Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Figaro Not only for the Coffee Lovers But also for the Tea LOvers as well!

Philippines is a tropical country so with "ber" months comes the rainy season as well. And often times during this season we encounter cough and colds. And sometimes taking medicines does not actually soothe our maladies. So it's great news that my favorite Coffee company FIGARO now has their own line of Herbal Teas. And because FIGARO COFFEE COMPANY is proud to be "Filipino" owned decided to patronize our very own locally planted herbs.  And along with these great news is that this Herbal teas is organically grown as well. So here it is, let me introduce to you FIGARO HERBAL BLENDS together with its benefits. Hope you may this bit information beneficial.

Herbal Blend in Banaba
This tea is infused with Tarragon, anise and grapes.

Dried leaves of BANABA is known to help lower blood and sugar levels and people with Diabetes. In early times Banaba is used also for treating kidney stones and wounds for those who have undergone surgery. This is perfect as well because of the grapes aromatic smell that can help soothe one's senses.

Herbal blends in Sambong
Mixed with Basil and lemon

Sambong Leaves and roots when dried and made into tea is believed to treat colds, sinuses and migraines.It also has a diuretic agent effective in dissolving kidney stones. 

Herbal Blends LAGUNDI 
mixed with mint and orange

This tea is infused with mint and orange which is said to help combat cough, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis band pharyngitis. Mint and orange is added to this tea to help soothe someone be refreshed and and relaxed.

Herbal Blends PITO-PITO
mixed with dill and mango

The Pito-pito was invented by the late Ernie Baron. Pito-Pito is a combination od 7 herbs and plants : Alagaw, Banaba, Bayabas, Pandan, and Mangga and half teaspoon of Anise and Cilantro. This also helps in aiding a bad stomach and promote good metabolism. 

And all these teas can one way or another soothe or help you ease a bad mood due to bad weather or an ailment. So try these for only P450 per box.

And for you to enjoy your FIGARO HERBAL BLENDS teas here's how:

If you want to serve it hot:
  1. Pour hot water on cup.
  2. Place tea bag and steep for 3 to 4 minutes to extract full flavor
  3. And lastly smell it first before enjoying the drink.
But if you want it cold:
Simply add ice to hot infusion and add sugar or honey as desired.

But still pout no more for those who love FIGARO for their signature coffees because they also have a new line. Presenting FiGARO COFFEE BEANS.

Cafe' Vigoroso, Cafe' Barako Gold, Cafe' Maharlika, Cafe' Monte Alto
This new line of costs only P280 per box 
After having tasted all 4 of these signature coffees, I personally liked the Cafe' Monte Alto for it's not that strong and after couple of sips I felt a bit relaxed. That's what I like or look for a coffee , a coffee that can help me relax soothe me at the same time. all of these 4 variants are readily available at all Figaro Coffee Company Branches.

For more information or you may have any suggestions , you may also like FIGARO COFFEE COMPANY FB PAGE HERE.


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