Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mitchie " Chef's Classics" : A Chef's dream come true!

For us moms it's a must that we know what we are using in the kitchen. Since we are the "Queens" of our kitchen it's important that we know which cookware we can trust in terms of durability and quality. And I was glad that I was invited at Chef Mitchie's launch of her own cookware.

Lariza garcia, Fpj and Chef Mitchie Sison and  Lakwatsera Mom

Here are the new line of Cookware by Sunnex MITCHIE Chef's Classics

The Pots and Pans

The Wok and Griller

The Salt and Pepper Grinder (Electric) and Aluminum Kettle and the Oil Sprayer.
For those foodies who likes to prep their salads,the Oil Sprayer will come handy since our salads won't look like a mess. A couple of spritz of olive oil and there you go, Voila!

 Mr.James Sy as he explains the importance of aluminum in our pans ..
Thanks for this picture.

It's a good thing Mr. James Sy, the CEO of LJS Group of companies ( Philips Avent, Aprica Philippines (strollers and carriers) are some of the other sister companies) made his way to even discuss how to spot  genuine pots and pans with good aluminum distribution. let's face it sometimes we only thought that pans sold at the stores are just right by just looking if the bottom of the pan is thick, but what we don't know is that it is not 100% made of aluminum. And of course we'll buy it because the seller says that their brand is much cheaper. but what we don't actually know is that it's cheaper because the aluminum content is sacrificed. but with Sunnex although it's a bit pricey ,we are guaranteed that it is made in high-quality aluminum.

Why is it so important to buy cooking pots and pans made from high-quality aluminum? If you purchase pots and pans with high quality aluminum ,the heat from the stove will be evenly distributed saving you more gas consumption. And the time it will served you will run in years. Other cookware out in the market  do sacrifice in quality thus deceiving us that their product is far more cheaper. So my tips to my fellow moms and readers not sacrifice quality over price. What will you get if you buy cookware items because it's cheaper but cannot served your kitchen in the long run|? Better invest in a quality cookware though it's not that cheaper but will withstand usage and time.

Chef Mitchie's Cookware is out in the market. You can see the rest of her line at all SM Department Stores.
You may also like them on Facebook , just type Sunnex OFFICIAL  and have them liked for more infos regarding tips and recipes of Chef Mitchie Sison

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