Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why do I hate MAGNOLIA FROZEN Delights this SUMMER?

Now that summer is finally here who wouldn't eat or drink anything cold? As a mom of two "highly" energetic boys, most probably you would be seeing me like a busy bee? Why , coz' they're making the most of their summer by playing,playing and playing! And I frequently have to check their backs because they perspire a lot. And after playing they would suddenly would just come up to me and say " Mom, what's up for meryenda?".  Before some cookies or sandwiches with a glass of juice is fine, but now that they got to taste my favorite Magnolia Frozen Delights ( when I was kid, too!) ,they would say " Mom, do we still have Magnolia Frozen Delights Fun Bar?". Wait there, my kids are so demanding but who am I  to fret? I could say they truly refresh me this summer too ! (with all the running around with my playful kids).

Take a look of all The Magnolia Frozen Delights to know that I'm not lying!

Magnolia Frozen Delights "Fun Bar Surprise"

The Sweetie Bites in Cookie Craze and Cheesy Bliss Flavors!

The Popsies ice lolly- This one is my kid's favorite!

Pinipig Bar in Vanilla Crisp and Sweet Corn

The All-New Spinner
My personal favorite, I sooo love the the 2 flavors in Vanilla and Chocolate 

And oh by the way Lakwatsera Mom just wants to share also that I was  invited Magnolia Ice Cream's Summer Party to have a taste of all these yummy and creamy Magnolia Frozen Delights.

And btw, I won also as one "Best Dressed Summer Babes" for the Magnolia Blogger's Summer Party
Thanks to Sleek in The City for this very cool photo.

Why I hate Magnolia Frozen Delights ? I hate them because I can't get enough of them, including my kids! Whenever we hit the grocery store, they will be nowhere in sight! And suddenly behind my back was my kids  holding all the Magnolia Frozen delights items.I cannot say no myself! But with Magnolia Frozen Delights creaminess , I just can bid my diet goodbye!

So this summer, I just that you grab Magnolia Frozen delights products like the newly-launched Spinner, Pinipig Crunch, Popsies Ice Lollies, Sweetie Bites, and Fun Bar Surprise, because this can definitely help you beat the heat and share bonding time with your families as well!

Summer's finally here...Enjoy summer  by liking their Facebook page by typing Magnolia Ice Cream

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