Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day All Weekends at NUVALI!

Earth Day has indeed ended but with NUVALI ,It's never too late to celebrate it this whole month of May.
NUVALI is th country's largest sustainable eco-communiy , has organized an month-long event called " I LOVE Earth" , celebrating our love for our dear planet. Nuvali has has put together 30 days of fun and learningf, designed to boost environmental education, action and understanding topics affecting the health and well-being of the world we live in as well as to foster the need to protect, preserve and conserve our Earth.

The Celebration kicked off with a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony, tree planting, presentation of Ms. Earth Candidates and an unveiling of a life-sized art installation, all showing NUVALI's Commitment to sustainable development and going into the path of GOING GREEN!

 The ceremonial ribbon-cutting.

There's some booths too, that may add smiles for us while visiting NUVALI and may help giving more importance to Mother Earth this coming week ends of May!

Well here are some of the things you might see at NUVALI this weekend from MAY14-May 15, 2011.
There's a On-the Spot Painting Contest.
So for those who have the talent for the ARTS , Here's your chance to show them what you've got!

 You can even buy fresh veggies which are all grown here in NUVALI
and what's nice is that it also comes with a recycled basket for P110 only.

You can also ride on this boat to get to the EVOliving center for only P50 back and forth!

There's a lot more activities  for you, your family and friends if you visit NUVALI all week ends of MAY..
Check the list of schedules below:

*May 14, 2011 (Saturday)         
Health and Fitness
Indulge in Health and wellness, exercises and workshops amidst natural surroundings.

On-The-spot Painting
Capture nature on a canvass with on-the-spot painting activities. See nature from an artists perspective with a on-of-a-kind art exhibit.

*May 15, 2011

The ART of Wellness Cooking
learn new ways in preparing and cooking healthy dishes and treats.

May 21, 2011
Greeen Technology Exhibit and Talks
Learn about new technology trends in healthy community living.

So what are you waiting for ,here's your chance to visit an eco-friendly place.

Monday, May 30, 2011

QPlus Philippines Another Entrepreneurial and NETWORK MARKETING Success

Just recently we were invited to attend a business opportunity and at first, admittedly I am not that excited. Why? because I already attended a lot of this kind and at the end, some of these ended abruptly because of mismanagement. But after researching about the company,I decided to give it a try. After all not all businesses ends this way.

What is Q Plus?
 Qplus is a trailblazing, exceptionally-positioned  networking marketing company in the Philippines. They offer extraordinary business opportunities, outstanding health and wellness products and unwavering support to their dedicated stakeholders for near and long term.

The Philosophy behind  this company is :

  • R -Y-T-H-M
       which means Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.

The company's philosophy is indeed a big challenge. And I believe it is a thrust which aims to utilize market forces to generate profit for the company and its members who believes in the company and its products.

And after reading the above information about the company, I said " I'm going to show up and see it for myself.
Last May 21, 2011 Qplus introduced to us their new products and services designed to improve health and promote overall wellness. The venue of the launch was at Richmonde Hotel at 2pm. I lowered my expectations when it comes to how many people will attend it. And I was proved wrong. I arrived a minute after 2 o'clock and yet the function was packed. "Great", I mumbled to myself. I sensed something different. There's a lot of people and that means, many people eye this launch as an entrepreneurial opportunity . An opportunity to earn.

They launched 3 products, the revolutionary BIO-RESONANCE HAIR ANALYSIS, the OLE OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT and AMEZCUA LIFESTYLE SET.

Bio Resonance Hair Analysis

It is a new wellness concept available from AMEZCUA VITAL LIFE CENTER. it is a state-of-the-art procedure, developed over several decades is a non-invasive procedure that examines trace elements in the hair, enabling trained health professionals to determine one's overall healthy and nutritional state by examining one's hair.  Once the levels of toxins, pathogens, food sensitivities and nutritional requirements have been examined, AMEZCUA staff can then recommend a specifically tailored regimen to assist the patient on the road to wellness, correcting existing problems and preventing future ones. Wow! This product will answer the fast rising baldness of some men here in the Philippines. 

