Friday, April 29, 2011

GMA Kapuso To Launch New Shows This ExHilarating Month of May

This "exhilarating" month of May , GMA Kapuso promises to bring you to the highest level of your t.v. viewing. And this is their way of thanking their loyal viewers who has been one of the reasons why the KAPUSO NETWORK has been the number one broadcast station , not just in Mega Manila, but significantly in the entire country.

Beginning Monday, May 2, 2011, Another "Koreanovela will hit our t.v. screens replacing the top koreanovela " Baker King" (Oh my, can't imagine My "Tak-Gu" is gone) entitled "Secret Garden" which stars |"Ha Ji-Won" (she also starred in "Hwang Jini" ) and lead male of  another Koreanovela hit, " My Name is Kim Sam Soon",  ":Hyun Bin". Secret Garden is about two different people who switched bodies through a magical phenomenon. Secret garden premiers this monday right after I Heart You Pare.
And before I forget, Playful Kiss will also be aired this May . It was based on Japanese manga . This stars Jung so Min and "Boys Over Flowers" star Kim Hyun Joong

Next in line is the exclusive coverage and other behind-the-scenes footages of the most awaited fight of Pinoy Boxing Champ Manny Paquiao over his rival opponent Shane Mosley . I'm sure the people will watch this because Manny Paquiao's fighting style is brilliant.

And for those certified "Kapusos " out there I'm sure you will never miss these new family drama entitled "Munting Heredera" with Ms. Gloria Romero leads an all-star cast along side with Roderick Paulate , Mark Anthony Fernandez , Camille Pratts, Katrina Halili, and the 3 "freshest" kiddie discoveries , Mona Louise Rey, Kyle Daniel Ocampo and Barbara Miguel. This Family drama will keep us hook since it tackles issues about family, love and life. This will air May 9, 2011.

Another movie in the 80' will be brought back to life on our t.v. screens , Blusang Itim premiers in the afternoon block "GMA Dramarama sa Hapon".Upcoming stars who likewise came from family of actors like the beautiful Kylie Padilla, Frank Magalona and Winwyn Marquez.The story was depicted in the modern setting by a of a fashion show and was about a young woman's struggle in coping up with her physical

And just like Blusang Itim , another Movie Classic " Andres de Saya" comes and it will be starred by Cesar Montano with Iza Calzado . I'm sure this will bring the family members in the family room bringing quality bonding experience while laughing to Andres' role as he always summoned by his wife , Matilde. This will start on May 28, 2011

Mark your calendars as "Sisid" which will air on May 30, 2011 with lead star Jackie Rice , together with Dominic Roco and JC Tiuseco will takes us to the under waters with its story revolving about " pearl-diving".

 And for the kiddos, GMA Kapuso will surprised them with a new kid-friendly show "My Chubby World"
 which will begin May 14, 2011 and it will be hosted by Renz Valerio, Zyrael Jestre, Daniela Jessica Amable and Giane Cutler. The kiddie show will get or kids watching the show giving them infos about Top 7 things our kids are interested to.

And I know we are all waiting for this biggest project to date of GMA TV which is "AMAYA" . AMAYA stars Primetime Queen Marian Rivera ,whose role here is a woman blessed with supernatural powers which later she will use to save her people from the male domination. GMA Kapuso is the first to launch an epic-serye with a well-researched story line. And according to them , for this production , they even hired two historians to back-up this serye..And to date this the biggest production when it comes to production costs and cast. Marian Rivera will be backed by other Kapuso Stars like Glaiza de Bastro, Sid Lucero,Mikael  Daez and Rochelle Pangilinan among others. So please do watch out for AMAYA on its premier on May 30, 2011. But I do wonder who will be his leading man? hmmm...

And for those who can't get enough of GMA NEWS and PUBLIC AFFAIRS, they will be presenting another environmental documentary "GROUND ZERO: Sa Gitna ng  Nagbabagong Mundo in this Sunday's SNBO (May 1, 2011) which is about nature's biggest events -EARTHQUAKES.
Another offering from GMA News and public Affairs is "SABADABOG", an eudactional show for kids which is set to premier on the latter part of May, to be hosted by Tonipet Gaba with 4 friendly mascots.

