Friday, March 25, 2011

The Lakwatsera Mom's Thoughts on Scrapbooking!

The Bloggers who attended the "Scrap n' Tell Blogger event.
Thanks Jeman of Orange Magazine T.V for this pic.

Actually in this digitally-forward generation , printed photos are not a usual sight. but as a Mom , I still collect photos I got from photo booths and also print copies from my digital camera. After I got the invite for this event, I got really excited because this is my chance to check if my left brain is still working.

First part of the event we were introduce to the Ms. Carmel of Filstar Distributors Inc., they are the distributors of HallMark Cards, All About Scrapbooking items,and BIC pens to name a few.

Thanks Ms. Carmel for the wonderful and worthwhile event.

For people who don't personally know me, I love collecting printed photos because with these you still get to see those wonderful moments you captured on your cameras. actually I brought a lot of pictures for the workshop,but because I have two kids , I decided to focus on my 2 son's photos as my subject for our " little"  project. I also took photos of these workshop to preserve the memory. 

 Who thinks that Scrapbooking is a an easy hobby?
Here are the materials to help us with some techniques on how to make our projects more memorable.

 These are the materials for our own Scrap Page.

From the looks of it, everyone is listening intently hahaha, nice one Bloggers.

I'm trying to make Scrap Page nice, Hope my kids will like it.

The finished product of LAKWATSERA MOM hehehe!

That was only our first project for that day, I'll post details of our 2nd project and how its is done on my next post . So be sure to be updated on my blog. 

After those 2 projects is awarding time  for the Top 3 Most Creative Scrap Page 
Here are the winnners: 

Jonel Uy as the 2nd Runner-up, Lariza Garcia 1st Runner-up and the Grand Winner

Congratulations guys ...By the way there's a Scrap Page contest for the artworks of the Bloggers here , To vote just Like the Fanpage by typing "All About Scrapbooking" and you can vote for your favorite artwork by clicking the photos section and like your Fave Artwork of your favorite Bloggers. 

It's never too late to have Scrapbooking as your "Hobby", for added help or techniques regarding Scrapbooking you may log on to their  website.


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