The 2nd product is the AMEZCUA LIFESTYLE SET which consists of AMEZCUA Eat, AMEZCUA Drink, AMEZCUA Move . Each disc serves a specific dietary purpose, specially designed to re-energized the user in his daily life. This product is perfect for those who are conscious of their over-all health.

And the 3rd product is The OLE OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT. This is a nutritional supplement with 5x  the antioxidant potential of Vitamin C. Developed from years of study that began with the isolation of a class of chemical compound called Phenols, which has been consistently proven that Olive Leaf extract contains a wealth of nutrients and vitamins beneficial to human immune system. An excellent antioxidant also, OLE not only slows the oxidative damage but is also powerful combatant against free radicals when combined with a balanced diet and proper exercise. This product reminds me of VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil and INTRA Supplement), which some informations led us to believe that it could help us fight the risks of the Big C.

And among the products, I personally want to try OLE OLIVE LEAF Extract,. Why? Because many members gave their testimonials at the launch about this wonder extract . And thanks to QPlus , they even gave us a bottle each of Ole OLIVE LEAF Extract to try for ourselves.

Here are also some of the products that Qplus takes pride into sharing with their members.

It is recommended for those who their skin to be nourished and fight aging as well.

Home Pure
This product is for families who want their water to be more clean and to the next level .

Its leaves contains various trace elements that are vital to good health.
Traditionally, Olive Leaf Extract has been used  to treat fevers, cold and flus, common coughs and asthma.

At the launch also we got to meet QPlus Company President for Philippines Ms. Donna Imson.

Would you believe that a stable company like Qplus is headed by a woman? Yes, Ms. Donna Imson is leading Qplus Philippines which by the way is among the Top 15 Network Marketing companies here in Asia. Ms. Donna even shared to us more information about the company. She said that they started the company here in the Philippines with a vision that they will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on how to earn in an Entrepreneurial /Network Marketing Company like this. She also said that they also want to share with their fellowmen revolutionary wellness products that may bring more rewarding business opportunities and bigger financial success. In their company she said they wont just train you to become a successful entrepreneur but also be a leader , who will give the power to touch other people's lives and ensure that everyone in the company will earn .

Congratulations QPlus for having that vision to help your fellow Filipinos through this kijnd of business opportunity. On my next post I will try to give ypu updates on how my son's health is reacting to OLE OLIVE LEAF Extract.

For more information you may visit their office located at 7th Floor, Tower 1 Rockwell Business Center Block4, Meralco Compound Ortigas, Pasig City 1600 or call them at 626-2200 or email them at NSG@qplus.net.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yummy Eats at Carol's Texan 5

There are al lot of new restaurants and fab places to satisfy one's tummy pleasure. But wouldn't it be great to try something different? Sometimes change is good if it is for the better. And I just found one restaurant that will bring your taste buds to another level!

Carol's Texan 5 offers the best chicken and ribs this side of Manila. Wow! Great! I both love Chicken and ribs those are things that eat and will enjoy my meal with it's bones licked  as well (provided that they are marinated to goodness)! And I guess there's a alot to look forward on their menu aside from chicken and ribs. 

Well , here's the menu, so we all have a list of what we are to order at Carol's Texan 5

Wow this menu makes me salivate more! 
Can I raid Carol's Texan 5 now as in  A.S.A.P. ? hehehe!

And good thing is they can also deliver just in  case you're one the busy bees!
 If you wish to contact Carol's Texan 5 for deliveries ,I even got their contact details for you guys!
  •  Delivery: (02) 7273843 / 09224850154
  • Address : 2F 713 J. Abad Santos St. Little Baguio, San Juan Greenhills.
Actually there's more to Carol's Texan 5 being a restaurant . they also offer variouss services .And you can enjoy Carol's texan 5 in 7 ways.
  1. Dine-in
  2. You can have your food delivered. They can deliver in these areas: San Juan, Mandaluyong, Ortigas and Pioneer .
  3. Through having Event Food Booths (If  you have an event their, booths are for rent as well!).
  4. If you also plan to have a party and don't have the luxury of time to cook. There PARTY TRAYS are a life-saver!
  5. And for kiddie parties, they do have kiddie sets to offer.
Isn't it amazing Carol's Texan 5 suits to every tummy problem may it be a party or just a simple get-together or just a simple lunch delivered to your office!