Lastly GMA NEWS TV will also air beatification ceremonies of our "most" Beloved Pope John Paul II  "BLESSED: JOHN PAUL II" from 3:00-6:30 pm on Sunday (May1, 2011) and will have a re-run on it's highlights at 10:00pm-11:00pm. Preceding the highlights at 8:45pm is the documentary about the late pontiff's life  entitled: "JOHN PAUL THE GREAT : A POPE WHO MADE HISTORY".

Among these upcoming offering of GMA Kapuso shows , I'm mostly interested in "Amaya", since these will be the first Epic-serye . And I'm kind of interested on how the story will progressed in it's future run and I'm kind of like the idea that GMA Kapuso opened its doors in making this "serye" into reality about an epic-serye with real traces of our own race and not just merely fictional-based characters.And for the first time This epic-serye eill focus on how women can empower a race as well.

Well how about you guys, which "Upcoming" GMA KAPUSO show this sizzling month of MAY do you look forward to? Your comments might make mycomments section :), so what are you waiting for comment-away!

For infos about GMA Kapuso Offerings this month of May you may like them on Facebook or logged on their site GMA NEWS .

By the let me share with you guys my day tour at GMA KAPUSO Grounds.

I'm happy That GMA 7 has these donation boxes which just shows that they are into sharing!

Finally I have met PAPA BEAR!

And Papa KIKO as well, i-Rambo Gun na yan!

I was able to catch an aring on DZBB Super Radyo with Sir Orly on the mic.

GMA-7 unveils new programs and specials airing this May 2011 from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My "Doom of the Broom " side of the Story

Oh ! This is how I look bad once I'm up cleaning the house! One thing's for sure bad posture for me is in the bag! But we Filipinos are accustomed to using this kind of "broom" or what we call the "walis tambo". cleaning the house is a daily routine for me since I do not have any house help. So I have to end this "doom" thing that's happening to me .I  want an "end" to this misery of mine.

I have a video that will show you how bad I need a new and "high-tech" broom!

Have you watched it ? Darn! I look so bad, that I look so a house help myself. No time for me to look nice! I really need this new sleek broom that I heard, and it's coming out soon!  Oh my God I need this kind of broom,"sleek" and stylish. Having this new broom means more time to bond with my family and more time to re-invent myself , more so  "a Me-time" for me and will also have my good posture back!

" I need change! I want to start the Doom of the Broom! I need Help!"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Win Prizes by playing The Snickers Hungerling Attack game!

Well once in a while my kids just got bored of watching their favorite cartoons in Dvd. One good thing I was also introduced to this one superb yet engaging online game. It'll be perfect timing to introduce this game to my kiddos. But I have to share some of the pics I got from Bloggers's event by Snickers.

Me and my co-bloggers had the chance to play it, wahhh, I can sense everybody is so "competitive"!

And who wouldn't? Just by playing the Snickers Hungerling Attack online game at , You could win  cool items such as  HP Mini, PS3, G-Shock watches. Snickers Hungerling Attack is so easy to play . Just logged on to their website and register first and play all you want! Wahhh! isn't that easy and just by playing and being the top scorer, you'll be able to score the above-mentioned prizes. This contest will run till April 15 to May 15, 2011.

In this game you can either play using your keyboard or webcam. Once you are logged on to your account and your face turns into a monster all you have to do is eat all the Snickers chocolate that would fall on you but be sure to avoid other objects falling other than the Snickers chocolate because this would slow your time. The trick to this game is be the "Fastest" time to beat.

Isn't that easy? You win great prizes by just playing online and eating Snickers chocolate to energize and even make you want to play more! As a matter of fact ,after this post I'll be playing the Snickers Hungerling Attack game to gunned down those great prizes! But before I do that I should make my 2 kiddos give me their seat to our computer so I could play as well!

More pics!

 More Bites of these to ensure that you combat the "Hungerling"!

Meet the whole gang of Bloggers who accepted the challen, ged 
and  fought the HUNGERling attack!

Friday, April 22, 2011

SandBar Seafood and Grill plus Liquid Pool and Lounge ticket Give-Away!

I just can't get over my experience at all of the new attractions that Manila Ocean Park has to offer for this 2011. True to my blog name , Lakwatsera Mom takes you to my gastronomic adventure where it is the "Freshest" venue on this side of the bay and it happens to be SANDBAR and SEAFOOD Grille.

