Thursday, April 14, 2011

Faith Mission Book 1: A Book Beyond Words

Faith Mission Book1

Last April 14, 2011, Faith Mission Book 1 was officially launched. The Author Mr. Archimedes Fontanos Penara  recalled to us how he has gone into writing this book. He was the eldest child and because his father died , he was left of the big responsibility to look after his younger siblings.Through his perseverance and hard work he was able to send his siblings to school. He has woven unforgetable memories because of his roller. Whis great faith , his wife was given a second chance to live . He had dreams , He dreamt about God. Mostly about the Mathematical proofs about god. He couldn't believe that He was chosen to be awakened. With many proofs presented to him through his dreams, he decided to carry on with the task of spreading the word.

Then maybe you're wondering why how did the author himself get this book to be published? With the help Of Dr. Evangeline Manaois Macaso , at present she was the Dean of College and VP for Academics and Administration in San Ildefonso College. She was also a memeber of several organizations involved in religious activities. She was responsible in introducing Mr. Archimedes Penara to Mrs. Jovita Diaz-Aquino , who was the Publisher of Book Craft Publishing Co.Inc.

I recommend this book especially now that Lent is near, you can read this book while you're on "Visita Iglesia". Let this book guide you towards meditation of what your purpose in life is.

Another good thing is that the book "Faith Mission 1" is now available at all FullyBooked branches.
Thank You to the publisher and author of this as i had my own copy during the launch.

Be safe everyone and have peaceful-Lent ahead of you!

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