For more infos you may like their fanpages here Carol's Texan 5 or their website http://www.texan5.com
You may also like these website , pay it a visit at Ten Minutes Tops link and Club Travel Now

All of the  above infos are enough reason for me take part at the First Bloggers Buffet at Carol's Texan 5.
And I just can't wait to be part of it!

AMAYA to Hit Philippine Television BIGTIME!


There's been alot of buzz about GMA's newest and most ambitious "epic-serye " AMAYA".  It's been said that Amaya was thoroughly researched ay paves back from our roots historically speaking. GMA is proud to present that they are the first to showcase an "epic-serye" in prime time television. 

AMAYA is set way back the 1500s and the story starts during the time of Rajah  Mangubat's reign. He is known as a good warrior and undefeated one. Until one day a "Babaylan" or a priestess porphesizes that there will be a day that he will be defeated. This made Rajah Mangubat anxious because not only will he be defeated but this person will also take power over him and that person is a girl who has a twin for a snake. Soon after knowing this. Rajah Mangubat ordered among his village tribes that all pregnant women be killed. But because Datu Bugna's tribe is a long-time ally, his tribe was spared, not knowing that the one he's after is in Datu Bugna's tribe. Amaya here is the daughter of datu bugna from Dal'lang, a slave .And upon knowing Datu Mangubat's orders, Datu Bugna decided to hide her daughter Amaya in a "binukot", a secret chamber and tells Amaya  that her mother is dead. While Amaya's twin snake was thrown away to the forest and is told that the snake will only come back if Amaya is in dire need.This is where the story starts to complicate things.
And it will be good for everyone of us to follow what's gonna happen to future episodes this coming May 30, 2011 at GMA's undisputed Telababad block.

If you want to see how prepared the show is and how much pride they take on their casting. Here are some photos :

Sid Lucero plays the role Bagani, the warrior-prince who will fell in love with Amaya

Amaya is played by Marian River, GMA's Primetime Queen

Mikael Daez plays the role of Lumad, the warrior-slave who covets for Amaya's heart also.

Dal'lang the slave is played Hon.Lani Mercado

Datu Bugna is played by Raymond Bagatsing, The Datu who fells in love with her slave.

Rajah Mangubat was played by Gardo Versoza, the wicked Rajah who will be Amaya's greatest nemesis.

Rochelle Pangilinan as Marikit the eldest daughter of Dian Lamitan, Datu Bugna's evil first wife.
She will also be competing for Bagani's love.

I don't know if the stars are just with me but I got invited to it's premier screening SM The Block and it was my first to attend an event like this. I was ecstatic when I learned that we will be seating along with the Vip's. Oh my God I said to myself this is really is it! Good thing I had my camera with me and I got to take pictures of the artist who are there to support the event.

 I'm glad to see my ex-professor from college Ms. Rustica Carpio who will also be playing
a pivotal role in this epic-serye and Ms. Perla Bautista

And I spotted early seating at the event was the Director of the epic-serye himself.
 Mr.Mac Alejandre

I got so giddy knowing that my favorite historian was there to grace the event, so I took this chance 
to have our picture taken together.
We collect all his history books.
Mr. Bienvenido Lumbera.

Sighted also was famous multi-awarded Director Laurice Guillen with her equally beautiful daughter Irina Feleo. By the one of the cast is also her daughter, Ana Feleo.

"Amaya" Ms. Marian Rivera herself was there to grace the event seated beside Roxanne Barcelo.

As I have said this my first premier night experience, and excited that I was, I cannot keep my butt glued on my seat because I see so many stars literally. And a lot of Marian Rivera's fans showed up. And just like them I just can't wait to watch the episodes and watching the premier will give me the edge since I am among the first to see the pilot episode. Over all I could say is that these epic-serye is well researched based on the dialogues and terms they used. Some of their terms ranged back Pre-hispanic years like "Kiral" (meaning lewd or prostitute)," Uripon" (meaning slave), "Umbo" (term for older sister) and etc. I also admire how grand the setting and where the locations where shot. I will give 5 stars for the nice shots Director Alejandre had made. and I just couldn't help but admired the casting because I could sense that in the coming nights they will leave their audiences in awe because of their acting prowess. Indeed this epic-serye is a "Must-watch" everynight routine for most of the GMA Kapuso fans and for those who will-be Kapuso fans.