SandBar is one of your best alternatives if you like grilled seafood dining while enjoying the Jamaican-inspired, Al-fresco setting by the bay. Their food offerings are vast such as American, Filipino,Spanish, Mexican and etc They can also serve drinks, lunch and dinner.

I love their Jamaican-inspired seating capacity.
It's so nice to eat here at day-time while catching some fresh air,too!

This place can also serve special occasions like get- togethers, parties/events and even weddings!

And SandBar looks like this at night. So perfect ! 
The ambiance will surely drive you back to this place!
SandBar will make your stay cozy and engaging as well!

This is also another part of the place where you and your family can relax while
 waiting for your seafood to be cooked.

And by the Sand bar also offer you a wide variety of your seafood favorites. For example for a kilo of shrimps, Isn't that great cozy ambiance while having your seafood treats grilled. So healthy!
I'm sure that all of you will no longer find other establishments to satisfy those hungry stomachs while having fun at all the attractions that Manila Ocean Park can offer, since it is just located at the DROP-OFF area of HOTEL H2O.

For more inquiries on how to book reservations you may like them on Facebook by typing SANDBAR and SEAFOOD GRILL.

And I'm so lucky to have that awesome dining experience at SANDBAR SEAFOOD and Grill, I will be giving away 2 Tickets with 2 drinks of the day each to 1 lucky follower to have cool "Bar" experience at LIQUID POOL LOUNGE located inside Manila Ocean Park.

First check out how cool it is to be on LIQUID POOL and LOUNGE!
These photos are are taken From Earthlingorgeous.Com 3rd Blog anniversary Party by Azrael Coladilla

This is the pool from the Liquid Pool and Lounge where you can swim in your bikinis and trunks!

And bar-dine the night away with their "soo-comfy" seats!

So are you ready to win those tickets?

Here's how:
1.) Be a follower of my blog Random Thoughts of An Online Mom by clicking the "Follow" button.!
2.) Like also SandBar Seafood and Grill's  and Liquid Pool and Lounge fanpage on Facebook.
3.)and post on your wall why Liquid Pool and Lounge is the best way to add some splash to your night outs and parties and end it with "Join @Random Thoughts of an Online Mom @tag SandBar Seafood and Grill,  @tag Liquid Pool and Lounge Ticket Give-Away"
4)And lastly, comment here on my blog that you joined , together with your name/email/contact nos. and FB Status links.
5.) This contest is open to all Philippine residents (as long as you can meet me or provide me a valid address within the Philippines. and will run today till May 6, 2011.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I was really excited to share with you guys this event. The BUM BLOGGERS' NIGHT . And the photo contest they launched!

Here's how? Read on! Here's your chance to send your fab photo with your own "MY STORY" entry!


How to Participate

1. Contestant must have a valid Email.

2. “My Story” Contest is open for Boys & Girls, 13 yrs old above and resident of the Philippines.

3. A contestant is qualified to join upon purchase of any of BUM’s My Story Collection T-Shirt for boys or girls available at BUM Boutiques & leading Department Stores Nationwide.

4. To register, Log on and fill up the application with

• Full Name
• Date of Birth
• Complete Address
• Telephone and or Mobile Number
• Valid email address
• Store name where the product is purchased
• Write a story in not less than 300 words, on how BUM influenced their “Realities”?
• Submit story entries with the photograph at
• No other products or brands (except BUM) must  be worn in the photograph and photo must be
    in landscape picture orientation, JPEG/GIF or PNG format and cannot exceed 2MB in file size.
• A contestant may opt to submit more than 1  story entry, provided each story submitted
   must be supported with a decent photograph of the contest wearing the “MYSTORY”
   collection T-shirt; however each photograph must be a different design from the My Story Collection .

   Photos must be taken with a date starting  April 1, 2011 until the end of entry submission.
   The collections are identifiable by the “My  Story” swing tags.

Don't forget to look for these tag upon purchasing so your entry will be eligible!

Submitted photos must adhere on the ff. guidelines:

It must be clear and not blurred.
• It must be focused on one person only who is wearing the BUM My Story T-Shirt.
• It must have a date starting from April 1 – May 30, 2011.
• It must be in landscape orientation.

And the lucky winners for these contest will take these awesome prizes!


