Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have always been a "rice" person. I hate to admit it but when ever at home or dining out ,I would never pass out on a meal with out rice in it. That's why as of now I have been consistently gaining weight. But who am I to complain. There are just some meals that cannot be served with out rice in it. As Filipinos it is already in our nature to have rice on our dishes. So when ANGEL'S PIZZA PASTA COMBO added Breaded Chicken Bowls in their menu I got excited. Since Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo is very well known with their pizzas, I must admit I got curious. So for the foodies out there just like me , prepare to feast your eyes on these Breaded Bowls .

Chicken with Creamy Sauce with ice tea at P95 only!

This Breaded Chicken with Creamy Sauce is good for those who want their food sidings like the corn and carrots. The Breaded Rice Bowl itself is yummy because of thick layer of creamy sauce. And the corn and carrots added more flavor in it with out the "umay" factor!

Chicken Parmigiana at P95

Chicken Parmigiana is my top choice among the 3 because it's like eating pasta or pizza with out the dough bjut rice instead. It's more like eating Chicken with pasta . That's how I can describe Chicken Parmigiana. You guys better try this one out.

Chicken Teriyaki with ice tea at P95 only 

For the Teriyaki lovers out there , this is it. The chicken is so tender that it's so easy to munch in between bites.
All three Breaded Chicken Bowls is must try. And during these rainy days, as we are so lazy to even cook why not order these thru Angel's Pizza pasta Combo Free Delivery , Just call 922-2222 or thru mobile no.:0922-8781487. 
For more infos or area/branches inquiries you may like ANGEL'S PIZZA PASTA COMBO on FACEBOOK here. 

And after CHICKEN BREADILIOUS TREAT , it's a must to end your meal with these, One my favorites:
BROWNIE SQUARES at P85 only! and it also comes with a chocolate sauce
It's so sinfully good that though I arrived so late at home my son didn't mind being awoken up with these yummy treat!
My son was soo excited with the BROWNIE SQUARES that he made an effort to pose for a couple of pictures with it...  

 So I plan to bring home a lot of Brownie Squares from ANGEL'S PIZZA PASTA COMBO again because my two son's smile all worth it!

 So if guys will grab any of the 3 Breaded Chicken Bowls Please don't forget to place your comments here on my blog...and tell me which do you guys like! Happy eating Foodies!

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