After the premier I was in awe , I'm kind-of curious how the fans are relating to this upcoming epic-serye. Are they in awe just like me? And things like that. And wait here's a glimpse of how jam-packed the premier is.

 AMAYA fans are all in pink to support the newest and boldest epic-serye to hit our tv screens.

Here are some of the video interview I did to some of the audience.

Mrs. Erlinda Robles on what she has to say at the AMAYA Premier night.

Another fan Mrs. Edith Santos

I guess I became a fan too after watching this premier and will be recommending this to the others since watching Amaya promotes historical awareness on our children especially nowadays more and more kids are attuned to watching and laying video games and not engaging on more relevant t.v programs like these. I commend the whole staff of this show and GMA for paving way to yet an another "first" in Philippine television.

Can't get enough of AMAYA click on this link :  http://www.igma.tv/shows/amaya

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nuffnang and Hapee First Class Screening

What makes something or someone first class? Well, let's define first what First Class means?
I Googled the word "First Class" and this is what I found....

First class means...

  • : of or relating to first class
  • : of the highest quality <a first–class meal>
  • Synonymous to words like  :ok, A-1 and Awesome.
Yes I can of like the idea that  the word "first class is synonymous to the word "awesome". For me being a part NUFFNANG is First Class! Nuffnang is first class because they provide opportunities to bloggers like me who are on the look out for opportunities that may benefit our blogs. Nuffnang is first class because they just do not provide opportunities; they also let nuffnangers enjoy the fruits of our labor by earning on our blogs. And now that HAPEE toothpaste is partnering with Nuffnang, that makes Hapee toothpaste "first class" as well! Hapee is first class since it has been serving millions of Filipino  families with their quality and first class products that cares filipino dental health. Thank you Nuffnang and Hapee toothpaste for being First Class.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Emil Cruz's Mara Clara soon to come to an END?

The original MARA CLARA which starred by judy santos-Agoncillo and Gladys Reyes was aired during my High-school teeneaged years. I remember during those days.  i was so excited to go home so i can watch their episodes then. I magine my mom's frown when ever I arrived from school. Upon entering our house and by merely putting my bag at our door. My butt would land on our couch and I would abruptly snatch the remote control from my youngest brother's hand. I could still remember how he would complain non-stop that I am being the evil sister that I am ( and up to now, hehehe) when it comes to Mara Clara's time slot. But I thought gone are those days. 

And 15 years after , who would have thought my favorite "Mara Clara" teleserye will come back with new teen stars that will replace the original main cast of the story.

Emil Cruz's Mara Clara now stars the freshest faces  with lead characters MARA, played by Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes who plays Clara ( and both young  stars had their stint at the kid's gag show " Goin' Bulilit). The plot of the story was still the same as the 1992 Mara Clara version. Both first born child from Alvira (played by Dimples Romana) and Susan's (played by Mylene Dizon) child's identity and lives were interchange. Gary (was played by Jhong Hilario) got angry because he cannot move on from his break-up with Almira  when the latter decided to go to the States to study and eventually met the wealthy business man Amanthe Del Valle ( played by Bobby Andrews). Upon learning of these, Gary made a plan. He plan to kidnap Almira's baby and switched it from Susan's baby. but Gary got into jail for drug possession. And his bother Karlo carried-on the plan. Almira and Susan both delivered their babies at the same day. This made the plan perfect. Karlo kidnapped Almira's baby and interchange it with Susan's baby unknowingly. And it is from where Mara's struggle started from Gary's hands. Gary did these so he could take revenge for what Alvira did to him.