Prizes for this contest are as follows:

Grand Prize
1. Apple iPad2 16GB WIFI
1. BUM Loot Bag

2nd Prize – 2 Runner-Ups
1. Samsung ES65 Camera
1. BUM Loot Bag

3rd Prize – 5 Semi-Finalists
1. Apple iPod Shuffles
1. BUM Loot Bag

For more infos about the contest you may log on to their website  or go their FB page by typing BUM (clothing)

I'm sure alot of you guys out there is excited about these contest! on the "more lighter" side , let me share what transpired during that " awesome " BLOGGER'S NIGHT that BUM EQUIPMENT  gave to us bloggers!

 Enzo Luna here is busy her thinking whose blog to vote
All the invited Bloggers was given the chance to vote for their fave blogger.
They're given 3 stickers to vote for their fave BLOGS and guess who won?

Of course none other, one of my favorite Bloggers emerged as The MOST FAVORITE BLOGGER
Azrael Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland

There are runner- ups too! Congrats Guys!

Here are some of the tees you got to look out for if you will join the MY STORY PHOTO CONTEST!

With Blogger friends Jonel Uy  and Lariza Garcia

KUDOS! to everyone who attended and most especially to Sir Rae!

Manila Ocean Park's Biggest Car Event : REV, DRIFT, DRIVE

The biggest car show to hit the metro's by this summer comes in full throttle! Car owners, enthusiasts, and hobbyists are invited on a 3-day ,drive-high experience of the latest, Hottest and Biggest CAR EVENT happening this summer.

Bumper to bumper, this car show was produced by the Unite the Car Clubs of the Philippines , Ladder Events and Wave 89.1 entitled Hotter Summer Nights Car Show.

Hot Summer Nights is a car show that originates from car clubs who gather at one place , invite friends-show off their rides and what they have done with it or fututure plans for it . HSN is the open-parking type, underground ansd streetshow off car show in USA and in Japan . As always , it is a big hit esp[ecially during summer where cool cars and hot abbes merge in one place and party thge night away.
Ladder Events is proud to claim that they are the only Asian country who has done events for the F&F franchise for the past 3 movies. 

And unlike any other car show it will be happening at the metro's newest holiday destination, THE MANILA OCEAN PARK! But aside from the BIGGEST CAR SHOW, there's more, read down from here...

Fast & Furious 5: The Event

In the world of car enthusiasm and car fanatics, there is no title beyond the F&F Franchise. That is why Ladder Events is back are to renew passion, the adrenaline and the excitement from the past sequels and prequels for F&F.

Only in the Philippines, only at Manila Ocean Park, a "Drive in Movie" for the past 4 movies will be shown . With show cars lined up to watch the movie , it is a car show , a drive-in movie rolled into one .And guess what , they'll be giving free popcorns , sodas and hotdogs to all their participants. So what are guys waiting , DRIVE in too!

And there's more, "LUCKY"  expectators get a chance to win exclusive items from F&F.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why do I hate MAGNOLIA FROZEN Delights this SUMMER?

Now that summer is finally here who wouldn't eat or drink anything cold? As a mom of two "highly" energetic boys, most probably you would be seeing me like a busy bee? Why , coz' they're making the most of their summer by playing,playing and playing! And I frequently have to check their backs because they perspire a lot. And after playing they would suddenly would just come up to me and say " Mom, what's up for meryenda?".  Before some cookies or sandwiches with a glass of juice is fine, but now that they got to taste my favorite Magnolia Frozen Delights ( when I was kid, too!) ,they would say " Mom, do we still have Magnolia Frozen Delights Fun Bar?". Wait there, my kids are so demanding but who am I  to fret? I could say they truly refresh me this summer too ! (with all the running around with my playful kids).

Take a look of all The Magnolia Frozen Delights to know that I'm not lying!

Magnolia Frozen Delights "Fun Bar Surprise"

The Sweetie Bites in Cookie Craze and Cheesy Bliss Flavors!

The Popsies ice lolly- This one is my kid's favorite!

Pinipig Bar in Vanilla Crisp and Sweet Corn

The All-New Spinner
My personal favorite, I sooo love the the 2 flavors in Vanilla and Chocolate 

And oh by the way Lakwatsera Mom just wants to share also that I was  invited Magnolia Ice Cream's Summer Party to have a taste of all these yummy and creamy Magnolia Frozen Delights.

And btw, I won also as one "Best Dressed Summer Babes" for the Magnolia Blogger's Summer Party
Thanks to Sleek in The City for this very cool photo.

