive paintings that visualize 3D optical illusions when a picture is taken with it. 

3D CINEMA PLUS offers stereoscopic scenes and multi-sensorial effects to the viewers. 

 But since an attraction is not all about learning , Seriland offers fun for the kids through its 
KIDS’ PARADISE, a fun land with rides, jungle playpen, book cafĂ© and toy world, gives limitless entertainment to toddlers and young-at-heart guests. It is indeed the Land of Happy Thoughts.

Another good thing here for the Seriland visitors is that they can have their visit thorugh which way they want with their bundled promos.
Here's their bundled promos for your reference.

Can't wait to visit with my 2 sons , as I am a "kid"-at-heart too!