As I monitored every episode, it still kept me glued to my seat. And some times , I find myself ranting every time Clara' s up to some tricks again because of her hatred to Mara. But this time , I'm happy to share with you that my kids agree with me when it comes to watching my favorite "teleserye" MARA CLARA. They both like Mara Clara too! I'm allowing them ton watch some of the episodes because from what I've noticed when ever CLARA does something bad , my kid's are reacting. Sometimes I would hear them say " Mama that's bad, right?" (referring to one episode where Clara bullied Mara in school). I could say this is good , that my kids are able to distinguish doing good from bad. It's like knowing what's right from wrong. but the down side of letting them watch MARA CLARA is its time slot. It's time slot so late for kids to watch . I don't think that would be nice young kids staying up late. (so if people from ABS-CBN are reading this blog , I hope you could move this to a more early slot?).

Here's a video clip from May 24, 2011 episode.
May be if I have time I'll be compiling all the You tube videos of Mara Clara.

But characters' wise , I think all of them are effective as actors and actresses most especially I want to commend the acting prowess here of Ms. Gina Pareno (played the character of Lupe , mother of Gary). She is really so effective with every role that she deserves all the acting awards that come her way.

But with the way the episodes are coming, I am hinting that its "Grand Finale" is fast approaching. yes it's confirmed Mara Clara will end in two weeks. Whew, that's a relief ! Finally this teleserye will have it's happy ending.  But I still have two weeks to rants and rave for this series. Who's gonna die between MARA and CLARA? Or maybe no one's gonna die, after all some series should a twist. And sometimes it's  good to watch "teleseryes" with no one dying in the end right ? Well we still have to watch. I 'm wondering what series will replace it? How about , do  you guys have any guess?

How about my "dear" reader friends , what is your favorite "teleserye" of all time? Maybe you could share it by sending your comments here on my blog

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Heart Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog

Yes that's the new HEAlTHYLICIOUS CENTURY TUNA HOTDOG in town!

Last May 17,2011 at Outback Steakhouse Glorietta 4 , I was invited to to launch of Century Tuna's newest baby and that is Century Tuna Healthylicious Tuna Hotdog . century Tuna is known for their quality canned goods now this" healthylicious" Tuna hotdog will take all health buffs by storm. It has the same delicious taste we’ve always loved while providing a good source of protein.  Because it’s made by Century Tuna, you can be sure of its health-giving benefits: Omega 3 DHA to help you get smart and fit.  It also has 0% trans fat and has no beef or pork content to aid in achieving a fit and healthy body.

Actually my youngest son likes hotdog and I know once he sees this he won't get enough of these. As a mom, I'm so excited to know that Century Tuna Hotdog is made from tuna. As we all know, Tuna is so nutritious to eat and sometimes we moms have a hard time feeding our kids healthy food. It's a good innovation since kids do like hotdog it will be more easier now to feed him. 

And to represent Century Tuna Healthylicious Tuna Hotdog is Aljur Abrenica . Aljur Abrenica was chosen by century tuna to be it's celebrity endorser because they believe aljur is one of the fast rising young actors and he also admired by many because of his physique and healthy lifestyle.

And a plus in that event is I got take a picture with their celebrity endorser Aljur Abrenica. Thank you Don Covar for the photo . I was too conscious that I wasn't even looking at the camera. Indeed Aljur  Abrenica has change in terms of his phsique and how his constant trips to the gym and always on the look-out on healthy foods like Century Tuna Hotdog has made this big change .

On my next post , I will surely share with you how my 2 sons has liked Century Tuna Hotdog.
That's a promise so make sure to read my next post!

And oh by the way special thanks to Sir Ronald Rodriguez of Fuentes Manila and Don Covar for the invites ! I enjoyed the event though it was fully-packed of media who covered the event!

Lakwatsera Mom will be in "NuffFamily Day"

Nuffnang Philippines was the first ever blog advertising community I ever joined since the day I decided to open my own blog. Nuffnang Philippines was the first to give me the opportunity to be invited in an event (it was the Johnson & Johnson Bedtime series) as a blogger. And for that I will be forever thankful to Nuffnang for the trust and having this cool community for us and most especially in helping us newbie bloggers in this very diverse universe of blogging. And I guess I will be forever indebted to Nuffnang that's why I love being a "nuffnanger", Nuffnang gives everyone a chance especially if you are a blogger to earn and be updated. That's why this NuffFamily Day " I wanna share this wonderful event not only to those members of my family but also to those people who in one way has inspired me more to improved my self as a blogger and be of help to this community!

