Sunday, May 1, 2011

Be a 100% Guilt-Free Shopper!

World Fair Trade Day is a worldwide celebration of Fair Trade which has been supported for the past few years by thousands of citizens, Fair Trade Organizations, social and environmental movements, local authorities, national governments, multilateral institutions, producers and consumers all around the planet. Last year, more than 52 countries took part in thisglobal call for change. This year, more than 73 countries in 5 regions are expected to participate.

In the Philippines, WFTO Asia will be celebrating the World Fair Trade Day in Shangri La Plaza Mall Grand Atrium on May 13 to 15. There will be a photo exhibit, a mini expo of certified Fair Trade products from all over Asia, and booths where people can sign up to become a volunteer and/or a sponsor.

In line with the organization’s regional consumer brand & logo with the tagline, “Shopping with a Conscience,” WFTO Asia will launch its consumer campaign ‘100% Guilt Free Shopper’
on May 14.

The campaign aims to inform everyone, especially the consumers, what Fair Trade is and the 10 principles it represents. It aims to empower the consumers that by SWITCHING to Fair Trade by either BUYING (certified Fair Trade products and/or the organization’s advocacy merchandise)or SUPPORTING (Sponsoring/Donating/Fundraising, becoming a volunteer intern, and or participating in the organization’s events), they have the power to BEAT POVERTY, BEAT CLIMATE CHANGE, BEAT DISCRIMINATION, BEAT EXPLOITATION and BEAT IGNORANCE.
“This campaign targets 1,000,000 switchers by the end of the year. 1,000,000 people in Asia who realized that thoughtless buying isn’t enough. 1,000,000 people who believes that they can use the power of their purchase to change the lives of millions of disadvantaged communities all over the world,” says Toni Zuniga, Business Development and Brand Officer of WFTO Asia.

“Fair Trade is such a worthy advocacy and movement. It’s really big in countries like the UK and the US. It’s about time that Asia knows about it & unite for change which is not easy because of the relatively low awareness of the Asian consumers about Fair Trade.” says Zuniga

Many celebrities like Emma Watson, Sir Paul Mc Cartney and Annie Lennox have been active supporters of Fair Trade. Emma Watson, for example, partnered with a WFTO member organization called ‘People Tree’ to release a line of Fair Trade clothing in the UK.

As part of the 100% Guilt Free Shopper campaign, WFTO Asia will be introducing 12 personalities who’ll be the Ambassadors of Fair Trade here in the Philippines. These individuals came from different fields and industries, some are already household names while others are well-known in their respective fields.

“Anybody can be a Guilt Free Shopping Ambassador. You don’t have to be a celebrity or automatically be a 100% Fair Trade practioner. The first step in becoming one is to be educated about Fair Trade and the 10 principles that comprise it. The next step is to slowly transition to Fair Trade. The change doesn’t have to be radical- Buy a Fair Trade product and try it. Sign up and be a WFTO volunteer or a sponsor. By the end of 2011, we aspire to have 1,000,000 switchers, 1,000,000 Ambassadors for Fair Trade.” says Zuniga.

WFTO Asia has partnered with the Philippine Climate Change Commission, AIESEC Philippines, Miss Earth Foundation,, & Business World to make this event possible.

For more infos about this upcoming event you may log on to their website World Fair Trade Organization Asia .

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