Monday, January 3, 2011

Beh's 28th Birthday !!! A Loving post for a great DAD and Husband!

Dec.28, 2010 is the birthday of my very responsible, hardworking and loving husband Emmanuel." Beh" as I lovingly call him celebrated his birthday with us at Quezon City Memorial Circle to watch the fountain and lights show . we decided to spend it here to make it different. Almost all his birthdays were spent going to the mall so going here was a different catch.This also served as his treat to our kids whom he seldom has time to bond with.

                                                                       My beh

By the way, Sir eman as his students fondly call him is a Public High School teacher. He currently teaches Filipino on 4th year students. So that's why he seldoms has time for us . He devotes most of his time as a teacher. Our Kids was so happy because the entire night was spent hopping to one ride to another. More pictures of this occassion as you read on....

My son Lj as he watch the lights display

Beh and Lj

Me and my Lj

 Me and my youngest son Zeus

 My 2 sons as they wackily posed!

I made this post to thank my husband for everything he has done for us . I may never be vocal about this but I am really grateful to the Lord for having You in my life and for giving me the chance to share our lives together and giving me 2 wonderful kids! He seldom has time for us but I know he's working hard for us. And everything that he's been doing is a SACRIFICE.

To Beh thank you for everything ..For being a great Dad to our kids and for being Loving husband to me! Words are not enough but we, your family hope to repay you by showering you with love and hugs!
We love you and we will always be!


  1. Happy Birthday to yout other half.
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  2. belated happy birthday to your husband! :)

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  3. Send my late greetings to your beloved husband visiting you here through Bloggers Exchange

  4. fun and different way to celebrate your hubby's bday

  5. thanx willa, beng, anne and the hippie mom! hope u guys follow my blog so i can follow u guys back