Let me introduce first My family whom I want to be with this FUNtastic "NuffFAmily DAY" !

My Halabaso Family
I wanna share this "NuffFamily Day" with you guys to see how being a Nuffnang Member has 
benefited me in a way!

My 2 sons LJ and Zeus ,,hope they will have fun on this day since finally there's 
an event where they can really accompany me!
And thanking them as well for being the first supporters and patiently understanding me even sometimes the BLOGGING WORLD takes most of my time.

Of course I would like to bring this lonesome nephew of mine JAM since her mom is an OFW , this event would really be fun for him since my sons are his lone cousins!

My brother and sister Jhennylyn and King 
I want them to be with me on this event since they are the ones who look patiently after my kids whenever this mom is busy with her blogging/online tasks.

And lastly Jay-L who has been a family to me more  than being a blogger-friend.
I want to share this day with him as a thank-you gift for always believing in me . For sharing knowledge about blogging and for seeing ME beyond as a blogger!
Thank you my friend for the support!

And yeah these are the 8 people I call "Family".  Family doesn't just mean within our bloodlines right? Family is what you term with those people who believe in you as a person and seeing you in your most imperfect times just like the way NUFFNANG treats its community members , YES in NUFFNANG , bloggers like me are treated as FAMILY! So to the other "family" members of "NUFFNANG PHILIPPINES " see you at Crosswinds, Tagaytay ..and hope to see you guys BUS pick-up line at  B5 Figaro Bonifacio High Street ( yes me and my family's joining the bus well ,,hehehe we don't have a car yet).

And special tanks to my Nuffnang Philippines's Family like Ms. Anne Franco and Ms. Trixie Esguerra and to our very supportive sponsors like The Picasso, Pizza Hut, Bisolvon, Hapee Toothpaste, Neo, Mister Donut, Skechers, Jollibee, Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice, Del Monte Fit and Right, JaC liner, and Jack n' Jill!
Without you guys this event would not be possible! From the bottom of my heart and my FAMILY ,thanks and I truly appreciate on coming up with an idea of having our families at these event

Friday, May 20, 2011

I wanna be an AHEAD Mom NOW!

I envy a lot of moms who can closely monitor theirs kids' progress in school. Being able to monitor your kid's milestone as he grows is still a dream for me. I am a mom of two boys ages 5 and 6 yrs.old and a stay-at-home-mom too! Though I am always at home. I do all the stuff most moms do like getting up early in the morning , cooking , doing the laundry.

I am sharing with you my daily schedule:
My day starts with these:
  • Wake-up 530am and prepare breakfast
  • Wake the kids and hubby up and help them prepare for the morning.
  • And after the exchanges of "kisses and byes", I'm in yaya mode already.
  • I have to clean all their mess especially in their bedroom ( If you could only see )!
  • Then I have to face a heap of dirt clothes. But my washers resigned so I have to wash them manually.At this era that we are in no washer means consuming half of my day manually washing our clothes + dry skin..huhuhu .
  • Then after almost half of my day consumed ( guess what? I haven't taken a bath yet that time ) I still have to prepare lunch for my kiddos . Then put them to sleep...
  • After sleeping I have to "convinced" them to do their assignments. Ah, this is where I get impatient . My kids are soo naughty that sometimes they won't listen to me .
As you see, I've consumed more than half of my day with no "me-time" anymore. And with that sometimes I feel tired, grumpy and impatient. I can lose patience when I try to teach them their lessons. Imagine my frustrations most especially when my kids don't seem to understand that I'm also human. I can get so emotionally grumpy.(And yes they are kids, but maybe it's just the hormones + achy muscles because of housework).That's when frustrations get into the scene. I believe all parents will agree that we all want what's best for our children. For me ,the most important thing I could give to my kids is the gift of EDUCATION
It's the most important tool if one wants to succeed in life. As parents, by giving our kids the best education, is   helping them prepare their way to success. That's why this early I am, gearing in having them go to a tutorial center. But I'm just facing the truth that I cannot teach them everything I know. I'm not an expert on everything. Aside from the things that I have taught them, they may need additional infos. I am open to the idea I may need professional help when it comes to teaching my kids. But it may cost me my budget right? But I have given thought about this already. I am ready to invest time, effort and yes money on my child's future. But how do we do we look for a good tutorial and review center? 

