Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Emil Cruz's Mara Clara soon to come to an END?

The original MARA CLARA which starred by judy santos-Agoncillo and Gladys Reyes was aired during my High-school teeneaged years. I remember during those days.  i was so excited to go home so i can watch their episodes then. I magine my mom's frown when ever I arrived from school. Upon entering our house and by merely putting my bag at our door. My butt would land on our couch and I would abruptly snatch the remote control from my youngest brother's hand. I could still remember how he would complain non-stop that I am being the evil sister that I am ( and up to now, hehehe) when it comes to Mara Clara's time slot. But I thought gone are those days. 

And 15 years after , who would have thought my favorite "Mara Clara" teleserye will come back with new teen stars that will replace the original main cast of the story.

Emil Cruz's Mara Clara now stars the freshest faces  with lead characters MARA, played by Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes who plays Clara ( and both young  stars had their stint at the kid's gag show " Goin' Bulilit). The plot of the story was still the same as the 1992 Mara Clara version. Both first born child from Alvira (played by Dimples Romana) and Susan's (played by Mylene Dizon) child's identity and lives were interchange. Gary (was played by Jhong Hilario) got angry because he cannot move on from his break-up with Almira  when the latter decided to go to the States to study and eventually met the wealthy business man Amanthe Del Valle ( played by Bobby Andrews). Upon learning of these, Gary made a plan. He plan to kidnap Almira's baby and switched it from Susan's baby. but Gary got into jail for drug possession. And his bother Karlo carried-on the plan. Almira and Susan both delivered their babies at the same day. This made the plan perfect. Karlo kidnapped Almira's baby and interchange it with Susan's baby unknowingly. And it is from where Mara's struggle started from Gary's hands. Gary did these so he could take revenge for what Alvira did to him.

As I monitored every episode, it still kept me glued to my seat. And some times , I find myself ranting every time Clara' s up to some tricks again because of her hatred to Mara. But this time , I'm happy to share with you that my kids agree with me when it comes to watching my favorite "teleserye" MARA CLARA. They both like Mara Clara too! I'm allowing them ton watch some of the episodes because from what I've noticed when ever CLARA does something bad , my kid's are reacting. Sometimes I would hear them say " Mama that's bad, right?" (referring to one episode where Clara bullied Mara in school). I could say this is good , that my kids are able to distinguish doing good from bad. It's like knowing what's right from wrong. but the down side of letting them watch MARA CLARA is its time slot. It's time slot so late for kids to watch . I don't think that would be nice young kids staying up late. (so if people from ABS-CBN are reading this blog , I hope you could move this to a more early slot?).

Here's a video clip from May 24, 2011 episode.
May be if I have time I'll be compiling all the You tube videos of Mara Clara.

But characters' wise , I think all of them are effective as actors and actresses most especially I want to commend the acting prowess here of Ms. Gina Pareno (played the character of Lupe , mother of Gary). She is really so effective with every role that she deserves all the acting awards that come her way.

But with the way the episodes are coming, I am hinting that its "Grand Finale" is fast approaching. yes it's confirmed Mara Clara will end in two weeks. Whew, that's a relief ! Finally this teleserye will have it's happy ending.  But I still have two weeks to rants and rave for this series. Who's gonna die between MARA and CLARA? Or maybe no one's gonna die, after all some series should a twist. And sometimes it's  good to watch "teleseryes" with no one dying in the end right ? Well we still have to watch. I 'm wondering what series will replace it? How about , do  you guys have any guess?

How about my "dear" reader friends , what is your favorite "teleserye" of all time? Maybe you could share it by sending your comments here on my blog


  1. one of my fave was Kung Mawawala ka (2001-2003) a GMA teleserye. I was in the province then and I don't have a choice but to watch what my lola is watching..that's when I started getting the story. Going back to Manila, I realized I don't wanna miss the next scenes.:)

  2. anna karenina sa GMA nun bata pa ko hehe