Why I hate Magnolia Frozen Delights ? I hate them because I can't get enough of them, including my kids! Whenever we hit the grocery store, they will be nowhere in sight! And suddenly behind my back was my kids  holding all the Magnolia Frozen delights items.I cannot say no myself! But with Magnolia Frozen Delights creaminess , I just can bid my diet goodbye!

So this summer, I just that you grab Magnolia Frozen delights products like the newly-launched Spinner, Pinipig Crunch, Popsies Ice Lollies, Sweetie Bites, and Fun Bar Surprise, because this can definitely help you beat the heat and share bonding time with your families as well!

Summer's finally here...Enjoy summer  by liking their Facebook page by typing Magnolia Ice Cream

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robin as the New "Idol" sa Pag Asenso

Robin Padilla and Lakwatsera Mom

Last March 29, 2011 Robin Padilla was launched as Natasha endorser and member. Yes, the director/writer/ and producer of  Tum: My Pledge of Love is the newest member of Natasha- a direct-selling company.

Natasha is one of the leading direct selling companies in the Philippines. As a direct selling company, it offers a wide selection of shoes, apparel, accessories and personal care products.. it works through a network of  dealers,also known as members, who sell the products to person using catalogue. The company deffinitely gone a long way  since its birth in 1993. 

Robin Padilla is the newest Natasha member. Robin believes that the comapny will provide profitable income that his LIWANAG ng KAPAYAPAAN  foundation will be the beneficiaries of what he will earn as a NATASHA member. LKF will be the the main beneficiaries of  Robin's partnership with Natasha because he is donating his earnings from it to the foundation .

Indeed Robin has associated himself with the masses that's why He is the perfect Idol sa Pag Asenso partner of Natasha. Under Robin's membership at Natasha , this will open new opportunities for all beneficiaries of LKF , since they will also be members and will have the chance to earn  more.

I believe that we Filipinos are good entrepreneurs, only if we persevere. I am encouraging fellow moms to try this opportunity to earn more. You can be full-time or part-time here in Natasha.. And how ? Well follow this simple steps:

1.) You can approach a Natasha member and ask him/her to recruit you.
2.) Or you can go to the nearest Natasha Branch near you and approach the Networking counter and tell the staff that you would like to register.
3.) Or you can visit their website

Faith Mission Book 1: A Book Beyond Words

Faith Mission Book1

Last April 14, 2011, Faith Mission Book 1 was officially launched. The Author Mr. Archimedes Fontanos Penara  recalled to us how he has gone into writing this book. He was the eldest child and because his father died , he was left of the big responsibility to look after his younger siblings.Through his perseverance and hard work he was able to send his siblings to school. He has woven unforgetable memories because of his roller. Whis great faith , his wife was given a second chance to live . He had dreams , He dreamt about God. Mostly about the Mathematical proofs about god. He couldn't believe that He was chosen to be awakened. With many proofs presented to him through his dreams, he decided to carry on with the task of spreading the word.

Then maybe you're wondering why how did the author himself get this book to be published? With the help Of Dr. Evangeline Manaois Macaso , at present she was the Dean of College and VP for Academics and Administration in San Ildefonso College. She was also a memeber of several organizations involved in religious activities. She was responsible in introducing Mr. Archimedes Penara to Mrs. Jovita Diaz-Aquino , who was the Publisher of Book Craft Publishing Co.Inc.

I recommend this book especially now that Lent is near, you can read this book while you're on "Visita Iglesia". Let this book guide you towards meditation of what your purpose in life is.

Another good thing is that the book "Faith Mission 1" is now available at all FullyBooked branches.
Thank You to the publisher and author of this as i had my own copy during the launch.

Be safe everyone and have peaceful-Lent ahead of you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CAmelot " The new generation Epic Drama

I'm really into watching alot of series but when I got into blogging. My tv-watching time has been cut. Just recently I have been invited to the media screening of "Camelot".

Here's the plot of the story :

Camelot is a historical-fantasy-epic-drama in modern setting. In the wake of King Arthur's sudden death, chaos threatens to engulf Britain. When the sorcerer Merlin has visions of a dark future.He installs the young and impetuous, Arthur., Arthur's unknown son and heir who has been raised as " Commoner" since birth. But Arthur’s cold and ambitious half-sister Morgana will fight him to the bitter end, summoning unnatural forces to claim the crown in this epic battle for control.