Here are some tips that might help you in scouting for a reputable and good Tutorial Center.
  • First try to research if the center has solid foundation and proven track record and reputation.
  • Does it have test-based review program?
  • Does the review program develop learning by doing? This is based on Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience Theory: "Research shows that people retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 90% of what they do".
  • Does the review center give specialized diagnostics tests?
  • Does it give stimulated tests?
  • Does it use well-researched materials?
  • Does it employ high caliber teachers and lecturers who finished at the top1% of their class?
  • Does it employ review asistants?
  • Does it give special orientaion semionars for parents and students?
  • Does it offer refresher course?
And after doing the my research , it landed me on AHEAD TUTORIAL and REVIEW CENTER.


Ahead Tutorial and Review Center was established in 1995 with Katipunan as its main branch . It was also the first to offer reviews for college aspirants because of it's "Test-based review" concept which prepares students for specific exams such as U.P College Adminissions test (UPCAT), Ateneo de Manila university Entrance Test (ACET), and Dela Sale University College Entrance Test (DLSUCET). It also boats that all their tutors and lecturers also does come from the TOP 3 Universities here in the Philippines (UP/DLSU/ADMU).
And to date, AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center has been accorded the "Most Outstanding Tutorial and Review Center " and "Most Outstanding Learning Center' by a number of consumer groups. It is already a trusted brand when it comes to acadenic tutorilas and test preparation.
They also can accommodate up to 30 reviewers in a review session.

The President of AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center Ms. Rossana Llenado .

Actually Mrs. Rossanna Llenado received various citations as an educator like ENTREPRENEUR 10 AWARD from ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE, An ULIRANG INA awardee also for ULIRANG INA 2003, AURELIO PERIQUET BUSINESS LEADERSHIP AWARD PEARL CATEGORY, Ilaw ng Karunungan from PHILAM LIFE, Agora Awardee for Entrepreneurship -Small Scale 2007. This is just a few of the awards that this lady educator got from thriving hard in the education business.
And will surely trust my child's future with AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center.

They even had a book published to help and guide incoming College students in their quest for the Top universities in the Philippines
It only costs P500 but if you are currently enrolled in Ahead it would only cost P350.

You can even checked on this list all their successful student passers.

Some of the testimonials of successful students who enrolled at AHEAD

AHEAD also offers the following:
  • AHEAD Tutorials : Assistance for home schooled kids
  • PEP TEST Review
  • AHEAD REVIEW : review programs for those who want to be accepted in the Top Universities in the Philippines.
  • REVIEW PROGRAMS                                                                                                          *Pre-School Admission Test

*High School/Science High School Admissions Tests.
            * Law School Admissions tests.
            * Graduate Management Admissions tests. (GMAT).
            * Scholastic Aptitude tests.            
            * Language Courses ( English, Mandarin, Fookien,Spanish, Italian, French, German and others) 

AHEAD Review introduces mind mapping which is learning tool proven to improve memory and enhance creativity and critical thinking. Mind mapping is not just good for students but for those would like to write or "would-be-writers."

And aside from tutorial Services , they also have AHEAD PROFESSIONAL NETWORK (AHEADPRO) which is organizes to meet the training requirements of new college graduates, professionals and companies. Aside from the varied services that AHEAD offers, in response with the seemingly-fast online environment Ahead introduced to us also AHEAD INTERACTIVE.

It is a virtual tutorial center where students and tutors can see and hear each other, chat and exchange online resources . Tutors come from globally recognized universities. It's E-learning system includes multimedia lessons on English, Math ,and Science, keeping students and teachers highly engaged in the learning experience.

 Because here you get undivided attention of an online teacher and get the same high standards that AHEAD is known for.

That's why as early as now I am planning to go to the nearest branch of AHEAD TUTORIAL and REVIEW Center to have my children assessed so that my kid's needs may be customized according to his needs. I am not afraid to sacrifice a little of my budget to something like these. Why be afraid  when it may help my child develop his study and learning habits. Planning AHEAD is not bad especially if it is for your kid's future and education. Next week I'll be at your front door AHEAD TUTORIAL and REVIEW CENTER, I know my kids will be welcomed with open arms see you!

