Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am VISIBLE with Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center

Most women now are now becoming more vain and conscious on how they look . Even men too! Basically I am not that vain. What usually is inside my bag is baby powder ( for I don't really like Face powder on my face. I feel an added weight whenever I use it.) and lipstick and my comb. I usually don't wear much make-up unless the occasions I attend to calls for it. I am not vain merely because I believe and contented on the way I look. And the way I look on things,vanity is not what defines a person. As long you are properly dressed and practice proper conduct and most importantly , you must have a positive outlook on life. In my own opinion, that's what really counts. Fancy things are just "add-ons" we can either live or not at all. But to have that positive outlook in life and confidence in ourselves, I think taking care of ourselves is also a must. But after careful considerations, At my age and being an active mom to 2 wonderful kids,  I think I have to see how my skin age too! That's how I considered going to skin clinic. How do I choose where to go? Honestly, I have been long subscribed to a friend's blog (Joy Mendiola of, and she has been a regular on this particular skin clinic. But since I am a busy mom as well, it took me this long to finally visit CLARITY AESTHETIC MEDICAL and DENTAL CENTER.

Actually I am so nervous as this was my first and actual visit to a skin clinic. I have a 6pm appointment with Dra. AMY CAGAYAN (Clarity's Dermatologist). Upon entering I was greeted very warmly by Clarity's Front Desk Staff, Sir Percy. And then he immediately ushered me to Dra. AMY CAGAYAN's office. After a brief skin consultation (and boy I was glad when the doctor told me that I had good skin), she recommended me to have the ULTRA FIRMING FACIAL. 
Note: Pls. excuse some of the pictures, especially the "mask". 
Here's how the treatment was done:
First I was turn-over to the facialist who will do the service with me. Upon entering the room, the room was so tidy and clean.You can see the picture below and you can tell me I was telling the truth.

And the facialist told me If i want to use an ipod so I can sleep and enjoy the treatment. But I decline because the room's music is so relaxing.

First the facialist had to clean my face first and massage it. I thought this will be a quick one. But I have been proven wrong. Instead of sleeping all through my treatment, I remained awake, maybe because of the excitement growing in me. Then after cleansing my face, my face was put under steaming for 20 minutes.

On this picture, They just finish cleansing my face and about to put it under steam.

Next is they put gauze on my face to apply the mask for Firming of the skin.

 On the right, that is how it looks when the Ultra-Lift Facial Mask is applied. It has to stay for another 20minutes for better results.

On top is the mask that hardened on my face.Originally I plan to take it home for "remembrance" purposes, eventually I forgot.

Well that's my photo after the treatment . I initially saw the results of the Ultra-Firming Facial Treatment. The mask they applied on my face helped tightened my pores lift a bit of the sagging part that comes as we age.
Sir Julius Barber, The Business Development Officer for Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center.

 Thank You Sir Julius and to your Staff!

The Ultra-Firming Facial  effectively hydrates and firms skin, making it fresh and younger-looking . The treatment also resists the effects of photo-damage and shield from free radicals. It also locks moisture for round the clock hydration resulting to lasting radiant complexion.

Actually I felt fulfilled and happy with the treatment, because I thought it was just the same facial I saw with other friends who took the same treatment from the other clinics. Ultra-Firming Facial is only P1,500. An not bad for a price since it's all worth it. I guess sometime we all do have to relax from this fast paced life and reward ourselves. So guys , I suggest you try their treatments. Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center has so many to offer given the client's need.

Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center is located at 5th Floor Wellness Zone, Shangri-La Plaza Mall . And it is open from Mon-Sun from 8:00-8:00pm. You may also call first for appointment at tel nos: 9104955-53. For more upcoming promos and updates you may also like their FB Page HERE .


  1. I think I should tried that too. Looks like a good way to beautify myself. Hihi.

  2. Awesome!!! Masubukan nga... :D