The Characters:
Jamie Campbell Bower - as King Arthur – based on the legendary king of the same name
  is a handsome, carefree young man. He is torn from his home and family upon learning he is the only male heir to the throne as a result of the king's untimely death. Arthur's intense education in a dark, unruly world inspires him to pursue a kingdom based on justice, hope, and freedom from tyranny while the lands he oversees are corrupted by violence, greed, and despair.

Eva Green -as Morgan -is the beautiful and ruthlessly ambitious daughter of king Arthur. she does not believe in Merlin's plans or about the existence of King Arthur's Commoner-son. anmd to have that power she tied up with the Dark forces to threathen the court of Camelot.

Joseph Fiennes- as Merlin who is the creator and custodian of Camelot. He is King Arthur's greatest and most powerful ally.

Tamsin Egerton- as Guinevere , the legendary queen- wife of king Arthur

Peter Mooney-as Kay the fiercely loyal and older brother of athur . He is the one who encouraged arthur to take full responsibility of the throne.

Claire Forlani - as Igraine , Athur's bilogical mother. She is the second wife of King Arthur. She is estranged to his son and hated by her step daughter Morgan. Later on the series , she will be the source of strength of entire court of Camelot.

Philip Winchester -as Leontes one of King Arthur's bravest knight . He pledges his loyalty to court.

Clive Standen -as Gawain , a former knight . He became dissilusioned but came back to the court  and finds inspiration to fight for the court.

I was really glued on my seat while watching this special screening by AXN and Beyond. This series not only entails bravery . This series not only promise us endless sword-fighting. But we can also be hopeful that in this very chaotic world still lies TRUTH , HOPE, and a BETTER world ahead of  us.

I will certainly watch this every Mondays 9pm (SG, MY, PH, HK) / 8pm (JKT).  First and exclusively on AXN Beyond.
Waaahhh ..have to cut my "online-time" just to catch their episodes!

And for more infos about this contemporary epic-series and other upcoming tv series , just logged on

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mitchie " Chef's Classics" : A Chef's dream come true!

For us moms it's a must that we know what we are using in the kitchen. Since we are the "Queens" of our kitchen it's important that we know which cookware we can trust in terms of durability and quality. And I was glad that I was invited at Chef Mitchie's launch of her own cookware.

Lariza garcia, Fpj and Chef Mitchie Sison and  Lakwatsera Mom

Here are the new line of Cookware by Sunnex MITCHIE Chef's Classics

The Pots and Pans

The Wok and Griller

The Salt and Pepper Grinder (Electric) and Aluminum Kettle and the Oil Sprayer.
For those foodies who likes to prep their salads,the Oil Sprayer will come handy since our salads won't look like a mess. A couple of spritz of olive oil and there you go, Voila!

 Mr.James Sy as he explains the importance of aluminum in our pans ..
Thanks for this picture.

It's a good thing Mr. James Sy, the CEO of LJS Group of companies ( Philips Avent, Aprica Philippines (strollers and carriers) are some of the other sister companies) made his way to even discuss how to spot  genuine pots and pans with good aluminum distribution. let's face it sometimes we only thought that pans sold at the stores are just right by just looking if the bottom of the pan is thick, but what we don't know is that it is not 100% made of aluminum. And of course we'll buy it because the seller says that their brand is much cheaper. but what we don't actually know is that it's cheaper because the aluminum content is sacrificed. but with Sunnex although it's a bit pricey ,we are guaranteed that it is made in high-quality aluminum.

Why is it so important to buy cooking pots and pans made from high-quality aluminum? If you purchase pots and pans with high quality aluminum ,the heat from the stove will be evenly distributed saving you more gas consumption. And the time it will served you will run in years. Other cookware out in the market  do sacrifice in quality thus deceiving us that their product is far more cheaper. So my tips to my fellow moms and readers not sacrifice quality over price. What will you get if you buy cookware items because it's cheaper but cannot served your kitchen in the long run|? Better invest in a quality cookware though it's not that cheaper but will withstand usage and time.

Chef Mitchie's Cookware is out in the market. You can see the rest of her line at all SM Department Stores.
You may also like them on Facebook , just type Sunnex OFFICIAL  and have them liked for more infos regarding tips and recipes of Chef Mitchie Sison