Thanks to Leira Pagaspas of Pagaspas.com for the photos!

Monday, May 9, 2011

MyMp: The UNRELEASED Acoustic Collection..

It's been quite a while since we heard MYMP otherwise known as Make Your Momma Proud in the airwaves. But last May 8, 2011 at Robinson Place Ermita, I celebrated Mother's Day and sang by heart some of the songs that were included in 2nd album of MYMP : The Unreleased Acoustic Collection.

The album contains 14 tracks such as :

  1. People are People
  2. Superman 
  3. Sway (carrier single)
  4. Piano in the Dark
  5. Baby Now That I have Found you
  6. Power of two
  7. Someday We'll Know
  8. Think of Laura
  9. Crusin
  10. Till they Take My Heart Away
  11. Don't Dream It's Over
  12. Buses and Trains
  13. Break Out
  14. Forever Blue

Jacques "Chin" Alcantara

This launch also marks as their Lead female vocalist's  Juliet Bahala debut  since MYMP wa re-formed as a band now with original lead guitar/Vocalist "Chin" Alcantara .

Juliet Bahala

Juliet Bahala is an 18-yr.old regional singing champion from davao. The band during their interview  was asked if in thew future they would also released an album that will experiment on different genres. Chin shares that it is on the works and will eventually work on songs that will maximize Juliet's vocal potential as the band's lead female vocalist.

And after 11 years in the business and releasing 11 platinum albums, the band in the ownership of Chin Alcantara continues to produce the country's best acoustic covers for which they are known . Let's follow the band MYMP as once again they conquer the airwaves .

 The bloggers who are "All" smiles after the presscon for MYMP

MYMP The Unreleased Acoustic Collection is now available in all record bars nationwide. and released by Galaxy Records and distributed by PolyEast Records for only P299 only!

MYMP's fan can now watch and buy their copies of the album at the ff. MYMP Mall Tours :

  • May13 -Robinson's Place Sta. Rosa 
  • May14- Robinson's Summit Ridge Tagaytay
  • May15-Robinson's Place Lipa, Batangas
  • May 28-Robinson's Place StarMills Pampanga
  • May 29-Robinson's Place Dasmarinas ,Cavite

Are you also on the hunt for a new car?

These days prices on everything that a Filipino family has gone up. And yet it is the opposite with our salaries. What do we do? Me, as a mom, of course I would do everything so that my budget would suffice my family's needs. I have to cut down on expenses especially when it comes to going out. My family is a bit big . We are composed of Me, hubby , my two sons and my youngest brother and his wife. So that's six of us already. We do go out very often so imagine how big our transportation expenses (fyi, we only commute). We always ride a cab to and from our destination. So now fuel charges has gone up again, I couldn't imagine if I could still afford to ride a cab. So I told hubby if we could buy a car or maybe a "2nd-hand" car. But scouting for that " dream" car would be a bit hassle for us. So he told me that the task for getting a car will be on my hands. Sounds nice huh! Good thing a friend who's into online shopping introduced me to a site where they buy and sell cars in the Philippines and that's on Ayos Dito.Ph

So I started to visit AyosDito.Ph .And I was surprised to see that many people sell their stuff here by using free ads services here at AyosDito.Ph. So I say that's nice! I even started thinking of selling some of our stuff here at home that we don't use anymore like motherboards,monitors and etc. maybe I'll post ad here selling some of our old "techie" stuff.

By the way this is one of the few cars that caught my attention on AyosDito.Ph

Back to my car hunting, I was able to browse some of the cars that are currently being sold here at AyosDito.ph but I think I still have to show hubby some of the cars that I kind of like and that might fit to our budget. I am thankful that there are sites like these because this saves a lot of time since I cannot easily go out and see the car myself. And another thing that I found out is that one actually can easily know how to buy or sell a car because the site is so easy to use. As easy as 1-2-3 then click!

I just hope hubby likes the car I chose and hopefully agree on the budget we'd like to stash on that new car. I guess this decision on buying a new car will end our "cab" miseries (overcharging fees,etc.) Though we just have to endure the " Manila" traffic :)!