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Last March 5, 2011, It was Year 2 for Baby Blast 2: Fun Learning Continues. The event was a HUGE success! I am very thankful that i have become part of BABY BLAST YEAR 1 and now on it's 2nd year, my family is still a apart of it will always support them WHY? Because BABY BLAST advocates EARLY HEADSTART EDUCATION (EHS).

EARLY HEAD START EDUCATION  is crucial in the social, intellectual and physical development of children age 0-3 years. In line with this advocacy, Baby Blast Event aims to have a lasting influence in the education and future of children. EHS has been in existence in the US since 1995, and in the Philippines, it has already gained a following from parents that appreciate and see how it benefits their children.
This event isn't solely for babies, but moreover for the whole family!

I have 2 very active kids and being educated about EHS helps me know what my child is into. Like is he good in ART, Is he bad in science , Or does he show signs that he likes MUSIC and etc.. That's why this year I really put an effort to tell my husband to block the date ( March 5) For this is a Family event for us. And good thing aside from his very schedule he found time to stay through out the event.

And this year BABY BLAST 2 was a success and to reach out to the Families they evn held an online contest ... See pictures below  to know that I'm telling the truth!

Baby Blast 2: The fun Learning Continues

MS.NIKKI and MRS.GLADYS REYES-SOMMEREAUX served hosts for the first part of the event.

Cong. Sonny Angara gave a talk about the bill he co-authored and the importance of Early HeadStart education among our children.

There was also a Mommy and Baby Fashionista ( fashion show)

Mommy Cecilia Loreto as she swept off the ramp with her cute daughter KC

The Mommy and Baby Fashionista participants

Dads also got their share of limelight when these 2 Dads were among the winners of Wacky Dad and Me photo contest

 The 5 yaya that made it to the YAYA MAKE-OVER

The Yayas after the make-over
The Sponsors for the Yaya make-Over was URU for the Clothes, Lourd Salon for the make-up and Stylin
The 5 Yayas also got DermaBlend soaps, Daiana Stalder skin care G.Cs and Lourd's salon G.C.'s URU Clothes G.C's and Fragrances of the stars Perfumes and Ferna Food Items

Lucky Babies also had their pampering with LITTLE LAMB and LYF Medical SPA

A Play Area was set -up for the kids

Diliman Preparatory School Diliman  provided play areas for he kids

MS. Christine Bersola-Babao's children's books are also on sale at the event

CLUSIVOL POWER C  even gave samples to the attendees

There are also MOMS and KIDS MAGAZINE for parent's on the look-out on parenting and educational tips.

You can even purchase ur children's vitamin c Like CEELIN with Zinc and NUTROPLEX 

We want to thank Ms. Rossel Velasco-Taberna and the rest of OutBox Media staff for putting up an event like these. Not only we were educated the whole day , but we and our families did  get to enjoy a day filled of fun and  entertainment, Indeed, Fun learning continues with BABY BLAST 2!

Want to know more about events like these in the future ,,you may also like their fanpage on Facebook , just type OUTBOX MEDIA PRODUCTION AGENCY.
And also you may like their fanpage on Facebook , Just type OBM BABY BLAST for more infos about Early Headstart Eduaction .

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