Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lakwatsera Mom will be in "NuffFamily Day"

Nuffnang Philippines was the first ever blog advertising community I ever joined since the day I decided to open my own blog. Nuffnang Philippines was the first to give me the opportunity to be invited in an event (it was the Johnson & Johnson Bedtime series) as a blogger. And for that I will be forever thankful to Nuffnang for the trust and having this cool community for us and most especially in helping us newbie bloggers in this very diverse universe of blogging. And I guess I will be forever indebted to Nuffnang that's why I love being a "nuffnanger", Nuffnang gives everyone a chance especially if you are a blogger to earn and be updated. That's why this NuffFamily Day " I wanna share this wonderful event not only to those members of my family but also to those people who in one way has inspired me more to improved my self as a blogger and be of help to this community!

Let me introduce first My family whom I want to be with this FUNtastic "NuffFAmily DAY" !

My Halabaso Family
I wanna share this "NuffFamily Day" with you guys to see how being a Nuffnang Member has 
benefited me in a way!

My 2 sons LJ and Zeus ,,hope they will have fun on this day since finally there's 
an event where they can really accompany me!
And thanking them as well for being the first supporters and patiently understanding me even sometimes the BLOGGING WORLD takes most of my time.

Of course I would like to bring this lonesome nephew of mine JAM since her mom is an OFW , this event would really be fun for him since my sons are his lone cousins!

My brother and sister Jhennylyn and King 
I want them to be with me on this event since they are the ones who look patiently after my kids whenever this mom is busy with her blogging/online tasks.

And lastly Jay-L who has been a family to me more  than being a blogger-friend.
I want to share this day with him as a thank-you gift for always believing in me . For sharing knowledge about blogging and for seeing ME beyond as a blogger!
Thank you my friend for the support!

And yeah these are the 8 people I call "Family".  Family doesn't just mean within our bloodlines right? Family is what you term with those people who believe in you as a person and seeing you in your most imperfect times just like the way NUFFNANG treats its community members , YES in NUFFNANG , bloggers like me are treated as FAMILY! So to the other "family" members of "NUFFNANG PHILIPPINES " see you at Crosswinds, Tagaytay ..and hope to see you guys BUS pick-up line at  B5 Figaro Bonifacio High Street ( yes me and my family's joining the bus well ,,hehehe we don't have a car yet).

And special tanks to my Nuffnang Philippines's Family like Ms. Anne Franco and Ms. Trixie Esguerra and to our very supportive sponsors like The Picasso, Pizza Hut, Bisolvon, Hapee Toothpaste, Neo, Mister Donut, Skechers, Jollibee, Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice, Del Monte Fit and Right, JaC liner, and Jack n' Jill!
Without you guys this event would not be possible! From the bottom of my heart and my FAMILY ,thanks and I truly appreciate on coming up with an idea of having our families at these event


  1. OMG! i'm touched :D yan lang ba pic ko sayo? haggard hehe.

  2. We heart Tagaytay, spending it with family, bloggers and Nuffnang peeps sounds so cool! Hope we'll make it on the final lists. :)


  3. aww..sweet naman, eeee bakit di ako kasali dito? mabait din naman ako diba? diba? heheheheh!

    hope you win sis! tas sama mo rin ako ha! :p