Friday, May 20, 2011

I wanna be an AHEAD Mom NOW!

I envy a lot of moms who can closely monitor theirs kids' progress in school. Being able to monitor your kid's milestone as he grows is still a dream for me. I am a mom of two boys ages 5 and 6 yrs.old and a stay-at-home-mom too! Though I am always at home. I do all the stuff most moms do like getting up early in the morning , cooking , doing the laundry.

I am sharing with you my daily schedule:
My day starts with these:
  • Wake-up 530am and prepare breakfast
  • Wake the kids and hubby up and help them prepare for the morning.
  • And after the exchanges of "kisses and byes", I'm in yaya mode already.
  • I have to clean all their mess especially in their bedroom ( If you could only see )!
  • Then I have to face a heap of dirt clothes. But my washers resigned so I have to wash them manually.At this era that we are in no washer means consuming half of my day manually washing our clothes + dry skin..huhuhu .
  • Then after almost half of my day consumed ( guess what? I haven't taken a bath yet that time ) I still have to prepare lunch for my kiddos . Then put them to sleep...
  • After sleeping I have to "convinced" them to do their assignments. Ah, this is where I get impatient . My kids are soo naughty that sometimes they won't listen to me .
As you see, I've consumed more than half of my day with no "me-time" anymore. And with that sometimes I feel tired, grumpy and impatient. I can lose patience when I try to teach them their lessons. Imagine my frustrations most especially when my kids don't seem to understand that I'm also human. I can get so emotionally grumpy.(And yes they are kids, but maybe it's just the hormones + achy muscles because of housework).That's when frustrations get into the scene. I believe all parents will agree that we all want what's best for our children. For me ,the most important thing I could give to my kids is the gift of EDUCATION
It's the most important tool if one wants to succeed in life. As parents, by giving our kids the best education, is   helping them prepare their way to success. That's why this early I am, gearing in having them go to a tutorial center. But I'm just facing the truth that I cannot teach them everything I know. I'm not an expert on everything. Aside from the things that I have taught them, they may need additional infos. I am open to the idea I may need professional help when it comes to teaching my kids. But it may cost me my budget right? But I have given thought about this already. I am ready to invest time, effort and yes money on my child's future. But how do we do we look for a good tutorial and review center? 

Here are some tips that might help you in scouting for a reputable and good Tutorial Center.
  • First try to research if the center has solid foundation and proven track record and reputation.
  • Does it have test-based review program?
  • Does the review program develop learning by doing? This is based on Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience Theory: "Research shows that people retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 90% of what they do".
  • Does the review center give specialized diagnostics tests?
  • Does it give stimulated tests?
  • Does it use well-researched materials?
  • Does it employ high caliber teachers and lecturers who finished at the top1% of their class?
  • Does it employ review asistants?
  • Does it give special orientaion semionars for parents and students?
  • Does it offer refresher course?
And after doing the my research , it landed me on AHEAD TUTORIAL and REVIEW CENTER.


Ahead Tutorial and Review Center was established in 1995 with Katipunan as its main branch . It was also the first to offer reviews for college aspirants because of it's "Test-based review" concept which prepares students for specific exams such as U.P College Adminissions test (UPCAT), Ateneo de Manila university Entrance Test (ACET), and Dela Sale University College Entrance Test (DLSUCET). It also boats that all their tutors and lecturers also does come from the TOP 3 Universities here in the Philippines (UP/DLSU/ADMU).
And to date, AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center has been accorded the "Most Outstanding Tutorial and Review Center " and "Most Outstanding Learning Center' by a number of consumer groups. It is already a trusted brand when it comes to acadenic tutorilas and test preparation.
They also can accommodate up to 30 reviewers in a review session.

The President of AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center Ms. Rossana Llenado .

Actually Mrs. Rossanna Llenado received various citations as an educator like ENTREPRENEUR 10 AWARD from ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE, An ULIRANG INA awardee also for ULIRANG INA 2003, AURELIO PERIQUET BUSINESS LEADERSHIP AWARD PEARL CATEGORY, Ilaw ng Karunungan from PHILAM LIFE, Agora Awardee for Entrepreneurship -Small Scale 2007. This is just a few of the awards that this lady educator got from thriving hard in the education business.
And will surely trust my child's future with AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center.

They even had a book published to help and guide incoming College students in their quest for the Top universities in the Philippines
It only costs P500 but if you are currently enrolled in Ahead it would only cost P350.

You can even checked on this list all their successful student passers.

Some of the testimonials of successful students who enrolled at AHEAD

AHEAD also offers the following:
  • AHEAD Tutorials : Assistance for home schooled kids
  • PEP TEST Review
  • AHEAD REVIEW : review programs for those who want to be accepted in the Top Universities in the Philippines.
  • REVIEW PROGRAMS                                                                                                          *Pre-School Admission Test

*High School/Science High School Admissions Tests.
            * Law School Admissions tests.
            * Graduate Management Admissions tests. (GMAT).
            * Scholastic Aptitude tests.            
            * Language Courses ( English, Mandarin, Fookien,Spanish, Italian, French, German and others) 

AHEAD Review introduces mind mapping which is learning tool proven to improve memory and enhance creativity and critical thinking. Mind mapping is not just good for students but for those would like to write or "would-be-writers."

And aside from tutorial Services , they also have AHEAD PROFESSIONAL NETWORK (AHEADPRO) which is organizes to meet the training requirements of new college graduates, professionals and companies. Aside from the varied services that AHEAD offers, in response with the seemingly-fast online environment Ahead introduced to us also AHEAD INTERACTIVE.

It is a virtual tutorial center where students and tutors can see and hear each other, chat and exchange online resources . Tutors come from globally recognized universities. It's E-learning system includes multimedia lessons on English, Math ,and Science, keeping students and teachers highly engaged in the learning experience.

 Because here you get undivided attention of an online teacher and get the same high standards that AHEAD is known for.

That's why as early as now I am planning to go to the nearest branch of AHEAD TUTORIAL and REVIEW Center to have my children assessed so that my kid's needs may be customized according to his needs. I am not afraid to sacrifice a little of my budget to something like these. Why be afraid  when it may help my child develop his study and learning habits. Planning AHEAD is not bad especially if it is for your kid's future and education. Next week I'll be at your front door AHEAD TUTORIAL and REVIEW CENTER, I know my kids will be welcomed with open arms see you!

Thanks to Leira Pagaspas of for the photos!


  1. I've read your schedule sis. anghirap mag SAHM noh? mag-AHEAD ka na nga! :)

  2. some kids don't usually listen from their parents when it comes to doing their homeworks, in some ways, it's the role of the tutorials to assist kid's needs. It's about time online tutorial should be available in the country.


  3. Weh! grabe, idol na kita! hindi ka ahead mom, super mom pa! Sipag mo ha! :))